Josh McDaniels made his bed and had to sleep with Tim Tebow and Brady Quinn, but had trouble with Tebow’s chastity belt and Quinn was too hopped up on Vodka and Red Bull to perform.  There are some rumblings that McDaniels defrocking means Tim Tebow will get the nod next week which makes absolutely no sense to me.  Whoever coaches next season will have to evaluate Tebow on his own terms, so they might as well play their best option at quarterback for the rest of the season.  As long as Orton is quarterbacking I feel ok about their offensive players (even though he sucked goat gonads last week).  If Tebow is in there, God help us all.

Chris Ivory: Sean Payton said he didn’t want to decrease Ivory’s touches going forward.  Can we believe him?  Will he call for an onside kick at halftime? He might, but things are looking good for Ivory.

Javarris James: It doesn’t look like Joseph Addai will be able to go for Thursday night’s game against the Titans and last week was a bit of a three-headed running back monster with Hart, Brown, and James, but James did get the short yardage carries and had more overall looks than the other guys.  If you are going to play a Colt running back it should be James.

Austin Collie: He is still limited in practice and since they have a short week there is a chance he’ll be out again.  Blair White would again have some value, especially if Manning doesn’t throw it towards Wayne 20 times.

Alex Smith: He has been named the starting quarterback.  This isn’t huge news. Troy Smith brought a different set of skills, but also a different set of ills.  I think they are pretty even as far as how the effect the offensive players, but I could see Brian Westbrook getting more receptions since Alex is a check downer.

Kenny Britt: The injury report was Britt-less this week, but I would shy away from him at least for this week, but he should be back on track next week.

Mike Williams (SEA): The reports are that he’ll be out next week.  I wouldn’t even worry about him. He could do something later, but if you need to drop him I could see it.

Todd Heap: He’s paddling upstream in the same injury boat as Big Mike Williams.  Save yourselves.

Legedu Naanee: He is doubtful for next week.  Grab the Seyi Kid unless VJax returns for this week.

Ryan Torain: He should practice this week, which means you really can’t start any Redskin running back even though they have a nice matchup against Tampa Bay.

Owen Daniels: OD has been out a month, but should practice all week and if he doesn’t have a setback he’s worth grabbing in this tight end buyers market.

Ryan Mathews: He didn’t play at all last week.  Norv Turner says it is because they got down quickly and Tolbert knows the pass protections better.  I don’t see Mathews gaining Turner’s trust anytime soon.  Tolbert is the guy to own.  Mathews ain’t.

  1. 24hourjack says:

    doc….I see that you arent buying Kenny Britt this week,so who is the better p/u this wk?

    Roy Williams or Earl Bennett?….non PPR

  2. 24hourjack says:

    also….at QB,would you drop Freeman in favor of either Garrard or Fitzpatrick?

  3. Jeff says:

    Which DEF for this week?

    SF vs SEA

    BUF vs CLE

    CLE @ BUF

    DEN @ AZ

    MIN vs NYG

    MIA @ MYG

    I don’t think I trust starting Chicago vs NE, which is the team Def I currently have.

  4. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc : Would you lose Keller for Daniels at this point? I do have Gonzo as well but seems Keller is a dud at this point.

  5. Wilsonian says:

    2 Questions (0.5 ppr):

    1) would you play OD over Watson if he’s a go?

    2) I locked up a playoff spot with a 1.56 point win last night. The best I can do is 2nd, so this week doesn’t really matter (I’m the best team by far point-wise), but I have some questions about who to start for the week in my WRs/RBs/Flex. This is what I have in right now:

    WR: Wayne
    WR: White
    WR: Colston
    RB: Hillis
    RB: CJ No K
    Flex: McCoy
    BN: Boldin
    BN: Buc Williams
    BN: DMC
    BN: Felix
    BN: The Daily Show

    I pretty much hate CJ. He’s a waste. I don’t know if I can trust him, but at the same time, I don’t know if I could bench him. Do you make any changes? I like Boldin’s, DMC’s and Buc’s matchups this week.

  6. trick dad says:

    please rank the following TE’s for the rest of the season. thanks!
    Z Miller

  7. trick dad says:

    also, is it just me or is Shonn Greene useless at this point? I have a first round bye, so I only have weeks 15 & 16 left (against Pit & Chi).

  8. Iceman says:

    I scored the most points in my H2H league, but missed the playoffs. F. M. L.

  9. Hoculi's Gun Show says:

    Question for you:
    I have SJax at one RB spot; the other is always a question mark.
    I have Ivory (and Thomas), Best, Daily Show, and Gerhart currently, with Choice, Starks, Torain, Dixon and Jav. James available. Who would you feel best about starting this week and throughout the playoffs?

  10. Max says:

    Only have 1 transaction left on the season…once Gore went down, I was left with Beanie as a replacement (to go along with AP). Obviously can’t let that stand going into first week of the playoffs.

    Best RB option for this week, but also with an eye towards the next few should I move on: Ivory, Stewart, Lynch, Choice, Westbrook, and Starks.

    I really want to pick up Ivory, but the fact that they have like 4 other RBs when healthy to vulture carries is worrisome.

    Everyone on the list really has RB committee problems except Lynch, but he’s terrible…

  11. Wilsonian says:

    @Hoculi’s Gun Show: completely urelated to much, but Hochuli used to be the principal at my brother-in-law’s high school in Northern Illinois before he decided to show his guns to the world in zebra stripes.

