We made it folks. Yesterday was the last Sunday without football for a long time, and I can’t wait to get this season started. I’m just so excited for what we have in store for you this year. I could also be excited from eating copious amounts of Guinness (part of an essential and balanced meal). But even if it’s a combination of the two, it matters not, for Football, and Fantasy Football is back. Follow me after the jump to see what we are cooking for you this year at Razzball HQ. Hint: It’s not edible. I mean, you can eat your computer if you want, but I would recommend unplugging it first. And probably adding some salt.



This season, we’re doing things a bit differently. I’ll be hosting a live gameday thread on Sunday for the early games, the afternoon games, and, of course, what is tacitly known as the premier match-up of the week, NBC’s Sunday Night Football game. Which is sometimes on Thursday. And Saturday. And was on Tuesday that one time. Who knew these sorts of things were allowed? Not I. Sunday Night Football on Thursday… makes total sense. Regardless, be sure to drop by, hang out, and try really hard for that restraining order.



You’ll get your normal recap of the Sunday games, with my fresh hot takes, which actually makes it sound delicious. Almost sounds like cake to be honest. Now I want some cake.

Before I go bake a cake, you should know we’ll also be scheduling a Podcast Radio Video some kind of media thing with Nick the Podcast Radio Host when he finally finishes up the 32in32in32 tour and takes a nap. I estimate his nap should last about two years. But when he gets back into the game, we’ll have special unique programming, mostly because my face is special and unique. And like Sunday, we’ll end the day with our live Monday Night Football gameday post, if only to create a sort of quarantined safe zone from the Chris Berman fallout.



The Monday Night Football recap will, of course, be offered to you as good tidings, and then we’ll have one of our longtime contributors, Andrew, going over the waiver wire, giving you his take on who you should be grabbing. (Protip: No physical grabbing, as this is most likely illegal. Figurative grabbing could also be illegal, but that’s only if you have telekinesis. I have no clue what any of this means.)

I’m also proud to introduce a new addition to the Razzball family, as Jennifer will be bring you her own take on the buys and sells that you should be making.



Hump day is a special day, because my favorite hump… day friend, Sky, will be stopping by to ask me why I’m humping him. Don’t hate the player, hate the game is what I tell him. He’ll be helping you with your Daily Fantasy, but my suggestion is to just add more porn. It really helps the fantasy aspect of it. Though, I would probably rename it to Hourly Fantasy, if you know what I mean… yeah. You know what I mean. I’m winking right now. You can’t see it, but just trust me. I’m winking.

Jack (Full of Hate) (which is a terrible nickname, because he’s really just full of niceness) (and maybe tulips) will be leading a new series covering your Flex Positions. I thought it would be a post involving Twister (the game, not the flying cows one), but I guess that shows you how much I know. Which is nothing. He’ll help you target players for that position, implement strategic, um, stuff, and hopefully explain why he ingests tulips. The yellow ones, if you were curious.

Seth (from what he’s told me, he’s dasportsman, all one word) will be creating an Injury Report just for you. Aren’t you special? You are. But only if you think we’re special. Quid pro quo and what not. I don’t know what that means, but I heard it once and now I just use it all the time.

To end the day, your favorite specimen blessed by the Elder Gods (his words, not mine), Tehol will stop by and write about something. I usually have no idea what it’s going to be about, so I would just expect a lot of Evan Longoria b*tching, and Domonic Brown’s name just copy and pasted all over the place.



This day will be rankings day, because, SPOILER ALERT, our weekly rankings will be released. We’ll also have another longtime contributor, Kevin, bring his IDP expertise in the form of rankings and commentary. I don’t DP, but I certainly watch other people do it. Wait, there’s gotta be a better way to say that.

When Smokey remembers (who knows what happens inside such a large fog cloud), he’ll be providing you with a player spotlight, giving you his take on the situation. I always like situational takes, but I guess it depends on the situation. Wordplay is hot. Call me, ladies.

Rounding out the day, before the Thursday Night Football live gameday post, will be another new addition to the Razzball family, Nico. He’ll be going over streamers, focusing on the QB, DST, and K position. You should definitely listen to him, seeing as how when explaining his methodology, Nico also had to give me a math lesson. So it has to be for real. All eight of it. See? That lesson is totally paying off.



After the Thursday Night Football notes, assuming that I survived Priyanka Chopra’s new NFL Network opening song, featuring will.i.am (r.u.sure?), Jack, pulling a double shift, will go over everything RCL. You know, the Razzball Commentator Leagues? The ones with prizes… you seriously don’t know? Well, believe it or not, you can still join up! Here’s everything you need.

We’ll have Matt cover what’s trending out there in Fantasy Football, and you should listen to him, because he’s a Doctor. And Doctors are right all of the time, some of the times. Does that not make sense? Probably because you’re not a Doctor.

