Andy Reid has named Michael Vick the starting quarterback over Kevin Kolb.  Kolb is fine, so this is strictly a performance issue.  Andy Reid has watched the tape and believes Vick can help them win right now.  Fantasy-wise I think we can feel a little more confident that Vick can be a QB1 even though I believe Kolb would have done that as well, but that really isn’t the point.  Vick will be inconsistent like he always has been, but his rushing ability will keep him from having stink bomb games like it always has.

Vick has been good for Desean Jackson, in 6 quarters he has targeted him 14 times for 8 receptions, 165 yards and 1 TD.  In that same time he has targeted Jason Avant 14 times, Jeremy Maclin 10, and Brent Celek 8.  From what we’ve seen so far, Celek has been the odd man out.  That’s not to say it’s impossible for him to start looking his way, but it’s not the best news for Celek owners and in a lesser way, Maclin owners.

I do think this move helps LeSean McCoy because Vick takes the linebackers attention away from the running back.  They essentially have to account for two explosive RBs. That of course is a dynamic that Kolb did not have, and now the Eagles have a way of compensating for their poor offensive line.  This is another reason Reid probably chose Vick; with his escapability, the o-line’s flaw won’t be as detrimental.

Vick will be a good fantasy QB, but the chances are he won’t be a high end QB unless he’s playing a team like the Lions.  Defensive coordinators will once again figure out ways to stop him.  So I see this as a pretty good time to sell high.  Especially to a Kolb owner (I’ll take him!).  Of course if you have a QB that is slacking like Flacco, he is very much worth keeping.  So do some figuring and see how you can make this move work for you.

In other news Larry Johnson has been cut.  This means that Shanny has quite a bit of confidence in Keiland Williams to step in when Portis is injured.  I would grab him, especially in PPR leagues.  He grabbed 4 passes last Sunday against the Texans.  I would feel good about swapping LJ for KL.

Reggie Bush is hurt again, this time with a broken fibula.  He should be back in 4-6 weeks while DeShawn Wynn takes over for him.  Wynn is not the same player as Bush and most of his receptions will go to the many receivers and Pierre Thomas.  Wynn is the guy to own if you want to backup PT.

And while you’re here, check out my weekly post over at The 5th Down.

  1. timsti says:

    For all the baseball fans and Kolb owners, Andy Reid officially Scocia’d us!

  2. The Peoples Champ

    The Peoples Champ says:

    how would you rank Vick, Orton, and Alex Smith?

  3. emceeperiod says:

    Add Freeman to The Peoples Champ’s list too please…

  4. hideousmutants says:

    Desperate Kolb owner in need of advice. I’ve got a surplus of great RBs (McCoy, SJax, Turner, and JC Superstar), Josh Freeman as my back up QB till Big Ben comes off suspension. Here are the QBs I could conceivably target in trade (i.e., their owner has another option and might be willing to part w/ them.


    The owners are going to want one of my RBs for anyone on this list but McNabb. Trading one of those four seems like a panic move but I have reason to panic. I’m 0-2 (thanks Colston, Sjax, Turner and Todd fucking Haley) and sticking with Freeman means the Steelers this week and picking up some waiver nobody in week 4 during Tampa’s bye.

    So, panic trade or no and, if so, is JC the logical guy to move from my list of RBs? I think I could get Vick for Turner.

  5. Damion says:

    Im in dire need of a TE. The two I currently have arent doing anything thus far and are killing me. They are Owen Daniels and Jermaine Gresham. Should I drop one or both of them? And who should I replace them with at the TE position? You were very helpful last year in my late run to a championship, so Im seeing if theres magic again.

  6. Dominic says:

    Should I drop Celek for Aaron Hernandez?

  7. Adam says:

    Please rank these WW adds…I’m 16/16 in priority, but hopefully I can at least snag one

    Keiland Williams
    Demaryius Thomas
    Louis Murphy

  8. Doc

    Doc says:

    @timsti: Kizer Scioscia!

    @The Peoples Champ: Vick, Orton, Smith, Freeman (But freeman and Smith are pretty close with Freeman’s running ability.

    @hideousmutants: I’d go for McNabb if you think you can get them cheaper than the others.

    @Damion: What TE’s on waivers?

  9. Adam says:

    @Adam: Also, I’m dropping Jabar Gaffney for sure, but would Michael Bush, Bernard Scott or Nate Washington be worth dropping for any of the above?

  10. Damion says:

    Keller, Hernandez, or Carlson?? or even Maeoki? If I pick up one of these guys, do I drop one or both of these dudes?

  11. Damion says:


    Vick or Matt ryan???

    rice, mccoy, and b.jackson….

    austin, d.thomas, bowe, m.floyd….

