So, the NFL is cancelling the season after Monday Night Football in tribute to Aaron Rodgers, right? His injury is clearly worse than 9-11, if you are to believe the outpouring of melancholy media ejaculate yesterday. Not that they don’t have a reason. Losing one of the NFL’s most marketable players for selling insurance not only leaves us just with Peyton Manning and J.J. Watt (who died last week) to hawk stupid sh*t, but also allows the Packers to show how terrible Brett Hundley is at quarterbacking. Football sure knows how to expand it’s market share! And I realize there’s already a lot of hype building for signing Colin Kaepernick, which if we’re writing seriously (rare, I know) makes some sense, but I feel like a sports organization has to do triage for these situations with a bit more vigor. So I’ve come up with a strategy, a “plan of attack” if you will, that I believe the Packers are considering right this very moment:

  • Plan A – Send feelers out about signing Colin Kaepernick to gauge the reactions from fans and media. Invest in the TIKI torch brand if signing takes place. If not, move to Plan “B”.
  • Plan B – Beg Tony Romo to leave the booth. If Romo says yes, move to “Plan XXIV” when he gets injured in his first game back. If Romo says no, move to “Plan XXIV”.
  • Plan XXIV – WHERE IS MATT FLYNN? If found, give him more free money. If not, give him more free money and move to the next plan.
  • Plan LOL – Trade for Jay Cutler, since he has the most experience throwing to Packers receivers. If Miami says no, move to the last plan.
  • Plan OMFG – Tim Tebow time! Because at this point, why the ef not?

The NFC North is gonna otherwise be ceded to a team that got blown out by the Saints yesterday. But yeah, darn shame about Rodgers… now that I’ve confirmed the Chargers don’t play Green Bay later this season…


  • Rest in Peace 2017 Packers. We’ll never know how Mike McCarthy would have effed it all up for you in the playoffs this year.
  • If I were an NFL quarterback, I would be absolutely terrified each time the ball was snapped. Not even joking.
  • So… the Lions now have the majority of the talent in the NFC North? Wow. Just… uh. Wow.

Top Plays in GIFs: Matt Ryan goes deep to Marvin Hall for a 40-yard touchdown.

You’re not Julio Jones, jerk!

Top Plays in GIFs: Matthew Stafford hits Golden Tate for a 45-yard touchdown.

Saints defense, being entirely a fictional construct.

Hot Takes! Random takes that are also random levels of hot!

  • Stafford moves like he just ate an entire pot of mashed potatoes.
  • I am actually thinking about getting serious for a bit and writing a post about how Hue Jackson is the worst head coach in NFL history. And the fact that he’s already the worst coach in Cleveland Browns history should be all the evidence I need.
  • At this point, playing the Browns is better for a team than a bye week.
  • This Nissan commercial from yesterday had more people in the L.A. Coliseum than we’ve seen all season combined.
  • So them Raiders being good… that was fun while it lasted, eh?
  • I think Jay Cutler is a perfect symbol for the Miami Dolphins… mostly because I can’t think of another team that generates more apathy. Oh wait, maybe it’s the Chargers.
  • Watching Cutler in Miami, I’m now starting to understand where the outrage from Bears fans was coming from. And yet, he’s still the best quarterback they’ve ever had. My God…
  • Pretty sure that Colin Kaepernick’s last straw before his collusion grievance was the Titans signing Brandon Weeden for the injured Marcus Mariota. I’m about to file a grievance, and I can’t throw a regulation-sized football more than 10 yards.

Top Plays in GIFs: Tarik Cohen throws to Zach Miller for a touchdown.

Man, who knew Cohen could run, catch, pass, AND sing?!

Top Plays in GIFs: Leonard Fournette runs 75-yards for a touchdown.

Oh Rams.

Fantasy Hot Takes! Better than hot fantasy takes! We think!