Rounding out the day, we’ll have Ralph tell us about handcuffs. I hope he talks about the handcuffs that I can buy at that one store down the street.



Finishing up the football week, Seth is back to go over your starts and sits for Sunday’s games. I prefer the sits because I like sitting. It would seem to be my most natural position, well, next to lying down and napping. Which would seem to be my life story.

And, just to show we care about niches, ooo baby, let me touch your niche, we have, new to the Razzball family, Jarrod going deep into deep leagues. But not too deep. They already made a movie showing the impact of going too deep, and Hollywood would never allow such a crazy thing as an unnecessary sequel, or marketing, or over simplified crowd-sourcing, or blatant advertising and promos to get in the way of creating a strong product for consumer consumption. Never. Parry the thought.


  1. big league choo says:

    did my last draft 10 team standard with 6pt passing tds and no negative pts for TO

    QB romo
    RB morris
    RB Mathews
    Flex Stacy
    WR Jeffery
    WR Cruz
    TE Julius Thomas
    k Bailey
    DST Pats

    BN Wayne
    BN E Sanders
    BN Terrence Williams
    BN Kyle Rudolf
    BN Rivers

    I hate shallow leagues, how do you think i did? Should I trade thomas to upgrade at wr or rb? I really want to stash Kelce…is it worth losing any of these guys?

    • Zeb says:

      @big league choo: why didn’t you have a pick in the first 2 rounds?

      • My Vick is Itchy says:

        @Zeb: It was an auction draft…I was sitting on drafting one of AP/Lacy they went for 60 and 50 respectively. Also tried to grab julio/dez they went for 50 a piece…so i went with the depth strategy.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @big league choo: You don’t need two QB’s, so whichever one you prefer, drop the other. I don’t think you need Kelce, the team is okay, some risk at RB, so go for depth there.

  2. SMLV1 says:

    Hey Jay, Will need to drop one of my Bench players for a Kicker?

    B. Tate
    L. Miller

    I think its Moreno but like we discussed before, not sure how this Dolphins RB situation will work out. As of now, Greene is the starter for the Titans, but as we all know it shouldn’t take Sankey too long to win the job. What do you think I should do Jay?

    Rest of team is, M. Ryan, Nelson, Cruz, A. Johnson, Lacy, Stacy and J. Reed.

    2. For my other team, Ridley was just dropped, Do you like him over Sankey, L. Miller, Spiller or MJD? Or do you think I should leave Ridley out there and drop one of Sankey, Miller, Spiller or MJD for a WR?

    Heres What my team looks like –
    QB – Rodgers
    WRs – Cobb, Edelman, T. Smith, T. Williams, Bowe
    RBs – Lacy, Bell, Spiller Sankey, Miller, MJD
    TE – V. Davis
    K – Hauschka
    DEF – STL

    Both teams are Standard 12 Team ReDraft Leagues.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @SMLV1: If Wright is Tim Wright, why do you need to carry 3 tight ends? And if it’s Kendall Wright, I might dump Bowe. And I actually prefer Rudolph over Davis. Can you trade Davis or Davis and Bowe for something?

      • SMLV1 says:

        @malamoney: Its Kendall Wright

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @SMLV1: Sankey’s been having his fumble issues though, so we’ll see. I’m find dropping Moreno still. I wouldn’t pay attention to Ridley, I’m not high on him.

    • Paul says:

      Hey guys sorry to post this on here just running late on time. I need 2 people interested in joining a 12 ppr/flex on yahoo. It’s 1pt ppr 4 pt passing td, and everything else normal standard scoring. It will be a $50 league paid through paypal I can make a invoice if your really worried. Just had 2 people back out and it’s way better with 12.

      Link here: https://yho.com/nfl?l=465905&k=3c4f3ab1a6d8fb27

      Draft is tomorrow Tuesday 8/2 at 8pm. Again yahoo 1pt ppr flex. 3wr 2rb flex.

      Please only join if you pay and keep up with all year this is a competitive league doesn’t seem like that because I can’t fill it but the 10 now are all serious and manage all year.

      Anyone is invited first come first serve just please make sure you know it’s a pay league.

      Here’s the link


      • paul says:

        All full went quick after I posted thanks again.

  3. thedongwong says:

    a lot of questions:

    thoughts on Cam Newton this year? concerned about the rib?

    brandan marshall for Colston/ knowshon/ julian edelman…. what would you rather have?

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @thedongwong: Would you be starting any of Colston, Knowshon or Edelman? And if so, who? What does the rest of your team look like?

