While I would normally highlight a marquee match-up during the late game slate, there really are none. The Cardinals and Lions is semi-intriguing, if only to witness the Lions progression into a complete dumpster fire. The Broncos visit the Raiders, which is probably going to be a lot closer than everyone thinks. And when you finally accept that the Raiders may be getting closer to a viable football franchise, they’ll do something totally Raiders. I’m going to say this time, it’ll be a ridiculous personal foul penalty at the end of the game to seal it for Denver. And the last game of the day is the Patriots traveling to Dallas. Typically, this would have been the marquee match-up of the day, but since half of the Cowboys are either dead or missing, New England will get to enjoy a free win. The only question is, will Belichick still keep his starters in when up by 100 points in the third quarter?

  • Bills are expecting not to have Karlos Williams for Week 6 now as well. I never have issues with more Boobie.



  1. Dom B says:

    Hey Jay looking to next week where I have byes for Jason Witten and Latavius Murray. Im starting Thomas Rawls if Lynch doesn’t play next week and I don’t have a backup TE who would you drop
    my roster
    QB Phillip Rivers
    RB Leveon Bell
    RB Latavius Murray
    WR Julio Jones
    WR AJ Green
    TE Jason Witten
    Flex Keenan Allen
    QB ElI Manning
    RB Jonathan Stewart
    WR Steve Smith
    RB Thomas Rawls

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Dom B: I think you can drop Manning for the week.

  2. Yo says:

    Just lost Charles…I have $89 left of my faab, how much do I use on charcandrick west? My other sad RBs listed below.

    Jonathan Stewart
    Cj spiller
    Andre Williams
    Joique bell
    Charles sims
    Knile Davis

    I guess I could also try and trade one of Cobb, Hopkins, and Edelman (.5ppr)


    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Yo: Trading is fine, but you probably want to use a bit here, he’s the guy over Davis.

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