  • To those of you that dared to start Mark Ingram (25 CAR, 114 YDS, 2 TDs and 5 REC, 36 YDS), I salute you.
  • If Trump as President wasn’t proof enough already that we’re living in the darkest timeline, then a competent Ted Ginn Jr. (4 REC, 66 YDS, 1 TD) is absolutely the final piece of the puzzle.
  • Not starting Carlos Hyde (13 CAR, 28 YDS, 2 TD and 5 REC, 47 YDS) was a poor decision.
  • DeSean Jackson‘s (3 REC, 38 YDS, 1 TD) 27-yard touchdown reception gave the Bucs six points against the Cardinals 31 in the third quarter. He gave the “shush” celebration to the crowd. So… there’s that I guess.

Top Plays in GIFs: Deshaun Watson throws to wide receiver Will Fuller for a 39-yard touchdown.

DeShaun Watson is a bad, bad man… and Jabrill Peppers is a bad, bad safety.

Obligatory I Hate Myself Injury Report! Misery loves company edition!

  • Landing awkwardly after taking a hit from Anthony Barr (seen above), Aaron Rodgers walked off the field under his own power and was declared questionable to return with a shoulder/collarbone injury, but was later downgraded to “out” near the start of the second half. Shortly after downgrading him to “out”, the Packers announced that Rodgers had a broken collarbone and that he would likely miss the rest of the season.
  • Leonard Fournette hyper-extended his right knee during a run in the fourth quarter yesterday and did not return. Doug Marrone commented that Fournette had a sprained ankle, the severity of which will be determined after further testing early today.
  • Jameis Winston was knocked out of the game during the second quarter by Chandler Jones. He was examined on the sideline, and did not return. Ryan Fitzpatrick took over as the Bucs’ quarterback and is only an option in four-quarterback leagues. They exist, I swear. After the game, Bucs coach Dirk Koetter indicated that the X-rays on Winston’s shoulder were negative, but that he’ll undergo an MRI early today.
  • Following an interception by Janoris Jenkins, Trevor Siemian dove in an attempt to tackle the Giants cornerback and landed awkwardly on his shoulder, but Siemian made his return in the second half. Emmanuel Sanders was injured running a crossing route in the third quarter, as Giants safety Landon Collins collided with Sanders’ legs. Sanders was declared out of the game due to an ankle injury and is listed as “questionable” for Week 7. The Giants have absolutely no plans to let anyone finish this season healthy I feel.
  • At the tail end of a return in the fourth quarter, Tyreek Hill took a brutal hit and he exited the game after. Andy Reid confirmed that Hill is now in the concussion protocol. Charcandrick West was pulled out of action in the third quarter, and the team announced that he is also being evaluated for a concussion.
  • Golden Tate was assisted to the locker room by the Lions medical staff in the fourth quarter and was originally declared “questionable” to return with a shoulder injury before being downgraded to “out”.
  • Chris Hogan was hit hard in the torso by Jets safety Marcus Maye. After skipping a few plays, he returned to the game on the next drive.

Top Plays in GIFs: Tom Brady goes long to Brandin Cooks for the touchdown.

Not enough Cooks are in the kitchen, apparently.

Top Plays in GIFs: Tom Brady throws to Gronk for a 33-yard touchdown.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything whiter than that high-step since my mom asked for the manager at Ross.

Top Plays in GIFs: Austin Seferian-Jenkins’ touchdown is overturned and ruled a fumble touchback.

I’ve never seen a call over-turned like that. Thanks Obama!

Hot Takes! WORST CALL EVER Hot Takes!

  • We are all Jets fans on this day of mourning.
  • Also, every Patriots receiver should have “looking for a flag” added on the back of their uniform.
  • Now that the old “TGIF” shows are streaming on Hulu, I have to admit, the humor of Urkle doesn’t quite hold up now that I’m 35. But I’d still like Carl Winslow to be my surrogate dad. Not really Jets-Patriots related, but important nonetheless.
  • Oh well, I’m over. It seems Jet fuel also cannot melt Patriot dreams.

Top Plays in GIFs: Adrian Peterson runs it in for the touchdown.

I thought Peterson was better known for his ferocity towards the younger folks.