      • flavaflave says:

        @malamoney: no they’re all bench players. i think colston is the best of the bunch. in fact i think he has a nice year. theres some weird stat of him playing in a dome vs not and he has nice games in domes, which is at least 1/2 of his games.

        Cam N
        keenan allen
        andre johnson
        doug martin
        jordan cameron

        bench: romo, colston, t williams, edelman, gerhart, bennet, moreno.

        i took a flier on moreno but at the end of the day dont believe in him, and want nothing to do with the dolphins run game. trying to deal him before the season.

        • malamoney

          malamoney says:

          @flavaflave: I’d take Marshall. He’s a sure starter and the best of the group.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @thedongwong: Not concerned about the rib yet. I would rather have Marshall, a lot of volume being thrown your way.

      • flavaflave says:

        @Jay: how about this trade offer. demeryius owner big on le’veon (keeper league) le’veon is cheap and 22 y/o

        demeryius thomas/ray rice for andre johnson/le’veon bell/julian edelman

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @flavaflave: Here, I’m wanting the Bell side slightly… so I’d hold.

  4. Billy bob bob billy says:

    Aj green for montee ball? Standard league

      • Billy bob bob billy says:

        @Jay: @Jay: ok I have ball and that was offered to me. I’m looking for. Receiver just trying to figure out who to target

  5. allen says:

    Looking forward to the weekly insight this year as usual, thanks for the breakdown

    Real quick, drafted last night 12 team standard 6 pt passing TDs

    V Jax
    G Tate
    Tor. Smith

    BN- Cooks, J. Matthews, Gerhart, Fred Jax, Jordan Reed, James Starks

    Didnt really plan on taking two TE but ertz hung around forever and think ill start him over reed wk 1.

    Going to drop starks for james white, helu, hillman or dunbar. You like any of thos RBs better than the other?

    Thanks for the read man

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @allen: Thanks! Probably Helu the most right now.

  6. Nico says:

    Let’s get this party started!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Nico: Needs more alcohol.

  7. Brian says:

    Jay- big draft tonight. 12-team, standard scoring. I have L Bell kept in the 4th, A Morris in the 7th and Crabtree in the 10th. QB – 2 RB- 2 WR- FL- TE starting lineup.

    I have the 3rd overall pick, then the #14 pick (acquired via trade), and the #26 pick in the first three rounds. There are only a handful of guys kept league wide (you can keep a player by drafting them 4 rounds earlier than the year before- making sure all the big names are never kept).

    Given my RB depth , I’m really struggling on what direction to go with the first three picks.

    Is it a no brainer to go with whoever is available between Peterson/Charles/McCoy and have three RBs out of the gate and pick up WRs at #14 and #26? Or should I go with Cl Johnson with the first pick? I’ve been thinking Manning too (picturing Manning- J Jones- Ellington), but I think I know your answer to taking a QB at #3.


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Brian: I like the RB-WR-WR combo there if you can get one of the top 3. Calvin Johnson as your first pick is justifiable, but moreso in PPR, which this isn’t. And yeah, I’m not messing with QB’s at that price. You should check this out if you haven’t yet… http://football.razzball.com/strategy-6-point-passing-touchdown

  8. Frank White says:

    Hey Jay.. I got on my 10 team PPR keeper league
    Rams D
    Lamar Miller
    Ronnie Hillman
    Doug Baldwin
    Mike Wallace
    Mike Wallace
    I asked you the other day if I should trade Gates for Knile Davis for backup for Charles and you said yeah as long as I have enough flex options. So what do you think, still do the trade?? Also, who would you put in my flex spot on week 1?? Thanks Bud!!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Frank White: Now that I see it, to be honest, the depth here is fine, I don’t think you need to go hunting for a handcuff for Charles. For the flex, I might go Miller here.

      • Frank White says:

        thanks Jay

  9. Andre says:

    What’s up Jay, everybody.

    Just had my last draft. 12 team PPR league.

    RB-R. Matthews
    WR-J. Nelson
    TE- Pitta
    Flex (WR/RB)- Harvin
    Def- KC

    Bn-K. Benjamin
    Bn- T.Austin
    Bn- James jones
    Bn- E. Manning

    I was thinking of dropping James Jones for a higher upside guy. Available are T. Kelce, E. Ebron, Justin Hunter, Jordan Matthews, Jeremy Hill, Lance Dunbar or Mark Ingram. Is any of these guys worth grabbing/stashing over Jones?

    • Andre says:


      Almost forgot. Also Allen Hurn is available. Thoughts?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Andre: I’d go Kelce. I probably wouldn’t keep Manning either.

  10. bimightbe says:

    1) A. Johnson (hou)
    2) K, Moreno (mia)


    1) B. Marhsall

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @bimightbe: I want the Marshall side.

