I grew up reading Lindy’s NFL preview magazines, so when I was asked to do a mock for their fantasy magazine I said giddy-up.  I can’t say this is the best team I’ve ever drafted, but looking back I couldn’t really see anything I would have done differently.  Picking 12th of course has it’s advantages, but hoping that your player gets back to you usually doesn’t work, so I grabbed who I wanted, when I wanted, how I wanted!

12 – Jamaal Charles — JC’s average draft position is around 20 right now, but he’s too talented to last that long in many pert drafts.  I knew I had a reliable RB with my next pick so I felt good about grabbing Charles here.

13 – Ryan Grant — Grant doesn’t have anyone stealing goal line looks and is on a great offense.  He doesn’t have the crazy upside of Charles, but he will be steady.

36 – Marques Colston — When you grab RB’s with your first two picks you almost have to get a receiver in the 3rd round if you want one with top tier upside.  I like Colston a lot, but that Saints’ offense can leave guys out from week to week.  But at 36 I feel like I got value.

37 – Michael Crabtree — There were some receivers I could have taken here that might be more reliable, but I like Crabtree to step up this season with Alex Smith stepping with him.  Now I am imagining them doing the two-step.

60 – Jay Cutler — I still don’t know if Cutler can win anything, but I know he can throw the ball a lot and Mike Martz will want him to do that.  It’s just the way things are.   I will be extremely surprised if he doesn’t throw for 4,000 yards.  I have been known to wait longer for QB’s, but I felt like I couldn’t wait until pick 84 to grab one.

61 – Matt Forte — There were only 2 RB roster slots in this mock, but I felt that grabbing a backup RB was as important as grabbing a 3rd receiver.  It looks like Forte will remain the starting back on what should be a higher scoring offense than last season.  Taylor will play and that’s why I got him at 61.

84 – Demaryius Thomas — This is probably my shakiest pick.  Thomas hasn’t proven anything, but will sure get the opportunity to do so.  I think he’ll be the #1 receiver in Denver and that would make for a good WR #3.

85 – Ahmad Bradshaw — I am not a Jacobs fan and see Bradshaw at least splitting carries with him.  If Jacobs gets hurt Bradshaw could be extremely valuable.

108 –  Santonio Holmes — Holmes will miss the first 4 games, but should take over the #1 receiver position when he comes back.  Holmes is my safety pick if Thomas doesn’t pan out.

109 – Zach Miller — You know I like him. I would have waited a little longer, but there wasn’t much left and TE was the only empty slot left that I cared about.

132 – Ben Roethlisberger — Cutler does have the ability to implode so I knew I needed a safety blanket.  Roethlisberger should be back after 4 games, rested, and ready to prove himself.

133 – Tashard Choice — Felix Jones is injury prone and so is Barber.  Choice has a chance to be the guy on a high powered offense.

156 – David Akers — Has he retired?

157 – Tennessee Titans — A defense.

  1. matthew says:

    link to the whole draft? where was dez bryant drafted?

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @matthew: Can only talk about my team since the whole draft will be in the mag.

  3. Greg says:

    all and all I like your team. I’m not a fan of Jamaal Charles but I think you covered your “bleep” pretty well by grabbing Forte and Bradshaw.

    Seem a bit light at WR but I like the Demaryius Thomas pick – balls to the wall only way ya gonna win at the 12 spot. Rookie WR on a pass first offense..

    Personally I grabbed Gaffney in my keeper and I’m going for Eric Decker. So I think Thomas will do well I hope that Gaff and Deck get some looks as well on a pass 1st offense…. gotta admit i’m worried bout the QB position there. Can Orton handle the pressure w. no Marshall to throw to?

  4. chops says:

    Like the Charles pick but I think you reached on a few guys. Grant and Crabtree could have been had a round later in most pert leagues. just my opinion of course.

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @chops: True, but Grant wouldn’t have lasted until the 36th pick and there weren’t any other RB’s or WR’s I wanted more than Grant. The same is true with Crabtree. the 12th slot sometimes means you have to go for the guy you want and stick with your rankings.

  6. Isles Guru says:

    Starting with Grant at #13, a boring RB with limited upside, your team looks very blah. It’s probably good enough to squeak into the playoffs, but with so few impact players I wouldn’t expect the team to go anywhere. IMHO when you get stuck with the #12 pick, you have to take some gambles if you expect to make some noise when it counts.

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