What if we just combined the two best apps in the world and made a Fantasy Tinder app, where I swipe left to get rid of a sucky player, then I swipe right for someone amazing (cough… Jonas Grey… cough), and Tinder does some magical thing where it aligns exactly who needs to be in my life with which players I liked. [Jay’s Note: So, I guess I know who Cam Newton will be matched up with then…] The Finder app (see what I did there?) would help fill up your empty fantasy tank with players from the waiver, and my team could survive.

Speaking of surviving (something my team did not do this week), the Broncos were unable to keep their head above water versus the Rams. They also lost quite a few men to the injury bug during that game, though fantasy owners cannot complain with Emmanuel Sanders performance (102 yards and one TD) prior to his concussion. Montee Ball (hopefully you snagged Anderson last week as his production should grow) re-aggravated his groin injury, and Julius Thomas (TEs are hard to come by, so this might people more than the others) hurt his ankle. Always a fan of an underdog story, it was nice to see the Rams take down Denver and Peyton finally joined Eli in the loser’s club. Though Eli’s performance of throwing 5 interceptions is probably the one who garnered a phone call from Mrs. Manning to console him.

For the second time this year, the Tampa Bay Bucs will not be in the loser club, and they were able to beat another crappy team in Washington. Mike Evans ended up being the number one WR of the week with 209 yards and 2 touchdowns. Too bad the Bucs can’t play a Jim Haslett defense every week. Now, I do think Evans has great fantasy value, but Tampa Bay will be back to the loser’s club next week versus the Chicago Bears.

Tom Brady and the Patriots keep avoiding that club, and they seem to be Super Bowl ready. Personally, I miss the crappy Tom Brady from earlier this season, but whatever, the Patriots turned their season around and are first in their division. But just wait till they face the Dolphins again! (HAHA, I wish.)

This week, my team endured it’s second loss of the season, which I mainly blame on my two star running backs being out (Bradshaw and Foster). I also have to be disappointed in Philip Rivers, while I sat Cam Newton, who is lucky I have not even dropped yet (I have to keep him for, um, personal reasons… yeah, that’s totally it) and who only decided to wake up and play the last quarter of a football game. Seriously Cam, if you are going to suck, just suck, don’t comeback in fourth quarter and act like you can make plays, it is toying with my emotions. Panthers still lost to the Falcons because of a missed field goal. And somehow, the Falcons are leaders of the NFC South division… that is one weak division. So since I never want to feel the shock of losing like I did this week, I am back to the waivers to secure my playoff spot. While I am looking at the waiver list, I’ll be swiping my finger back and forth, just off their lovely stats snapshot.


Swiping Right:

Jonas Gray – I wish I could trade my waiver spot for a player like they do in the NFL… but I need him. Clearly he is the starting back for the Patriots. My all-star backs are hurt. Like, I really, really need him. If you are in a similar predicament, you need him too. Maybe he won’t score 4 TDs a game, but he is the Patriots starter and that is enough for me. Oh, and he is owned in only 8 percent of ESPN leagues. Hopefully everyone above you in the waiver is too drunk to remember to add him.

Jarvis Landry – I hate to let Ryan Tannehill have any power over my fantasy football team, but Landry is getting targets. Miami is going to have to learn to throw the ball better, and Landry will be a benefactor of that, especially when the defense is spending time guarding Mike Wallace. He is only owned in 9 percent of ESPN leagues.

Josh McCown – Since getting the starting position two weeks ago, he has thrown for 2 TDs each game and 301, 288 yards, respectively. He has a lot of great options (see Evans), and Tampa is just going to throw it, especially when they are behind.

I wish I could add J.J.Watt to my team… between his sacks and his TD catch this week, he has more fantasy value than his teammate Andre Johnson.


Swiping Left:

Josh Gordon – Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind having him on my team…. well, my bench at least. But I think he is going to need some warming up to get back into action, especially now that he has some competition with Andrew Hawkins.

Bobby Rainey – Tampa Bay had an awesome week, but their running game was not something to brag about. Charles Sims seems to be the better back, and is getting more snaps. I would rather have him on my team at this point.

Hopefully my swiping is better in fantasy football than it is in Tinder….

  1. Stanman says:

    In a 1 for 1 trade would you trade Trent Richardson for denard Robinson?

    • Scott says:

      @Stanman: Yes. I foresee TRich repeatedly running into his own O-line so that Dan Herron can make the real yardage on the outside.

  2. Cheese Eating Surrender Monkey says:

    it was a blocked field goal, not the kicker’s fault in CAR game.

  3. Nick says:

    I like the downplay of Gordon…I hope he doesnt go off for the fact the 4th place guy has him, and picked him up a few weeks ago (10-teamer)

  4. Nick says:

    Pick 1 (WR3) for week 12, non-ppr league;

    Andre Johnson (tough matchup vs Cincy)
    Sanu (Houston giving up quite a bit to WRs)
    or Keenan Allen

    who do you go with? I have Allen in now but fantasy pros edges out Andre Johnson by quite a few experts…

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