  11. Mike says:

    Thanks for the schedule, as Razzball is my go-to site or FFB.
    If you can stand another ‘rate my draft’ request, Jay, please rate mine:

    Drafted 4th in 10 team standard league:

    1st: Adrian Peterson
    2nd: Aaron Rodgers
    3rd: Giovani Bernard
    4th: Julius Thomas
    5th: Percy Harvin
    6th: Torrey Smith
    7th: Kendall Wright
    8th: Lamar Miller
    9th: Emmanuel Sanders
    10th: Philip Rivers
    11th: MJD
    12th: Bernard Pierce
    13th: Brian Hartline
    14th: Dan Bailey
    15th: PIttsburgh

    I fear I may have reached too much in the middle rounds to land the guys I targeted.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Mike: Thanks! And yeah, not a fan of the QB in the second round, but I like him as the QB1 this season… AP is good, love Wright, good value on Sanders and Hartline. Should do fine.

  12. Dave says:

    Hey guys just did a 2QB and PPR 10 team league here it is:
    QB – Cutler
    QB – Big Ben
    RB – Forte
    RB – Ellington
    WR – Demaryius Thomas
    WR – Keenan Allen
    WR – Mike Wallace
    TE – Kyle Rudolph
    Flex – Joique Bell
    DST – Pats

    Bench – Fred Jackson
    Bench – Pierre Thomas
    Bench – Golden Tate
    Bench – Terrance Williams
    Bench – Shaun Hill (prob need a better backup QB there’s a couple on the waiver wire maybe Derek Carr?)

    What do you guys think?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Dave: Looks good. Didn’t starve yourself at the QB position, love the WR core, slight risk at RB, but good depth. I like it.

  13. My Vick is Itchy says:

    Better add Chris Polk or Ahmad Bradshaw?

  14. Oppo Taco says:

    Drafted 7th in a 0.5 12 team PPR league last night? any thoughts or feedback on my starters for this team? I’m pleased with it, thanks!
    QB – luck
    WR – DT
    WR – jordy Nelson
    WR – decker
    Rb – Stacy
    Rb – vereen
    Te – Rudolph
    W/R/T – gerhart

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Oppo Taco: You did fine, a good overall team. Not a crazy ceiling, but the baseline is there to make some noise.

  15. shin soo choo says says:


    woke up to a trade offer from a buddy:
    Ray Rice for Julian Edelman. the rice owner owns a lot of RB’s already and doesnt want to sit the suspension out i guess. I think i got to take this right? Edelman is a flex guy already (VJAX, antonio, jordy) are my other 3 WR’s. edelman and colston make up my bench/flex

    i’m kinda big on Ray Rice this year, what do you think?

  16. Cheese says:

    Looking forward to the new line up. Should be a fun season!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Cheese: Me too, should be a fun season.

  17. Superfan says:

    I am drafting this week in an auction contract keeper league. There are only a few players left due to keepers. We all have about $60-90 out of $135 for this year remaining. I am targeting RBs and it looks like…

    Arian Foster, Toby Gerhart, the Detroit RBs are the only RB2 or better left.

    How much would you allocate for these guys? Pay any price for Foster or target a likely cheaper Gerhart?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Superfan: In that case, I’d probably go lower on Gerhart. Arian Foster seems to pull something every week.

      • Superfan says:

        Thanks! That’s sorta what I figured.

    • malamoney

      malamoney says:

      @Superfan: Definitely Gerhart out of that bunch. The return on what Foster will give you will not be worth it.

      I believe Joique Bell will give you more bang for your buck than Bush. Take a look at average cost of player versus projected fantasy points.

      Take a look at Chris Johnson, Pierre Thomas, Shane Vereen and Danny Woodhead. These are guys that can be typically won less amounts and will give you solid production. The last 3 are obviously much more valuable in PPR leagues. I have yet to do an auction where we had keepers, so I am not sure how that skews projected costs of players.

      • Superfan says:


        Thank you – very helpful you two!

  18. BenJ says:

    LOTS of auto drafting going on in the RCLs I’m in this year. Last year was one of the hardest leagues I was ever in… I hope this year is similar.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @BenJ: Yeah, just the nature of it sometimes.

  19. dezd and confused says:

    WR’s: Dez Bryant Jordy Nelson Amendola and some other bench options
    RB’s: Gore, Matthews, TRich

    I’m a little worried about my RB’s for various reasons. Thinking about offering Dez to a guy for andre johnson and toby gerhart in return.

    what about jordy for Andre/gerhart.

    RB’s are scarce and everyone is holding onto them with vice grips. theres no way you can get a top 10-15 back in my league

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @dezd and confused: Yeah, but I wouldn’t trade Dez away. If it’s vice grips, you almost have to roll with what you got. Just be savvy on the wire.