Top Plays in GIFs: Ryan Fitzpatrick attempts to do something near the end zone, and I have no idea what it is.

Fitzmagic performing the stupidest trick in the book.

Hot Takes! When did the Bucs turn back into the Yuks hot takes!

  • Remember when AP beat up that one kid? You know… his kid? Me neither! Go Cards, woo!
  • It was really fitting to watch all those “should be retired” players in Arizona yesterday having success. It was like watching an episode of Golden Girls, but with more child abuse references.
  • Dirk Koetter is a poor man’s Rand Paul.
  • After this win, Arizona deserves to leap from 24th to 23rd in the power rankings this week. I truly believe that.
  • The Cardinals secret plan to control its own destiny before inexplicably collapsing in late December, making the whole season nothing other than an exercise to waste their ability to draft a quarterback at the top of next year’s draft is still in effect.

Top Plays in GIFs: Pass to Antonio Brown is tipped and nearly intercepted, but Brown grabs the ball for the touchdown.

That is Steelers luck represented in one single play.

Top Plays in GIFs: Redskins fumble, recovered by 49ers and returned to the 1-yard line after review.

I haven’t seen a change in the Redskins fortunes like that since 1492.

Hot Takes! Normal hotness to take a break from all the extraordinary hotness!

  • Who is this C.J. Beathard? Am I hallucinating, or do the 49ers have a backup quarterback with an obvious masturbation euphemism for a last name?
  • Doing the “Seven Nation Army” chant while tomahawk-chopping should be an automatic two years off your lifespan.
  • Has there ever been a 5-0 or better team that laid an egg like the Chiefs did in yesterday’s loss to the Steelers? I’d put money on the answer being the Chiefs… probably some time in the last decade.
  • Thought I should share this box score description of Kansas City’s safety… it was amazing:

Alex Smith rushed to the right for no gain. Zach Fulton fumbled. Zach Fulton recovered fumble for no gain. Safety.

Top Plays in GIFs: Von Miller does the… salsa?

I’ll just let this stand dance on its own merits.

Sunday Night Football Hot Takes! Sweltering Bob Costas sweater vest type hot!

  • These new General Electric commercials are about as accurate in describing working for GE as Michael Bay films are at describing reality. However, there’s less racism and robot farting, so I’ll cede that point.
  • Giants always seem to level the playing field with unimaginative play-calling. Ben Mcadoodoo everyone!
  • That game, in all it’s nap-inducing boredom, isn’t as surprising if you remember that the Broncos quarterback is Trevor Siemian.
  • Brock Osweiler made an appearance in last night’s game, and while I’ll always have fond memories of calling him Brock Lobster, perhaps we should turn the page and create a new name? Bark Oswald perhaps?
  • Fun fact! The Browns are paying Osweiler over fifteen million dollars ($15.2 million) to be horrible for the Broncos.
  • So… looks like the Giants ended the week better than Harvey Weinstein. [Sound warning.]

The TOP PLAY in Week 6: Todd Bowels reacts to call reversal that takes away an Austin Seferian-Jenkins touchdown.

Todd Bowles looks like he needs to smoke a Bowle.



  1. Chad B says:

    Should I sell high on Watson? Non-PPR league
    I have Ryan and Watson at QB and Gurley, Howard, Murray, Henry and Blount at RB.

    I can deal:
    Watson and Howard

    Really licking my chops at a Gurley/Bell RB combo.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Chad B: I’m fine holding, but if you have Ryan, yeah, send him off, his value probably won’t get higher.

  2. Phil B.

    Phil B. says:

    Good stuff boss. That michaels line was so lazy, and you know he was excited to get to use it.
    Stafford is such a garbage time QB, how many weeks does he suck in the first half only to finish with decent points?
    At least Cohen got some points for his owners, right?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Phil B.: Thanks man! And yeah, it felt rehearsed, for sure, but I still appreciated it.

      And yeah, those Cohen points count, right? RIGHT?

  3. DT says:

    which 2 would you want ROS out of these guys in a ppr league….

    darkwa, dion lewis, mike Williams, prosise, or Riddick

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @DT: Eesh… I’d say Darkwa and Williams. Scary.

