Lance Long: Matt Cassel likes Lance Long a lot. When the words Wes and Welker are whispered while weighing in on Lance Long’s longevity in this league it’s worth looking up from your lineup and placing him in your ppr league, and in your all porn name league.

Brian Westbrook: Andy Reid is positive that Westbrook will play.  McCoy and Westy will rotate like they have been this year so you can’t expect huge numbers, but San Diego is weak against the run.  I could see playing both, but I would play Westy over McCoy.

Donald Brown: He’s practiced all week and will resume vulturing Addai’s carries.  Until Brown clearly gains the edge on Addai you can’t really start him except in deep leagues and now Addai becomes harder to start because of Brown.  It’s kind of like an Algebra equation that equates to both Addai and Brown owners getting pissed.

Jamal Lewis: He’s been limited in practice due to cantankerous oldness.  He’ll play on Monday night. Great Monday night tilt huh?  Watching the Browns is akin to watching 3 hours of the Jeff Dunham Show.

Roddy White: He’s been limited in practice all week, but is still getting out there.  Not really sure what limited is supposed to mean.  When Roddy practices is it like a limited edition coin you see for sale at 2 am or is it like going to the limited to buy some clothes for your teenage daughter and learning that you do have suicidal tendencies?  Any way you look at it, Roddy is listed as questionable and will probably play. He has a tough matchup, but he’s pretty much an every week starter if he can get to the field on his own.

Chaz Schillens: The deep sleeper is finally going to play, but sadly he gets Jamarcus Russell as his quarterback.  Maybe if Russell is trying to throw it to Miller, Schillens will have a shot at catching the ball.  Any way you crack it, Oakland receivers are on fantasy death row.

Anquan Boldin: He looks to be healthy and going up against a suspect Seahawks’ defense at home. Start ’em if you got ’em.

Darren McFadden: He’s back this week and gets a horrible Chiefs defense at home.  What does this mean?  Well, I’m not sure.  He probably won’t get the start and if he comes in and runs a couple no-gainers we may not see him again, but if he comes in and rips off a decent run we could see him a lot.  Is this clear enough for you?! I have him in a deep league and am throwing him out there.  I can’t say I’m overflowing with optimism though.

Clinton Portis: There is speculation that Portis could be out for a goodly portion of the season.  Yes, it’s a word.  There’s even a chance they might sit him down for the duration.  That’s purely speculation on the part of Washington sports writers and if he gets healthy I’m sure he’ll get back in there, but they will be very careful with him and I could easily see him sitting for 3-4 weeks. The Redskins don’t have a very good schedule (or a non-racist name) and Ladell Betts is a little banged up so there doesn’t look like any clear winners right now.  If you are in a huge league and need a warm body at RB you can grab Rock Cartwright, and he will be a good addition to your all porn name team.

Kenny Britt: He’s got some home run capabilities and Justin Gage has a broken back so Britt will be in there, but against the Bills secondary.  I’m not going crazy and picking him up, but if you have room he has a nice matchup against Houston next week. Oh, and Gage should be back in about three weeks.  Broken backs aren’t all their cracked up to be nowadays.

Terrell Owens: He hurt his hip while sleeping on his couch.  He’s a game time decision, but even against a poor Miami secondary he’s barely a #3 wide receiver in deep leagues. Yeah, and he hurt his hip, while sleeping on his couch.

DeAngelo Williams: He was seen walking without a limp for whatever that’s worth. I don’t know, maybe a buck fifty.  He’ll be a game time decision, but his matchup is too good not to sit at your computer refreshing the Razzball comments over and over until we post if he’ll play or not.  Oh, and if he goes, start him.  And if he doesn’t play you have to get Stewart in there.  I’m imploring you!

Derrick Ward: He didn’t practice on Friday and is questionable with a knee injury.  I had a little hope for him after he showed some chemistry with Josh Freeman in the passing game, but he can’t seem to stay healthy.  Cadillac actually has looked pretty good and seems to be running hard so if Ward doesn’t go I’d feel comfortable starting Caddy.

Bernard Berrian: He is still hurting even after the bye week.  That isn’t a great sign.  I’m thinking this won’t be the best weekend at Bernie’s.

  1. bill says:

    dude, you mention maclin twice where you obviously meant mccoy. get it together!

  2. Jim Parkey says:

    I need one of the following RBs: Bell, K. Smith, Betts, McFadden or McCoy.

  3. AL KOHOLIC says:

    westbrook,reids comment about him surely not being able to go the whole game and theyd try him out and see how it went scare me ,i dont need another 2 carry game,with jacobs out that leaves me with maroney betts and charles,do you risk the westbrook one or go with another option?

  4. jesse says:

    who should i go w/ at the flex spots:

    1. h. ward (?)

    2. harvin (against DET!), cadillac, breaston or mccoy ?

    i swear im in a 12 man league.

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jim Parkey: Gotta go with the opportunities and Smith.

    @AL KOHOLIC: I know what you’re saying. I think Maroney is the safe choice.

    @jesse: If Ward is out I think Caddy.

  6. matthole says:

    @Doc: portis droppable? at best, hes #5 on my RB depth chart…thanks

  7. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @matthole: id love to have portis stashed for insurance,2 or 3 weeks rest can only help the old fart,even though his remaining schedule doesnt look great for rb`s

  8. John says:

    I need a flex starter where return yardage counts, Non PPR
    Eddie Royal
    Fred Jackson
    Shonn Greene


  9. AL KOHOLIC says:

    @John: if mcfadden is used 15-20 times,then youd have to go with him,but i dont know thier plans for his 1st game back,if not then royal has a good matchup

  10. Hebrew says:

    please help!

    kolby smith or donald brown in a PPR?

    • Doc

      Doc says:

      I’d go with Brown.

  11. Chuck says:

    No confidence in Cutler. I have Andre Johnson/Fitz/SimsW/Boldin. Is AJ too much to offer for Favre from the Favre/Rivers owner?

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Chuck: I’d ask for Rivers

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