      • dezd and confused says:

        @<a [email protected]Jay: is it close?
        i know the drop from Dez to Andre is real, but is there no hope Andre gets into the endzone more than 5 times this year?

        theres just no way gore/matthews/t-rich holds up at RB. although gerhart isn’t much better

  20. spm7189 says:

    Drafted in my 12-team redraft league last night. The scoring gets a little crazy, with PPR along with point per completion for QBs and 6 points for all TD be they passing, receiving, rushing, or return (including return touchdowns by team defenses and special teams). Any the hoo, team turned out as follows:
    QB – Philip Rivers
    WR – Antonio Brown
    WR – Andre Johnson
    WR – Kendall Wright
    RB – Adrian Peterson
    RB – Giovani Bernard
    TE – Greg Olsen
    K – Matt Bryant
    DEF – Tampa Bay
    BN – Chris Johnson
    BN – Brain Hartline
    BN – Danny Woodhead
    BN – Greg Jennings
    BN – Antonio Gates
    BN – Eli Manning

    I was a little disappointed with my QB situation here. I was hoping to grab Foles Round 7 but he ended up going mid-6 so I got Rivers at the back end of the 8th. There was a QB taken Round 1, four taken Round 2, one Round 4 and another three taken round 5 so I ended up being the second-to-last to pick a QB. I’m really hoping Rivers can follow up last year with another big season. On the positive side, with our scoring he finished 4th overall among QB’s last year so getting him this late makes me feel a little bit better. Also Jay I personally blame you for me having so many damn Chargers on my team. The only pick I’m really kinda iffy on was the Bernard pick. I got him in the third round which is probably appropriate value but Zac Stacy and Le’Veon Bell were both out there. Hoping that one doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass like my RB picks last year (Steven Jackson and MJD because the fantasy football gods hate me).

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @spm7189: You don’t ever talk about Rivers like that! Actually, your QB is okay, I think RIvers will be just fine this season. I hear you on Benard, that’s the value where he’s at, so no issues there. I’m a bit iffy on the WR core, but I think your team has good depth.

  21. ryan says:

    So I just finished drafting in my 12 team ppr league. I picked 4th overall and I think I put together a pretty solid squad. I somewhat think I have some room to improve. Is there any particular place I should look to improve or am is my team pretty good for the time being?

    qb jay cutler
    wr brandon marshall
    wr michael floyd
    wr cordarrelle patterson
    rb adrian peterson
    rb zac stacy
    w/r/t pierre thomas
    te zach ertz
    bn kelvin benjamin
    bn ronnie hillman
    bn danny woodhead
    bn colin kaepernick
    bn marvin jones
    bn jermaine kearse
    bn jerrick mckinnon

    k dan bailey

    def bengals

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @ryan: Yeah, it really is solid. Depth is okay. I think you can stand pat for the moment.

  22. Steve says:

    10 team espn standard
    My team
    D Thomas,Jeffrey,K Allen,Decker,J hunter
    Parkey( PHI) kicker
    It seems will have to guess weekly on TE
    Same with 2nd RB

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Steve: That’s okay, play match-ups, just the nature of a 10-team.

  23. Connor says:

    My quarterbacks are rg3 and big Ben. Looking to upgrade. Got offered Jay cutler and Gerhart for Ben and Ellington. Other rbs are Charles, bernard, foster, and joique bell. Should I take it? 10 team standard scoring

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Connor: I would hold here. Would rather roll with Ellington.

  24. Adam says:

    10 team standard:

    T Smith
    T Williams

    BN: richardson, rice, kapernick, j matthews, shorts, J hunter.

    What areas should I look at upgrading? Should I handcuff foster, if so who to drop and is blue my boy?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Adam: Yeah, Foster needs a handcuff, but you have guys that do that already. Not crazy about parts of this team, I would try to upgrade Smith.

  25. SMLV1 says:

    Now I’m reading this – The Miami Herald believes it’s “clear” Knowshon Moreno is the Dolphins’ lead back over Lamar Miller.

    Advice: Reporter Armando Salguero believes it’s true “even if Miller is the player being introduced with the starters.” Salguero came to the conclusion after parsing OC Bill Lazor’s Monday presser. “(I) feel very good about (Miller’s) ability to be productive,” Lazor said. “But if you’re talking about the preseason games, his production needs to improve.” We might not get a definitive answer until Sunday’s opener against the Patriots, but all signs point toward a committee. It’s just a matter of who is the lead back, and who’s the COP.

    This Dolphins RB situation is making it tough between dropping Miller, Moreno or Sankey!

