Sunday was not a spectacular one in fake football land.  At least not for me.  There were lots of duds, injuries, benchings and a general malaise across the NFL world and here is some of it —

After taking a mandatory quarter nap Arian Foster still ended the game with 187 total yards and 2 touchdowns.  If Kubiak had let him start he would have had exactly 233.75 yards and 2.5 TDs.  He was benched for missing a meeting or being late or eating Gary’s last Boston Cream Pie Yoplait, and this will probably nip that in the bud, but I would have liked that 33 yard TD that Derrick Ward had count for my team instead of nobody’s team.  Foster leads the league in rushing and yards per carry, well Jamaal Charles actually leads in yards per carry, but he doesn’t get enough carries for some crazy reason.

David Garrard/Shaun Hill: Tom Brady or Chad Henne may have something t0 say about this, but for now Garrard and Hill are this week’s #1 and #2 fantasy QBs.  Both are capable of games like these, but will never be consistent.

Terrell Owens: Holy schnikies, T.O. and Palmer did all types of things I didn’t expect of them. T.O.’s long TD came after his defender fell down, but he is clearly the #1, and for some reason the Bengals can’t run the football.  Palmer had a huge game, but looked a little bluh.  His arm is still limp noodlesque.  I could see trying to sell high on Owens.

Zach Miller: There’s my guy!  With my other guy, Cutler, taking a big crap in the middle of the field, under the lights in New Jersey, I need to tout my man Miller.  11 receptions, 122 yards and a TD is how you do it.

Steven Jackson: The Rams running back was wearing what he called a “groin contraption.” He goes on to say,”It’s just to lock the groin in and make sure I don’t get overextended.”  I will leave that alone.

LaDainian Tomlinson: He continued his resurgence with a Bills beat down, while Shonn Greene also had a decent, but TDless game in mop up duty.  I will concede, because it’s way too obvious not to, that LT is the obvious #1, but as you watch RBs drop like flies (dead flies) you have to like Greene’s situation in the long term.  He’s not going to live up to his draft position, but don’t drop him just because you’re pissed.

Ryan Torain: I can’t say Torain is going to take you to fantasy greatness, but we all knew that Portis couldn’t/won’t hold up all season and of course he left the game with a groin injury.  Torain had a few nice runs and gets a boost with Portis’ injury.

Antonio Gates: The absence of VJax has helped Gates become even more of a stud.  He is on pace to break his TE touchdown record easily, but he won’t score 24 touchdowns which should help Malcolm Floyd in the long run.

Mike Sims-Walker: Another zero catch game.  What a piece of worthless hyphenation.

Reggie Wayne: The anti MSW had 15 receptions for almost 200 yards.   He’s still an elite receiver.  You just have to be ready for a down game once in a while because Manning won’t force things.

Santana Moss: His zero receptions aren’t nearly enough, but that 5 yard carry was really nice.  But since McNabb completed a hefty 8 passes in the ugliest game since that Bears/Giants game I just watched (wait, I’d need a time machine for that to work), I think he’ll be ok.

Maurice Jones-Drew: And you were ready to throw him on the scrap heap. MJD got into the end zone twice, once by air, once by ground and once by water, except for the water part. He gets the Bills next week, which should be fun for him.

Calvin Johnson: And you were ready to throw him on the scrap heap. Oh wait, I already used that one.  He is too good to hold down and Hill was smart enough to give him a chance to go up for the ball in the end zone, even in double coverage.

Ahmad Bradshaw: In an ugly game Bradshaw had a gem, that is until he got Don Beebe’d at the goal line.  Anyway you look at it, Bradshaw is good at running with the football.  He does run with reckless abandon, so it would be nice to have Jacobs backing him up.

Michael Vick: There are many reports coming out about Vick’s injury, but nothing is clear at this point.  He will go in for a MRI tomorrow and we should know more.  Kevin Kolb looked like a Trent Edwards clone which helped McCoy rack up receptions, but that was bout it.  Jeremy Maclin and Desean Jackson better hope that Vick is a quick healer.

Michael Bush: This may have been the last week we see Darren McFadden as the clear cut #1 RB.  He pulled up with a hurt hamstring, which will almost certainly give Bush more carries going forward.  Bush was already getting goal line work and now should start to split carries.  This was really the worst time for Run DMC to get hurt.

Brandon Lloyd: Lloyd has been the only consistent Bronco receiver from week to week.  He’s averaging over 18 yards a reception and is second in receiving yards.  It is baffling, but that’s what’s up.

Jay Cutler: So, negative points aren’t what you are looking for in your starting QB? Cutler held the ball too long and his offensive line was offensive.  That makes for a whole bunch of sacks and an early exit due to a concussion.  He’ll have to pass tests and whatnot to be able to play next week, so make sure you have a backup in case.

