My reaction watching this game as well...

For some reason this week, there’s a somewhat-crowded slate of games… I’m not sure on the science of this, the when, the how, the meaning of it all (in terms of scheduling, not life), but I’ll take as many games in the afternoon as I can until the bye weeks hit. And today, we’ve got five selections to choose from… Rams at Buccaneers, 49ers at Seahawks, Jets at Chiefs, Chargers at Colts, and the Steelers at Eagles. Okay, now that I’ve listed them, maybe I take it back… wanting that many games, what was I thinking? I could honestly do without four of these, and not even my Chargers bias can keep them in this small group of watchable, including, and definitely limited to the Steelers and Eagles.  A tale of two teams and what happens when the intersect, the Steelers have a chance to go 3-0 with the impending return of Le’Veon Bell, making them seem like a potential playoff team. The Eagles? This is probably a “show me” game, in that the hype of Carson Wentz tries to prove itself for real. Then again, if that doesn’t interest you, I’m pretty sure there will be a good case to make the over/under for the Chargers-Colts game at 100. 100.5 if you’re into that who decimal point thing…

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  1. Deck says:

    If I need a hail mary, would you consider putting in Howard over Langford?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Deck: Eh, kinda, but I’d be really nervous about it. Honestly, I’m still liking Langford there.

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