    • bryce says:

      @SMLV1: i’m a firm beliver you want nothing to do with this backfield this year. if you own knowshon, prey he ‘goes off’ agains NE and deal him asap. if you own lamar, pray he gets the starting role and ‘goes off’ then deal him.

      i trust none of these guys

      • Jay

        Jay says:

        @bryce: Just to add, I totally agree with this.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @SMLV1: Yeah, I think they take enough away from each other where a tandem drags down both their values. They’ll definitely go with Moreno first, but let’s see how effective he is. If you put an (empty) gun to my head, I would drop Moreno here.

  26. 12-team PPR league with 4th pick in snake draft…

    QB: Tom Brady (Phillip Rivers)
    RB: Matt Forte (Bishop Sankey)
    RB: DeMarco Murray (Lance Dunbar)
    WR: Pierre Garcon (T.Y. Hilton)
    WR: Kendall Wright
    FLEX WR/TE: Kyle Rudolph (Greg Olsen)

    I don’t really feel like I knocked the ball out of the park but could contend… no?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @James R: Yeah, I’m fine with this team. It has the pieces to make noise. I’d probably drop Rivers for some more depth at RB.

  27. Brian says:


    Killing it in fantasy baseball and just joined a fantasy football league for the first time because of a lost bet (I bet on Washington to have better record than Miami… twice… and it was either prominently display a George W. Bush poster for a year or join my buddy’s fantasy football league… tough choice, right?). Anyhow, just finished the auction and wanted your thoughts on my team and was curious who to drop for a kicker. Also, I was curious to know how I ended up with four RBs. I suspect alcohol had something to do with it.

    It’s a 10 team PPR league (1 point per reception) and we start a QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 Team defense, and 1 defensive player. There are five bench spots.

    QB: Andrew Luck
    RB 1: Matt Forte
    RB 2: La’Veon Bell
    WR 1: Alshon Jefferies
    WR2: Victor Cruz
    WR 3: Pierre Garcon
    TE: Greg Olsen
    D Team: Cincinnati (though I plan to stream)
    IDP: Paul Posluszny (I also plan to stream here)

    Bench: Matt Ryan, Ryan Matthews, Alfred Morris, Kyle Rudolph, Terrance Williams, Brian Hartline

    Anyhow, would love your thoughts on the team and who I should drop for a kicker. Thanks!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Brian: Yeah, this team should be fine. Alcohol helps as much as it hurts… hmm, I’m think Hartline is expendable here.

      • Brian says:



  28. bryce says:

    do you think Gerhart is a top 20 back this year? just saying ‘jacksonville jaguars’ makes me shutter, but i currently have SJAX in my flex and wondering if grabbing gerhart could make sense.

  29. swagcity says:

    did the josh gordon suspension change your mind on J. Cameron at all? as the only receiving option left it’s almost a double edge sword. (only person to target, only person to cover). but he did have a lot of his success before josh gordon came last year. you still rolling with G. Olson here?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @swagcity: Not really, he was very hit or miss, and accumulated most of his points early in the year. He’s also lost Norv Turner as an OC.

  30. Bobby says:

    I am in a keeper league that has a ton of position plays, IDPs, and kickers/punters. Who would you pick out of the following three to be my final keeper: Ogletree LB Rams, Worrilow LB Falcons, or the Seahawks D/ST?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Bobby: Out of that group? Probably the SEA D.

  31. Ron says:

    I have an illegal roster and need to drop one guy ASAP. Which of the bench guys would you drop?

    QB: Rodgers
    RB: Charles
    WR: Megtron
    WR: Cruz
    RB/WR: Stacy
    WR/TE: Crabtree

    RB: Knile Davis
    RB: C. Hyde
    RB: L. Miller
    RB: T.West
    WR: Colston
    WR: Cooks
    WR: Baldwin
    WR: Wheaton
    TE: Cameron


    • bryce says:

      i vote T. west or Wheaton. unless your play is you think Ben Tate will get hurt (good chance of that), T west will not overtake the job. it’s ben tate’s to lose. i still vot t. west

    • Ron says:

      @Ron: If it matters…. this is a 12 team PPR 2 keeper league

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Ron: Baldwin.

  32. Ron says:

    In a 14-team non-ppr how would you grade out this team?

    RB- McCoy
    RB- Foster
    WR- Cobb
    WR- Crabtree
    WR- K. Wright
    TE – Bennett
    W/R/T- P. Thomas

    WR- Hartline
    WR- Matthews
    WR- Jennings
    WR- Streater
    RB- T. West
    RB- K. Robinson
    RB- McCluster
    QB- Tannehill

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Ron: It’s alright. Like Wright and Cobb, some risk in Foster. I do like the Streater and McCluster stash there too.