Joel Dreesen: Dreesen looked much better than Owen Daniels who had some tightness in his hamstring, but who also has had 3 ACL surgeries.  There is no reason to hold onto Daniels.

Ryan Mathews: Mike Tolbert went off at the expense of Mathews who had an elbow injury nobody ever heard about and the ankle problem that was supposed to be done with. Thankfully Mathews had a decent game backing up Tolbert and got a garbage TD.  Turner said Mathews is his guy and Tolbert was started hot and stayed in.  I pretty much believe him.

Marques Colston: He had another down game and if you drafted him you are really pissed! Especially if you happened to draft him instead of Foster! But you need to keep him.  His targets are still there and his zero TDs will rise from zero.  I’d see if you can get him for chump change.

Laurence Maroney: Wow, talk about horrid.  Most of the game he was at negative yards rushing.  The Broncos hope Moreno gets back soon.

  1. Wilsonian says:

    With Cutler taking a beating, it looks like I’m definitely in need of a backup. These are the available guys:

    Bradford, Hill, Garrard, Smith, Kolb, Freeman.

    I’m leaning Bradford, but what do you think?

  2. Mr2Bits says:

    I don’t think I could have drafted anymore injured players if someone paid me $1000 bucks. 16 person squad, starting 10 and I have 6 injuries already

    Vick : Ribs
    Cutler : Concussion
    McFadden : Hami
    AJ : Ankle
    Pierre Thomas : Ankle
    Moreno : Hami

    And then there is Colsten and Forte…..who are doing all of nothing right now so they should just go ahead and join the injured group to make things easier.

  3. djbooyah20 says:

    Doc, Could really use some advice. Current 1-3 with a decent team just plagued by weekly injuries and sorry outputs.

    Trade Romo for an elite WR/RB/TE? I could use the most help at TE, Celek is killing me. I would then pick up ORTON, believe it or not he’s still available??! And just roll with him for the year..

    Also, McFadden for Bradshaw? I just offered that up as the McFadden owner. Worried about OAK, Bush, and his hammy..Bradshaw is a beast on a better team winning going forward.

  4. Wilsonian says:

    Santonio or Braylon for this week? For the rest of the season?

  5. Randy says:

    With Steve Smith most likely out for a few weeks are any of the Carolina WR’s worth adding? Also which 3 guys of these guys are best? Naanee, Mike Thomas, DHB, Mike Williams (SEA), Harry Douglas, N Washington, Cotchery

  6. elwood blues says:

    who’s the better play at WR next week –

    hester, d.henderson?

    and do I drop Shipley to grab one of them?
    or Slaton (deep on my bench)?

  7. Dentist says:

    I spent a lot of beans on Wells, and still believe. When do I get my Beaniestalk?

  8. Drew Crew says:

    Need a qb to insure cutler for this week. Gerrard @ Buf, Bradford @ Detroit, or Kolb @ SF?

  9. dingbat says:

    Okay, so it’s time to cut bait on Owen Daniels, I guess. Who’s the best replacement option:

    Tony Scheffler
    Joel Dreessen
    Marcedes Lewis
    Tony Moeki
    Jermaine Gresham

  10. Wilsonian says:

    3rd question of the day…

    Need a Defense for next week as Pitt is on BYE. What team is the better start:

    JAX @ Buf; ATL @ Cle; DET v. Stl; STL @ Det; CAR v. Chi

    I’m leaning JAX, but what do you think?

  11. stumanji says:

    No mention of your boy Beanie? He is really breakin’ my balls.

  12. MJD Took A Knee says:

    Colston over Foster in the 4th. That’s so not right.

  13. Giacomo says:

    If you are referring to the Superbowl play with Leon Lett, I am pretty sure it was Don Beebe’d. In any event, I like the reference to my Bills.

  14. Nate says:

    Is it worth holding on to Ricky Williams in a PPR league? He’s looked pretty unimpressive so far, even against the weaker defenses he’s played, and he’s an over 30 back. The only reason I see to hold him is in case of the inevitable Ronnie Brown injury.

    The following backs are all hanging out on waivers right now and looking like a tempting swap for bench upside: Michael Bush, Kevin Smith, Reggie Bush (I have the depth at RB to stash him until he plays again) and Donald Brown. Current RBs on my roster are Frank Gore, Peyton Hillis, LaDainian Tomlinson, Justin Forsett, CJ Spiller and Williams.

  15. Nonstoptalk says:

    10 Team .5 PPR

    Was just proposed my Welker/Forsett/Torain for his R. Rice/G. Jennings/F. Jackson. Thinking I’m gonna have to take that deal. Old buy-low/sell-high right?