  12. Big Nate says:

    I’m the #2 seed in the playoff semifinals. Here’s my current starting lineup:

    A Johnson
    G Jennings

    Is Malcolm Floyd better than any of the receivers I’m starting here? Would you start T Choice over Ray Rice?

  13. Pepe Silvia says:

    For waiver-add purposes, could you rank these guys for just this week: James (@Ten), Dixon (Sea), Choice (Phi), Starks (@Det).


  14. FlyinHawaiianPizza says:

    Doc –

    I’m strongly considering playing in a TE-less league next year. This is getting ridiculous.

    Who ya got going forward:

    – Winslow
    – Hernandez
    – Watson
    – Moeaki
    – Olsen
    – Celek

  15. Nick says:

    @Doc: Ward or Westbrook to start at flex?

  16. Mike F says:

    Ben Watson or Kellen Winslow this week and rest of season?

    Seahawks, Chargers, Patriots, Jets, Saints or Browns at DEF?

  17. Big Nate says:

    Pick a TE for this week:

    D Keller
    Ben Watson
    O Daniels
    A Hernandez

  18. MJD Took A Knee says:

    12 Team NonPPR

    I’m wondering if I should try to block my opponent. I would be dropping Romo for Choice – Starks – Dixon . Or should I pick up Daniels for TE stash wk15. Probably using Dickson at TE this week.

  19. DP says:


    Has Z. Miller rendered himself droppable? I need help at TE and don’t want to carry 3(also have Boss). Daniels, Ben Watson, AHer, Jimmy Graham and any STL Te’s are available. Do I drop Miller for one?

  20. LMack says:

    If you could scoop one of the following for the rest of the year, who would you pick?
    Tashard Choice (vs PHI, vs WAS, @ ARI, @ PHI)
    James Starks (@Det, @NE, vs NYG, vs Chi)
    Javarris James (@Ten, vs Jac, @Oak, vs Ten)

    Leaning towards Choice. By far the best schedule, situation is alright too. Is The Barbarian out for the rest of the year? Can you make sense of the GB backfield? What about Indy’s?

  21. Trevor

    Trevor4 says:


    Keep kevis boss this week or pick up any of the following….

    Owen daniels?
    Ben watson?

  22. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: I’d still go with Watson and keep the lineup as is.

    @trick dad: Hernandez, OD, Moeaki, Miller (Little worried about OD this week, but if he goes I’d feel better about him next)

    @trick dad: The schedule does hurt him. Depends on who you would drop him for.

    @Iceman: I’m thinking cumulative scoring is the way to go.

    @Hoculi’s Gun Show: I like Choice’s schedule the best. Would lean his way over Gerhart/Thomas.

    @Big Nate: No and no

  23. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Pepe Silvia: Starks, Choice, James, Dixon

    @FlyinHawaiianPizza: I’d give Celek a chance

    @Nick: Westbrook

    @Mike F: Jets for sure this week. I’m leaning Winslow.

    @Big Nate: Celek

    @MJD Took A Knee: I’d drop Romo for Choice.

    @DP: I’d go with Watson this week. I could see dropping Miller.

    @LMack: Choice is the guy. No locks in that group, but he has the most upside.

    @Trevor4: Really no easy choices at TE, but I like Watson.

  24. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    @Doc: Hey Doc, who would you start as a QB2 for this week? Stanton or Skelton? I would normally choose Stanton, but looking at matchups (det vs gb and ari vs den) I’m leaning towards Skelton. Thoughts?

  25. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: how tired are you of the TE questions? I’m tired of having to ask them! I’m sick of these useless guys.

    Anyway, would you play Denver over NYG this week?

  26. paul says:

    Doc, I was going to ask which TE to start for the week. Looked over your previous replies and it looks like Celek is the best play?

    Available TE:


  27. Clark Kent says:

    Hey Doc, great advice as always. Wondering if I should drop either Shonn Greene, Randy Moss, or even both of them for any of these FA’s?


    Choice (rb-dal)
    Ivory (rb-no)
    Lynch (rb-sea)
    Thomas (rb-no)

    Obamanu (wr-sea)
    Bennett (wr-chi)

    Watson (te-cle)

    Thanks in advance!

  28. IgnatiusJReilly says:

    doc-better D p/u this wk?

    NE or ATL?

  29. KevinW says:

    Hey Doc,

    You’ve come through for me big time this season. Need another one this week:

    1 QB
    1 RB
    2 WR
    1 TE
    1 Flex

    QB: Orton, Freeman
    RB: S Jax, Blount, J. Stewart, Reggie Bush
    WR: Roddy, Mike Wallace, Mike Williams (TB), Britt
    TE: Tamme, Watson

    I’m leaning Orton, S Jax, Blount, Roddy, Williams, Tamme, but would love to hear your take. Is leaving out Stewart, Wallace, or Watson a mistake?

  30. Doc

    Doc says:

    @paul: Celek

    @Clark Kent: Sorry if this is too late, but I’d drop both for Choice/Ivory

    @IgnatiusJReilly: Close, ATL

    @KevinW: I’d agree. I’d probably lean Wallace over Williams, but the weather doesn’t look great in Pitt. Williams is an injury concern so keep an eye on that as well.

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