  4. Project Merkin says:

    This was awesome. I won’t bother you with a question (I don’t really have any because I’m feeling your injury pain and don’t have any rational thoughts at the moment). But great stuff Jay!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Project Merkin: Thanks Merkin, the easiest way to my heart are compliments!

  5. intolm says:

    Great write up, thanks.

    Not only did I lose Rodgers, but my keeper was Davante Adams and my first draft pick? Jordy Nelson. It all happened so fast! (I’m actually set to win this week, barring a 33 point game from Delanie Walker in which Ryan Succop also gets zero points.)

    Aaaaanyways, someone offered me Wentz for Tevin Campbell. Palmer is on the waiver wire. Who would you rather? If Palmer, how much of a $100 FAAB would you bid, keeping in mind that the guy with Winston also doesn’t have a backup? My RB situation isn’t great, and losing Coleman makes Duke Johnson my RB3- not apocalyptic, but not ideal.

    Now that I think of it, maybe I try and grab both Carsons? They each have a bye coming up soon and I probably just have to stream rest of season.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @intolm: Thanks man! Tough loss there. I’d try Palmer first, go cheap, and then adjust the next two weeks.

      I would try to grab the Carsons.

  6. Jake says:

    Would you trade Tevin Coleman and Marvin Jones for Julio ? My first reaction was yes but I am a little concerned with Atlanta and Julios health but would like to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks man..

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Jake: I would in a heartbeat. I know the risk, but you are paying a pretty cheap price regardless.

  7. Nightpandas says:


    2 trade questions

    12 team .5ppr : Zeke, Coleman and D Henry are my Rbs…was offered Morris for Coleman…likely 1-5 in this league but keep 3, have Zeke at $55 and Coleman at $12

    16 team std: Have Palmer and Carr, was off Buck Allen and Tyrod for Carr, start 1 qb, 2rb and flex: rbs are Gurley, Zeke, Morris, Kelley, Darkwa…4-2 in this league

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Nightpandas: Hey Panda, I’d say yes to it if you got one more piece there. Not that Morris doesn’t help you, but I don’t think he’ll do anything particularly special if he gets more snaps. And I like that Buck Allen deal.

  8. Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

    2 QB AAron rod league. GB QB went for $50 last night. i have 36/100 left. earlier keenum/e manuel went for 20-22. somehow beating it hard is still out there. fitzmagic too. dynasty. half PPR.
    QB (2) tyrod /brissett/mahomes
    RB (2) ingram/kamara/charles/smallwood/kelley/woodhead
    WR (3) d-jax/jordy/allen/lee/thielen/r.lewis
    TE (1) ertz
    2 flexes
    K zuerline
    D DEN
    4 IDP flexes collins/r.jones/t.smith/ogletree/burfict
    IR (2) rodgers/edelman
    so i got woodhead to drop. actually bid that case money or less?

    • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

      @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: this league is the proof of why you never trade away a QB if you only have 3.5 of them (brisset is the .5), recently i moved mccown for thielen (good LONG term deal of course)

      • Jay

        Jay says:

        @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: Yeah, I’m seeing that, but totally, that Thielen deal was a good one no matter what format.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: Damn, 50… for Hundley? I mean, I guess it’s justified, but I assume the Packers go out and get someone else.

      • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

        @Jay: same guy who yesterday didn’t get hundley for $50 went $50 (after going like $25 on hundley) for beat it hard early this morning, meanwhile I tried to only bid $26 (having only 36). I did get darkwa over charles on the cheap as this appears more upsidey after darkwing looked damn cartoon-super-hero-like sunday. I now am the guy who tries really hard (without making any trades that are bad for my future) to win while HOPING he stops winning, now at 5-1 but with a grand total of brissett/rodfather/mahomes for ROS with AAron rod in IR slot. in case anything else changes I have woodhead’s slot. could sit on mr I can’t prove collusion unless NFL is even stupider than GODdell usually makes them appear (and this is possible, as with the rams illegally fleeing STL and literally incriminating themselves in public).

        no regret on the thielen, but just sucks big floppy DD on the short term buzzkill of AArod injury.

