Continuing from back in the day when I posted on the first three rounds of our mock draft, I have rounds 4-7 for your enjoyment.  You should also check out some other posts on the draft from my mockonspirators Melissa Jacobs at Football Girl, Bryan Fontaine at Rookie Blitz and Matt Schauf at RapidDraft.

My picks are in bold, because they’re bold.

Round Four

37. Anquan Boldin

38. Joseph Addai

39. Steve Smith (CAR)

40. Marques Colston

41. Wes Welker

42. Cedric Benson

43. Jerome Harrison

44. Shonn Greene

45. Sidney Rice

46. Steve Smith (NYG)

47. Braylon Edwards

48. Brandon Jacobs

— Braylon Edwards is the ultimate risk reward player, heavy on the risk, with a side of risk

— Both Steve Smiths made an appearance in the 4th round.  They are opposites in many ways and have different strengths.  The Mighty Giant is a consistent ppr stud, but won’t get you big yardage and TD games, while Mighty Mouse is the exact opposite; he won’t be consistent, but will have some huge games.

— Joseph Addai pulled off a great year when many thought he was on his way out, but can he do it again?  I’m not going to doubt him completely, but I have to be realistic and believe his numbers won’t be as high as last year with Donald Brown having a season under his belt.

— Shonn Greene and Jerome Harrison both turned it on toward the end of the season and I like both in the fourth round.  They have tremendous upside if they can get the ball.

— I think the steal of the draft has to be Cedric Benson this late.  It’s not a sexy pick, but he will get the bulk of the touches and is one of the few RBs that can make such a bold and outlandish claim.

Round Five

49. Donovan McNabb

50. Vernon Davis

51. Thomas Jones

52. Jay Cutler

53. Dallas Clark

54. Hakeem Nicks

55. Santonio Holmes

56. Jonathan Stewart

57. Antonio Gates

58. Dwayne Bowe

59. Brent Celek

60. Jason Witten

— I don’t really know where Jay Cutler’s ADP will be this season, but with many QB’s gone at this point I felt like I needed to grab a top QB.  When you hear the term “top QB,” Jay Cutler’s name doesn’t pop into your mind, but the guy is going to wing it, fling it, and sting it with Martz at the joystick.

— Thomas Jones went a round after Shonn Greene and I bet we’ll see that happening quite a bit this season.  It would be nice to know exactly how the committee will be split up, but you really have to pick the young guy with upside first.

Jonathan Stewart went ballistic toward the end of last season and there are even rumors that D Willy could be going elsewhere, but I just don’t see that happening.  The Panthers will need both their running backs to compete, which means they will be splitting up those yummy fantasy points.

— I like Santonio Holmes this late.  I could see him going much earlier in drafts this season cuz he’s just that good.

Round Six

61. Terrell Owens

62. Chad Ochocinco

63. Greg Olsen

64. Donald Driver

65. Pierre Garcon

66. Michael Crabtree

67. Ben Roethlisberger

68. Hines Ward

69. Derrick Mason

70. Mike Sims Walker

71. Darren McFadden

72. Fred Jackson

— Here’s where my old man wide receiver crush comes into play once again.  Mason is steady and unless the Ravens get someone other than Stalloworth, like Boldin, I don’t see his numbers taking a huge hit this year.

— I’m loving fast Freddy Jackson at #72.  He showed that he can hold up for a season while getting the bulk of the carries and also showed that he can have huge games in the process.  We can’t be sure how he will be used, but he will be used.

— Terrell Owens might be worth something on the right team, but I won’t be grabbing him unless he falls further, and if he’s falling off the edge of a cliff I might just let him go.

— Mike Martz’s first born child was stolen by a tight end.

Round Seven

73. Robert Meachem

74. T.J. Houshmandzadeh

75. Tony Gonzalez

76. Ahmad Bradshaw

77. Eli Manning

78. Jermichael Finley

79. Owen Daniels

80. LeSean McCoy

81. Felix Jones

82. Kenny Britt

83. Percy Harvin

84. Jeremy Maclin

–Round seven brought out the upside picks.  Maclin, Harvin, Meachem and Britt are all young receivers with a lot of reasons to think they could break out this season. Britt has the least competition for touches, but also has Vince Young throwing to him.

— I always want at least one decent running back back-up and here I was choosing between Bradshaw and Jones.  I like both and both have injury issues, but also could end up having huge years since both are obviously the most talented backs on their team.   I like Bradshaw just a bit more than Jones.

— T.J. Houshmandzadeh is an interesting pick.  I don’t like him, but we could see that Seahawks offense really open up under Carroll.  I can’t help but worry about Hasselbeck sleeping awkwardly in a team meeting and rupturing his spleen.

— Jermichael Finley is going to go early this season.  I agree that he is worth a high ranking, but he’s still a tight end and tight ends are deep.  That didn’t sound right did it?

  1. charlie batch says:

    Im really surprised you went with mason over MSW, even FJax although your ground is solid

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @charlie batch: Yeah, I wanted someone stable there. I like MSW, but like DM’s consistency. FJax would have been mine for sure if I didn’t need a WR.

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