    Thanks in Advance.

    My Team
    QB: Brady
    RB: R. Brown, Addai
    WR: Boldin/Welker/R. White
    TE: Gates
    FLEX: Rotates

    BN: R. Williams, D. Brown, Lynch, Torain, Forsett, Maroney, V-Jax, H. Ward

  16. genghis chone says:

    2 QB, PPR league.
    I have Ben Roethlisberger, Tom Brady, Kyle Orton and Eli Manning at QB, and Jahvid Best, Jamaal Charles, Matt Forte and Ryan Torain at RB. Are the four good QBs a luxury I can afford, or should I be trying to move one for another solid RB? Thanks!

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: I like Bradford. I haven’t looked at next week’s matchups closely yet though.

    @Mr2Bits: Hah, sucks. Moreno and Best are killing me right now.

    @djbooyah20: I would want Bradshaw there for sure. I would not trade Romo. Orton is usually a fast starter. I think he will be ok, but I’d feel better with Romo.

    @Wilsonian: I like Santonio for the rest of the season. Not sure how he will be used this week though.

    @Randy: I like Douglas, but there isn’t anyone in that group I am really high on. I’m staying away from Carolina receivers.

    @dingbat: You may mix and match with matchups with those guys, but Moeaki is getting a lot of targets and I’d go with him overall.

    @Wilsonian: Carolina possibly if Cutler is out. Jags don’t travel well usually. I’d probably lean Carolina.

    @Dentist: @stumanji: I think I blocked him out. He is killing me too. They were so far behind he didn’t get much work, but it sucked that he didn’t get in for the first series. The Whiz needs to get him in there, especially with their rotten QBs. He’s the only one who can make big things happen by himself.

    @elwood blues: I’d lean Henderson with the Bears QB situation in flux. I’d drop Slaton. Looks like Ward would be backing Foster up.

    @Drew Crew: Bradford

    @MJD Took A Knee: Hah

    @Giacomo: Whoops. I knew that!

    @Nate: I’d take Bush over him right now.

    @Nonstoptalk: Yep

    @genghis chone: I think when Ben comes back you can afford to move one for a RB. I’m guessing there is someone out there with a 2nd QB who just plain sucks.

  18. Joel says:

    Hey Doc,

    I’m thinking about offerering the slug in our league who has Mendenhall Hillis for him straight up. He’s 1-3 with his stud RB on bye. You’d do that trade if you were me, right? Would you trade Bradshaw for mendy? How about Best?

  19. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: I’d trade just about anyone for Mendy right now.

  20. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: who would you drop for Bradford out of this WR corps in a 12 Team 0.5 PPR:

    Wayne, Austin, Ward, DezB, Housh, Moore, Mike Williams (TB)?

    Some of them are obviously not droppable, so I would be leaning Moore or Williams. I have no backup QB and with Cutler possibly being out, I need the best available STAT! Plus Bradford is @Det this weekend.

  21. BAM says:

    Hey Doc…so, I got a tentative offer of Arian Foster and Antonio Gates for Chris Johnson, Brent Celek and Brandon Lloyd. My other backs are Addai, Hillis and Forsett. I’ve been doing ok with two subpar performances from CJ and I’m sure he’ll get on track BUT, I do like the idea of having a viable alternative to CJ and a great TE.

    Would you pull the trigger?

  22. djbooyah20 says:

    Iffy about Cadillac Williams and Felix Jones going forward..I’m about ready to drop Felix and or Caddy at this point. Decent Waiver Wire guys out there: Ricky Williams, Tolbert, Torain, Donald Brown, Fred Jackson..anyone worth jumping at?

    I really wish Fred would get traded to GB and be given a chance to shine again……

  23. Wilsonian says:

    @djbooyah20: just to let you know, Caddy is going to start splitting carries with Blount and Huggins. This is according to Roto Info.

  24. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: I’d drop Housh

    @BAM: Interesting trade. I think I would do it.

    @djbooyah20: I’d drop Caddy for Torain

  25. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: thanks man, really think Housh has dropped off that far, huh?

  26. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: His upside isn’t great as the #3 there and I do think he has dropped that far.

  27. Hennessey says:

    1 PPR. Should I offer Aaron Hernandez and Hakeem Nicks for Roddy White? White’s owner is weak at TE. I own Zach Miller, so cutting A-Her loose doesn’t hurt me.

    Would that be a fair trade?

  28. BAM says:

    Would you give up CJ for J.Best and J.Charles? My other backs are Hillis, Addai and Forsett (who’s pretty much irrelevant now…

    12-team, .5PPR league…

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