        • Aubrey Plaza's Pillow says:

          @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: ugliest part is since the guy who just won beat it hard waited till the 2nd night after sunday’s games, had i not used the max 3 moves last week i could’ve won beat it hard for zero a boot 31 hours ago. lesson to learn, r.lewis is never worth using a 3rd and last move on.

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @Aubrey Plaza’s Pillow: Wow. And yeah, Darkwa looked good against the Chargers too, though, that’s probably more because of the Chargers.

          Good spot to be in at this point.

  9. toneDEAF! says:

    Thinking about targeting the Aaron Rodgers owner for a trade.. what do you think about this? My Luck, Hilton, Ajayi for his Devonta Freeman and Crabtree. What do you think? 10-team Non-ppr.

    QB: Alex smith
    WR: Keenan allen
    WR: Baldwin
    WR: Hilton
    RB: Ajayi
    RB: Howard
    TE: Brate
    Flex: Doug Martin

    BN: Luck
    BN: Watkins
    BN: Buck Allen
    BN: Decker
    BN: D’onta Foreman
    BN: Gallman

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @toneDEAF!: I think it works for both teams and it’s fair.

  10. Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

    good god i’mm gonna lose in a money legaue by less than 1 with hilton vs ris matthews

    • Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo says:

      @Joey Jo Jo Jr Shabadoo: IF hilton remains at 1 catch. meanwhile doyle is straight up awful. as is the IND O-line.

  11. fizz says:


    im desperate at te. what do you think about trading julio for gronk?

    my qb is brady and other wr are diggs, hill, agholar

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @fizz: I don’t like it that much, have you tried Diggs plus something else yet?

  12. SR says:


    Looking at trading for Mixon. Should I offer K. Benjamin and J. Allen for Mixon?

    WRs: Baldwin, K. Allen, D. Adams, D. Parker, D. Jackson
    Rbs: Gurley, Martin, t. Coleman, Kamara


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @SR: Yeah, I like that deal for you.

  13. Nightpandas says:


    16 team std would you trade Gurley for D Martin and DJax?

    Current roster
    Start 2 rbs and 1 flex: Gurley, Zeke/Morris, Allen, Darkwa, Kelley
    Start 3 wr: Diggs, Maclin, Kerley, M Williams, C Coleman(IR)

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Nightpandas: I’d probably hold, but I do like adding Jackson to the mix of your WRs… tough one. Eh, I’m wishy washy now.

      I’d hold, but I love the idea of bolstering your WRs3. Maybe Williams starts to emerge as that guy?

  14. Matt says:

    Better bench stash in 12-team standard – Jamaal Charles or Chris Ivory? Dion Lewis is also out there…

    Also, just lost Sanders to injury and need a usable WR definitely next week. Would you drop Tyrell Williams for any of the following:

    Golladay (bye week 7)

    • Beware the Shit Rope says:

      @Matt: kearse

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Matt: I’d say Charles. And I don’t mind switching with Ginn, he seems to be actually catching balls this year. Kearse will probably see more volume though, but since it’s standard.

  15. Beware the Shit Rope says:

    16 team league dynasty PPR. need at least 7 ARI playres at all times. infinite IR slots that can be used for ANY reason a player might not play. due to this we cannot add anybody suspended/inactive/PUP/IR from FA. short term injuries we can add.
    QB (start 1, 2 max active, unless from team of your name, in which case we could have as many from team of our name and UP TO 1 non team named QB active) palmer/hogan (dropping shortly, used to be wacco for flacco)
    RB (2, max 6) j.allen/hyde/breida/perine/stewart
    WR (3, max 7) mart bryant/evans/john brown/garcon/doctson/louis (CLE)/t.will (LAC)
    TE (1, max 3) ertz
    1 R/W/T flex
    IR: c.johnson, d.johnson, hightower, lacy, m.williams, lad green
    K (1, 2) dawson
    team D: (1, 2): ARI
    LB (2, 3) ogletree/burfict
    DL (2, 3) heyward/campbell
    DB (2, 3) mathieu/barron
    BN bucannon (DB/LB)
    IR: freeman/levy

    1. anybody on bye can be stashed but week after they have to come back up. guessing lacy himself is the drop here or somebody else?

