I hope everyone is comfortably in front of their opponent going into these last two games of the fantasy football season. And if not may all of your remaining players score a billion points for you!

We are off drinking egg nog and eating deviled eggs and doing more of that later and then some more eating and maybe some sleeping. So no real round up today except to say Merry Christmas and I hope it is full of relaxation, family, friends, food and probably alcohol for most of our readers are drunkards I’m assuming.

  1. birdog says:

    How’d he know I’m a drunkard?!??!?

  2. Trick dad says:

    I locked up the championship in 3 of my 4 leagues thanks to all your advice. Merry Christmas doc!!

  3. Vick the prick says:

    Up by 30. He has Bree’s and Finley. I have Julio and bell. I should have this on lock. Thanks for all the advice.

    I owe you a whiskey.

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