As expected Ladainian Tomlinson was released by the Chargers.  The fantasy Gods are pouring out a forty for the old man as we speak.  Money rules and running backs thirty and over drool, and will soon be on Dancing With The Stars or hawking hair dye or male enhancement pills.  L.T. is probably the best fantasy running back of all time, but I’m sure we get to watch him decline some more on another team like so many great running backs before him.  I remember watching Franco Harris in an ugly Seahawks uniform lumbering around.  That was sad.

Now L.T. wants a Super Bowl, so he’ll be looking to go to a team with a chance of going all the way.  But he will have to take a pay cut and a role cut.  If he is ok to just be a third down option, he should be able to hook up with a team eventually, but I don’t see him being much of a fantasy contributor because he is old and averaged 3.3 yards last season.

Tim Tebow: He looks just like a guy I went to grad school with, who was a drug addict and wannabe Johnny Cash poet.  We’ll call him Dave (which is actually his name).  He tried changing.  He decided that coke was just not helping him in his career goals.  Tim Tebow decided something similar.  He had been relying on bad throwing mechanics, but realized they also were not helping him reach his career goals, so he is going to try changing.  I saw Dave the last time I went back home.  He didn’t look too good.

Thomas Jones: Word is, if Leon Washington’s rehab is going well and it looks like he’ll be able to start week 1, Tom Jones might be on the road like Tom Joad.  This is huge news if true.  Shonn Greene would become a 1st round fantasy player with Jones out.  It’s all speculation at this point, but that’s some of the best kind of ulation.

Laurent Robinson: For the first couple games of last season Robinson was easily the Rams best receiver, but he then fractured his fibula ending his season.  Robinson will be back and ready for the off season program, but will now need to battle Brandon Gibson who flashed some talent after Robinson went down.  I like these Rams receivers.  If they can somehow get a QB they could be fantasy worthy.  But that’s a Wilfork sized if.

Brian Westbrook: It’s looking more and more likely that Westy will be released by the Eagles.  He is 31, often injured, concussed twice last season and due over 7 million next year.  I doubt he’ll hook up with a new team unless he really wants to take a pay cut and fight for a job.  This may be the end for yet another great fantasy running back.  I used to hate running backs who held out and wanted to add to their millions, but no longer.  They have a very short shelf life and now that the NFL is a QB centered league, they need to get paid when they can.