  33. BeastMode says:

    Here’s my team in 14 team non-PPR
    QB Matt Ryan
    WR Demaryius Thomas
    WR Cordarelle Patterson
    WR Kelvin Benjamin
    RB Alfred Morris
    RB Gio Bernard
    TE Tim Wright
    K Mason Crosby
    DEF Seattle

    BN Tony Romo
    BN Ahmad Bradshaw
    BN Jordan Matthews
    BN Steven Jackson ATL RB
    BN Jonathan Grimes
    BN James Jones

    I realize I am weak at TE and looking to pick someone up. Not sure who to drop and who to pickup. A few guys that are available are Garret Graham, Jace Amaro, Tyler Eifert and Eric Ebron. What do you think/do you have any advice? Thanks

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @BeastMode: Allen or Kelce if you can. Out of that group, I’d go Eifert.

  34. Nyjacobs says:

    Jay -kyle rudolph was dropped in my leauge. My draft was weak and only TE’s i was able to get were kelce and allen. How much of my 100$ budget would u spend on rudolph? And who would u drop btw kelce or allen? 10 team.


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Nyjacobs: 15 maybe? Have there been past transactions like this? League context can vary so much. I’d want Allen out of those two.

  35. kisses says:

    thoughts on my 12 team ppr:

    QB Stafford
    RB Stacy
    RB Mathews
    WR Megatron
    WR T.Y.
    WR Mike Wallace
    TE Rudolph
    FLEX Rashad Jennings
    D/ST 49ers
    K Gost

    Bench McFadden, Marqise, Streater, Hartline, Gates, Flacco, Browns

    didn’t know I could hate picking 8th so much, but I made do.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @kisses: Naw, the team is fine. Little bit of risk at RB, but I love the WR core, and while your flex could use a bit of work, the depth is okay.

  36. Ciwa says:

    Hi !
    What do you think about my team? 16 team standard league,#14 pick (I wrote u in twitter ;) )

    1. (14) Brandon Marshall (Chi – WR)
    2. (19) DeMarco Murray (Dal – RB)
    3. (46) Michael Floyd (Ari – WR)
    4. (51) Reggie Bush (Det – RB)
    5. (78) Nick Foles (Phi – QB)
    6. (83) Greg Olsen (Car – TE)
    7. (110) Reggie Wayne (Ind – WR)
    8. (115) Bernard Pierce (Bal – RB)
    9. (142) Cincinnati (Cin – DEF)
    10. (147) Greg Jennings (Min – WR)
    11. (174) James Jones (Oak – WR)
    12. (179) James White (NE – RB)
    13. (206) Marvin Jones (Cin – WR)
    14. (211) Jonathan Grimes (Hou – RB)
    15. (238) Nate Freese (Det – K)

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Ciwa: Ah, sorry if I missed it. I’m not good at keeping track of all the notifications. The team is good. I like the WR core you have, RB has some risk there, and the lack of depth at RB could hurt you, but there’s potential here.

      • Ciwa says:

        You answered me,i’m the italian guy ;)
        I know, i probably should let Pierce there and took another RB.

      • Ciwa says:

        I have to hope in Ridley’s fumbles and Foster injuries.

  37. Lemmingness says:

    I’m wondering if you have any advice for autodrafting. It’s a 10 team espn league with 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2wr/rb/te flex, 1 te, 1 each of k/punter/def, 7 bench spots (18 total)

    I’m missing the draft, so the settings I’ve done is:
    -draft bpa every round
    -draft a minimum 1 each of qb/rb/wr/te and a maximum of 1 qb and 2 te, and a max of 7 rb and 7 wr
    -draft 0 k/p/def

    For player rankings I just did your top 200 non-ppr rankings and moved guys who you had way above their adp down the list a little lower (like down to 15~20ish spots before their adp)

    Is there anything you’d change or suggest?
    Thanks a bunch for any help

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Lemmingness: To be honest, that sounds okay. Be sure to let me know how it turns out. I’m interested in the methodology.

  38. T-Bone says:

    Will Betting The Farm be making a return? I enjoyed losing fake money instead of real money.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @T-Bone: I hope so, but I have yet to hear any news on that front.

  39. goodfold2 says:

    finised that 20 team dynasty draft where i kept 14 WAS players predraft. damn comish forgot that i had traded my 80th pick for opp’s 28th. due to that i missed quinn or watt. here’s my overall offense.
    RG 3/Cousins (i also more indirectly missed out on even other low end starters due to domino effect of missing that pick).
    RB Peterson/Morris/Mason (in 16th ROUND!)/B.Brown/Helu
    WR D-Jax/Garcon/Austin/Lee/Roberts (kick returns)
    TE Reed/ASJ
    K zuerlein
    1. drop Zuerlein for any of murray/coons/santos/parkey/catanzaro? lots of kickers were drafted from autopickers. we have lots of bonuses and subtractions for long kicks or missed kicks, the shorter the kick the more pts lost.
    2. drop b.brown for either of mccluster or archer? not concerned with present production for this spot, just future value.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @goodfold2: Man, that’s unfortunate on the commish error. There should be something done to equalize that.