    2. if i want to replace hogan with any QB i’d have to activate m.williams (while we can leave people in IR slots after losing their flags, we cannot do this if we add new players). who’s best QB out of these: beathard/mccown/hundley/brissett

    3. who’s the drop to activate m.williams. i’m guessing louis CLE.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Beware the Shit Rope: Yeah, I think it’s Lacy there. And Brissett there, and then yeah, Louis.

  16. DT says:

    HEY JAY.

    aaron Rodgers owner doesn’t have any back up QBs…. looking to upgrade my RB in a 2 flex ppr league.

    current team:
    QB – Wilson, Palmer, Luck
    RB – Duke Johnson, Buck Allen, Theo Riddick, Prosise (Waivers in for Darkwa or Dion Lewis)
    WR – Green, Dez, Hopkins, Crowder, Smith-Schuster, Mike Williams
    TE – Kelce

    trying to target Martin or Hyde, but I don’t know if he’d bite on Palmer. Is Wilson for one of those guys a fair trade? Also looking at Thielen, Devante Parker, or Amari to go full on WR. Appreciate your thoughts!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @DT: Hey DT!

      I think it’s fair for him (Wilson, not Palmer), honestly. And I’d go for Martin there.

      • DT says:

        @Jay: Thanks Jay! A little bit hesitant cause Palmer and Luck (is he even going to play?) are two big uncertainties haha.

        • Jay

          Jay says:

          @DT: Yeah, and I’ve been really frustrated with Palmer this year. Zona in general I think.

  17. the imp says:

    Owning in shallow 12 man ppr (3W, 2R, no flex)

    Do you make any drops for J Brown/DHenry/McFadden?
    If so, who is the drop and who is your preferred add?

    I’m thinking hold on TE and QB (as I look for trades) though my RB2 spot has been killing me and I’ll need bye week relief for WR by week 10.


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @the imp: I think you do Wentz for McFadden, but I think White for him is okay too.

  18. I don't want to brag but i have irritable bowel syndrome says:

    QB stafford/bortles
    RB (2) forte/gurley/all the BAL guys
    WR (3) crabtree/hill/beasley/wright
    TE (1) z.miller/ertz
    1 flex
    K gano
    IDP flex b.marshall LB
    LB (2) david/ogletree/s.lee
    CB (2) l.ryan/breeland
    S getting one (t.wilson on bye)
    DE dunlap
    DT buckner

    1. bortles or attempt to drop for one of beathard/hundley

    2. have room for one at least (could also assume s.lee is back and add b.marshall in as a drop), how’s this rank: morris/golladay/d.thompson (BUF now)/britt/king (NYG)/drake/oliver/woodhead

    3. drop IND for CIN, for NYJ too?

    4. in general for any PPR league, this right order ROS for darkwa/collins/mack?

  19. Mordacious Levator says:

    14 team PPR with IDP
    QB RW3/seimien
    RB (2) hunt/crowell/j.allen/stewart/kelley/mack
    WR(3) a.brown/fitz/parker/fuller/r.lewis
    TE (1) ASJ
    1 flex
    IR olsen
    K streamer
    LB (2) kwon A/t.smith (i’m able to IR kwon A if he’s out again and grab a late week LB, as i’ve done since week 1)
    DB (2) vaccaro/neal/burnett (it worked out grabbing vaccaro late in week when burnett was ruled out)
    DL (1) bosa

    drop burnett now assuming vaccaro is good enough to hold in that spot so i can grab one of: john brown, z.jones, ebron, njoku or a LB in case kwon A is out again or is on some sort of snap count for this week? would probably only use FAAB money if i could get brown.

