I’ve been a Vikings fan for a near-intolerable three decades of my life. I’m pretty critical of Kirk Cousins, which is justified and a taek that everybody likes to hear week in and week out, right? The 2022 NFL season gave us several of the worst games in recent and distant memory, but Bills/Vikings games lit up the internet with one of the most dramatic final 2 minutes of regulation followed by a dramatic end zone interception to finish the game in the Vikings’ favor. If only every quarter could be the fourth quarter. 

Maybe one day your team will be as cardiac-stopping as mine. Let’s see what else happened for week 10 of 2022 fantasy football. 

Week 10 News and Notes

Justin Jefferson and Stefon Diggs: Combined for 320 receiving yards on 32 targets. What is this, Tecmo Bowl? It was easy to get those kinds of stats on a video game when you started 2 receivers every single play of the game. The Bills/Vikings was supposed to be somewhat pedestrian: It was cold in Buffalo, Josh Allen had a sore elbow, and Buffalo had one of the top defenses in the league coming into the game. And for the most part, the game was on track to hit the Under on the Vegas odds of 46.5 going into the 4th quarter. Then, the end zone interceptions happened. Diggs and Jefferson exchanged dramatic “catches of the year.” Stefon Diggs started in an OBJ-like fashion. Not in the Cleveland way, but in the way that a rookie OBJ snagged a bullet out of the air one-handed and brought it down. Then Justin Jefferson did his own one-handed performance where he stripped the ball out of the defensive back’s hands while simultaneously gaining possession and staying in-bounds. It was a game that could have been simpler and over rather quickly. Even as the Vikings surged down the field for a win, the Bills defense made several goal-line stops and gained possession of the ball at its own half-yard line. The Bills could have taken a safety and then punted the ball to the Vikings, who would have had 40ish seconds to go down the field. Instead, the Bills fumbled the snap and the Vikings scored a defensive touchdown. Why am I so [searches thesaurus] critical of a game that “my team” won and probably put a ton of teams into the fantasy playoffs? It’s simply not sustainable. There are universes out there where none of those low-chance plays happened, and the game finished 27-17 with Kirk Cousins barely topping 200 yards in the air. But, we’re in this world, and I can’t complain about over 300 yards of offense in the last quarter plus overtime, and I can’t complain about top receivers combining for 32 targets. Here’s to reality, and we’ll take the wins as they come. 

D’Andre SwiftHad no injury designation coming into the game. Coach speak was nebulous about potential playing time, but the Lions are kind of like that. Ultimately, Swift snuck into the end zone to save our hopeful fantasy rosters. We may have won the battle but the war is surely turning against us Swifties. Swift finished a critical NFC North game where the teams exploded the Vegas Over…with a mere 6 carries and played in a mere 31% of snaps. I’ve been wondering if there was something deeper than injuries at play, and I think we found our proof this week. Swift has plenty of talent and could show up again this year as an RB1, but all evidence points to Flex/Bench play right now. Both coaches and player are mum on “why” Swift isn’t playing, and we might need to settle for that for now. Sad face.  

David Montgomery / Khalil HerbertThe “good thing” is that the Bears went to the fabled dual-running back offense. The bad thing is that Justin Fields is Lamar Jackson 2.0. Wait, that’s good, right? Double plus good, indeed. Monty and Herby are probably RB2/Flex plays at best going forward now that we’ve seen Fields evolve to his true form: Gen Z Randall Cunningham. 

Rachaad WhiteWell, we kind of knew that White might take reps from Lenny, but as the Bucs went to Deutschland, White took the whole dang start and show from Lenny. White finished with 22 rushes and 105 yards in Munich. Sidenote: for reasons that have nothing to do with me being unversed in popular culture, I thought the NFL sent Tom Brady to Germany because of his ex-witch, Gisele Bundchen. Then I discovered her coven originated in Brazil and the NFL sent TB12 to the Black Forest out of mere GOAT-ness. Silly me. ENYWHEY. Prayers up to all managers with Lenny, and if you’ve got any FAAB left, smash it into Rachaad White if he’s available. 

Isiah PachecoUh, remember when I jumped the gun on Pacheco by naming him the Chiefs’ RB1? Well, he’s there. Clyde Edwards-Helaine must have visited the car wash because he was touchless in Sunday’s game. Pacheco, meanwhile, tromped his way to 16 attempts and over 80 yards. CEH will probably re-appear at some point, but I think Pacheco gets the nod for your RB2/Flex duties from now on. 