      I’m fine on Zuerlein. And I would want McCluster over Brown.

  40. Robert says:

    Yo Jay, according to yahoo I am in for a bad season. Is it realy that bad? I had #1 pick. Peterson, J. Nelson, J. Jones, Spiller, Cam, T. Williams, Gates, SF Defense. Sanky Moreno, Wheaton, Hartline, Flacco.

    • Robert says:

      @Robert: 12 team

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Robert: Not at all. Don’t trust those draft grades, they just rate you on what players you picked that they liked.

    • frankgrimes says:

      @Robert: true those grade are bogus as shit
      but in your case looks like you screwed the pooch after the 3rd round

  41. Steve says:

    I missed on drafting cordalle Patterson
    Now trying to trade for him before opener
    Think he will blow up
    How much would u spec trade for him?
    Keenan Allen and backup rb ??
    I have d Thomas , Jeffery, Allen , decker, hunter as my WR
    TE are Cameron and ertz
    RBs are lacy, Vereen, Fjax, Moreno Ingram
    Qb. Brady and Wilson
    10 team standard


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Steve: No, I would hold on Allen. Big overpay. I would trade Decker and Hunter for him.

    • frankgrimes says:

      cassel and/or a rookie throwing the rock to him
      in a shallow league like yours you don’t need him

  42. Oppo Taco says:

    Just had a draft out of the 10th slot, 12 team .5ppr. Any thoughts? I know I need an rb upgrade. Thanks
    QB – cam
    WR – roddy
    WR – vjax
    WR – Tory smith
    Rb – Demarco Murray
    Rb – pierce
    Te – graham
    W/R/T – Reuben randle
    Bench – Lamar miller, Ridley, Ingram, Dunbar, amendola, Starks
    DST – St. Louis
    k – Walsh

    • frankgrimes says:

      @Oppo Taco:
      your bench is hella suspect
      play the waiver wire hard
      you could be alright if Cam balls

  43. Chicken Dinner says:

    14team PPR

    I own AP

    Please pick three:

    Malcom Floyd
    MQuis Lee

  44. Tarman Got Him says:

    Thanks for all the help with my drafts.

    So I drafted my last team. You love all my teams, but, my last draft I for the first time ever ok any sport got the first pick. It’s not only not fun, but I made so many mistakes it’s ridiuclous. It’s pretty much hit or miss and a least I know it’s a weak team, but then again it could work

    QB – Newton
    WR – Jeffrey
    WR – A. Brown
    WR – Roddy White (Berry LOVES him and I actually agree on his ADP and he a still the second go to guy for Ryan)
    RB – AP (I looked at your rankings and most and most make logical sense to take AP first, Manning went 2nd? Actually wish I had pick 3-4)
    RB – Rashad Jennings (this is where I’m nervous)
    TE – Pitta
    B – Joquie Bell
    B – Mike Wallace
    B – Randle
    B – Jeremy Hill
    B – Hyde
    B – Wheaton
    K – Novak
    DEF – Buffalo

    I hate the Hyde pick and I took too many rookies.


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Tarman Got Him: Yeah, a lot of risk here. There are still lots of reason to like this team, it could go boom in a good way or bad way. Hyde should be okay, and I like Wheaton a little bit.

  45. Matt says:

    I’m all for streaming D’s, actually I didn’t draft a D or a K in any of my leagues.

    But with weekly rankings coming out after Thursday, I doubt I’ll get any of the great d matchups from that week. What’s the best way to evaluate d matchups before Tuesday?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Matt: Yeah, these are subject to change, and we’ll review how it goes as the season progresses. Don’t forget, I can always be reached in the comments section for an immediate answer for help on roster issues.

  46. Dung says:

    Jay – pick one in the flex/PPR

    Cord. Patterson

    Thanks. Welcome back!

    • Jay

      Jay says:


  47. Tom says:

    Starting : Adrian Peterson, Min RB, Zac Stacy, StL RB, Brandon Marshall, Chi WR

    Need WR2 and Flex from these guys:
    Cecil Shorts, Jac WR
    Ben Tate, Cle RB
    Terrance West, Cle RB
    Trent Richardson, Ind RB
    Michael Floyd, Ari WR
    DeAndre Hopkins, Hou WR
    Tavon Austin, StL WR
    Markus Wheaton, Pit WR
    Jonathan Stewart, Car RB

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Tom: Floyd and Tate.

      • Tom says:

        @Jay: Thanks!

  48. Tom says:

    12 TEAM PPR

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