  20. Crapshoot Kershaw says:

    standard 12 team dynasty. didn’t think i’d win both of collins and darkwa in waivers. now probably need to drop somebody for something else.
    QB (1) RW3
    RB (2) zeke/morris/melgor/white/smallwood/darkwa/collins
    WR (3) both thomas’/a.brown/hilton
    TE (1) ertz
    no flex
    K gostko

    probably need some WR depth here or a backup TE. for some reason after fading d.lewis for around 1.5 years hoodie is back to using him at white and (more so) gillislee’s expense (thank god i didn’t draft him (wanted to) or traded for him (tried to) in some leagues). other than the game 1 where 3 penalties on cooks gifted him 3 TD’s he’s been junk.

    1. drop which RB for

    2. one of these TE: doyle/ASJ/rudolph (that order from rudy’s bot)
    WR: shepard/woods/j.matt

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Crapshoot Kershaw: Ugh, those three are so hot/cold… I’d say Smallwood, then Darkwa, but I’m also okay holding here. Zeke’s status becomes worrisome again in two weeks, so I’d probably try to keep my RB depth intact as much as I can.

      • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

        @Jay: options were the 3 TE OR the 3 WR. i got morris but not mcfadden for the zeke fears.

  21. James says:

    Unless I’ve missed it, Razzball hasn’t discussed Corey Davis very much and while I’m not familiar with him, I’ve read about his immense upside potential.

    Do you agree with his upside? Would you drop Perine to stash him? I could pull this trigger in 2 leagues.

    I’m rolling Diggs, Funchess, and Fuller after losing OBJ. My RB situation is all set with Hunt/Howard/Martin/Mixon/Henry.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @James: you’re right, and yeah, I think he has some potential. Better than Perine.

    • Crapshoot Kershaw says:

      @James: c.davis was a top 2 drafted this year WR, was discussed much in preseason, not much since due to being hurt. m.williams the other WR. meanwhile perine was a top 10 but not tippy top RB this year. check by position and draft grade here:

      but notice how low hunt was in the RB’s. RB’s are often more determined by team than skills.

  22. Dimah says:

    Hi Jay,

    Need some RB start decision (std scoring):

    Pick 2 RB’s: Kamra, Aaron J., Buck, Crowell, White, Ivory
    Pick 3 RB’s: D. Murray, Aaron J., C. Thompson, T. Coleman, Buck, McGuire, Brieda

    much appreciate it!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Dimah: early thoughts, but Aaron and Buck, with Murray, Aaron and Buck.

  23. The Shady KHunt says:

    Hi Jay,

    Need some roster help 0.5PPR scoring.

    My team right now
    WR’s : Cooks Hopkins Garcon Moncreif
    RB’s : Gordon CJA Cohen JC Powell
    TE : Engram Njoku(bye week 8 pick up for Engram)

    How are my bench players compared to these available WW? Please advise if I need to drop someone for one of these players.
    Marvin Jones

    Thanks! Appreciate your help!

  24. goodfold2 says:

    need a DT. 20 team dynasty start 2 DT’s. lost j.allen for year in IR slot, have AAron donald in other one (doesn’t seem in shape yet, damn i hate owning holdouts, more so in football too with short season). nobody seemingly but FFtoday ranks as deep as i need here. maybe late in week FP has 1 or 2 unowned guys. options:
    liuget, h.anderson (IND), w.henry (BAL), mcgee (WAS, plays DE, so should be better than most DT’s), mauro (ARI), vanderdoes (OAK). liuget highest ranked at FFtoday, w.henry best AVG scores.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @goodfold2: The rankings will go up in a bit, but I like McGee there, and probably Henry.

  25. I got $100 for groceries, $1400 for liquor and $6,000 for you to bail a couple of shit puppets out of jail says:

    .2 PPR . 3 RB start and 3 WR start with 2 flexes (can be TE).
    RB mccoy/howard/montgomery/mack/lat murray/rawls
    WR jordy/julio/jeffery/wright/hurns/fuller
    TE ertz/cook/dickson

    1. drop who for smallwood?
    2. drop any WR for any of wallace/decker/stills?

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