Christian WatsonYou wanna learn how quickly fantasy analysts abandon their “process”? Watson went for 3 TDs on Sunday, and fantasy football Twitter started showing their pre-season projections on Watson. The journalists? “This is why you stick with a guy even after drops.” I mean, process is important, right? After Watson’s week 1 debacle where he got on A-Rog’s hit list, Watson topped out at a 32% snap rate and had 14 targets on the year going into week 10. As I said about 500 words ago, Justin Jefferson had more targets on Sunday alone than Watson had all season. When the stats are analyzed, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jefferson had more snaps on Sunday alone than Watson had all season. And suddenly we’re calling Christian Watson the next Mike Evans? Mike Evans is the leading receiver in the Buccaneers’ franchise history. Christian Watson finally tops 100 yards on the season and we’re calling him the next Mike Evans? OK, sure. 3 TDs on 4 catches on 8 targets and he’s the next Mike Evans. Yeesh. Reminder — my fantasy analysis is free. No paywall here. The only thing I victory lap is the burrito I ate in one sitting. I’m here to tell what’s most likely and what makes the most sense. What’s most likely and what makes the most sense here, is that Watson remains a DFS-only option going forward. When it came time to win the game, Rodgers threw to Allen Lazard, like we all expected. Best of luck to Watson, but I’m skeptical that we see this regularly throughout the season. 

Aaron JonesAfter a stretch of puzzling usage, the Packers let him run all day and he nearly put up as many yards on the ground as Aaron Rodgers put up in the air. 

Najee HarrisFreaking finally, eh? Even after going 20 attempts for 99 yards, Harris still hasn’t topped 100 all-purpose yards in a single game on the season. Definitely not the RB1 you were drafting in the late first, but we’ll take whatever sign of life we can get. 

Matt RyanHow sneaky is this? Colts announced several weeks ago that they were going to sit Ryan for the rest of the year in order to save a couple of bucks on salary. Then Frank Reich got fired, and Jeff Saturday — who had no coaching experience — sneaks Matt Ryan into the lineup before Sunday’s game and beats the Raiders. Ryan put up a typically Ryan game — 222 yards and a TD with a QB rating near 110, and he even snuck in a rushing TD. What’s better, though, is that Ryan at QB opens up the offense for Jonathan Taylor, who thrived for nearly 150 rushing yards and a TD. What’s better than better: Michael Pittman and Parris Campbell are alive again, with each of them getting 9 targets and 7 receptions a piece. What was that I said about process? Whatever Jeff Saturday is doing, Matt Ryan playing at QB — the job he was hired to do — makes sense from a football standpoint. For all of our fantasy teams’ sake, please let Matt Ryan stay behind center. 

Cade OttonYou know who has more targets than Christian Watson? This guy called Cade Otton, who has 20 targets, 200 yards receiving, and a TD over his past four games. That’s more action than Cole Kmet and on par with Greg Dulcich. I’m not saying Otton is your new TE1, but he’s usable in a pinch. 

OK friends! How did your weeks go? I’ll let you know which round of the RazzBowl I end up in, and whether you’ll need to face my beastly Jimmy Garoppolo build in the playoffs. 

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2 months ago

Hey Blair! Thanks for the write up, always look forward to your stuff. Gotta seek some advice here. After this week ill be sitting at a measly 5-5 on the season. Nothing really seems to be clicking, especially my WRs. Went with a robust RB draft this year and drafted DJ Moore and B Cooks as my 3 and 5 pick and we all know how thats going so far. Everywhere else im set though! I think it might be time to make a big move given my current record and I was thinking about offsetting an RB for some receivers who can do more then put up 7 PPG. I’ve got CMC, Mixon, Foreman, Jeff Wilson, and I snagged Pacheco off waivers this week too. No shortage of RBs thats for sure. What are your thoughts about looking to trade away Mixon for an WR1 or some WR2s? Hoping that his big game last week could give me some leverage. In a 12 team PPR league as well.

Thank you amigo! Appreciate the insight.

James Bolger
James Bolger
2 months ago

Hey Blair,
Unusual question – a blizzard is forecast for Buffalo on Sunday. I have Tyler Bass, the excellent FG Kicker for the Bills. Do I start him under the theory that it will be difficult to score via the passing game & the game could turn into a FG contest? Or should I seek out a K who plays in a dome?