    Im thinking Vick at QB. Austin and Floyd at WR
    Rice and Mccoy at RB
    At flex: d.thomas, bowe, or bjax??
    I have gostowski at Kicker and cinci’s D
    what do you think?

  12. Joe B says:

    @Doc: Waiver wire time… could you rank these WR pick-ups?

    Kevin Walter
    Louis Murphy
    Nate Washington
    Mario Manningham

  13. hideousmutants says:

    re: my earlier poster and this would be a longshot but would you do Vick or Ryan for Colston if you could plug Floyd into WR and you already had Wayne?

  14. Nick says:

    @Doc: So I’m the lucky owner of the Free Agent Mr. Vick…I also have McNabb and Roethlisberger so I think your post is definitely directed at a team like mine…10 team league, Non-PPR

    WR-R. White, R. Wayne, H. Ward
    RB-Greene & McCoy
    Flex-Ronnie Brown
    Bench-Vick/Roethlisberger/D. Thomas/D. Hester/Daniels/Hightower

    Can you give me suggestions of who I should target through trading Vick? I’m thinking running back…

    The team with Farve has Best, Matthews, Benson
    The team with Flacco has D. Williams, R. Williams, F. Taylor
    The team with Romo has A. Peterson, LT, J. Stewart, B. Wells.

    Maybe another option is to snag another elite WR for my flex?

  15. paulzone says:

    should gonzo owners be concerned? especially when keller and hernandez are on the waiver wire…make a move or wait it out?

  16. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Adam: DT, Williams, Murphy

    @Adam: Washington

    @Damion: Keller, drop Gresham

    @Damion: Vick, BJax

    @Joe B: I would rank them like you have them.

    @hideousmutants: Really don’t like Floyd as a #2 there.

    @Nick: I’d see if you can get DWilly. Maybe Vick and Brown?

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @paulzone: I’d hold off, but it is getting worrisome.

  18. hideousmutants says:

    Just noticed Evan Silva’s tweet on Santana Moss. “Through 2 weeks Santana Moss is 5th in the NFL in targets and 3rd in catches. Assuming good health, don’t see that falling off dramatically.”

    What are your thoughts on him as a WR2 in a ppr (esp. compared to Colston)

  19. Damion says:

    at WR- I know Austin is obvious….but who do I choose between D.tHOMAS, BOWE, AND FLOYD?

  20. Damion says:

    do I start keller or owen daniels this week?

  21. Mr2Bits says:

    Doc, as always, need your help this week on who you are liking from my core?

    QB..pick one : Vick, Cutler or Ryan
    RB..pick 3 : Forte, Pierre Thomas, Hightower, DMac or Moreno
    TE…pick one : Miller or Gonzalez


  22. Derrick says:

    Have Zack Miller at TE and I am pretty loaded at RB with MJD , Best, P. Thomas, McFadden Hightower and FJax…is a Dallas Clark a good return for McFadden, or should I expect more?

  23. Calogero says:

    I just got offered Welker for BJax.

    My RB: Forte, BJax, Greene, Hightower, Felix, B. Scott
    My WR: Austin, Wallace, Knox, Demaryius, Mason

    Should I:

    1. Accept the trade and plug Welker in as my WR2. This would mean I’d have to start one of Greene/Hightower/Felix guaranteed every week at RB2. I’d also remove my waiver bid on DT and maybe scrap Keiland or Danny Ware off FA. Or…wait…Edelman?

    2. Accept the trade and then try and flip Welker for a RB or something. I’d be taking the risk that this becomes Option 1, but giving myself the possibility that if Welker lights up the Bills this week I might be able to get myself a JC/Pierre type. I’d probably still pick up DT.

    3. Decline the trade and move forward with BJax as RB2/Flex and pick up DT.

    4. Decline trade and try to package BJax with someone for a better RB while picking up DT.

  24. Isles Guru says:


    I have Cutler and Big Ben. I was thinking of trading Cutler and MSW for Calvin Johnson and Garrard.

    Can I survive with Garrard until Week 6 when Big Ben returns and is Calvin Johnson a big enough upgrade over Sims-Walker to make this trade worth it? Also, I am starting Best at RB which means I would be starting 2 Lions.

    Help me Doc!

  25. friar says:

    Hey Doc. So I’ve followed your generous advice these past couple weeks and now, thanks to your good guidance, I’m poised to make a trade. I’ve got Michael Vick, but since I also have Flacco and Roethlisberger, it seems like a good time to sell high. I’ve identified my ideal trade partner: he’s 0-2 and (not coincidentally) has Kolb and Favre as his QBs. The question now is, who can I get for Vick? I’d like to strengthen my RB situation, which is really my team’s only concerning weakness.

    The other guy’s RBs are:
    Matthews, Best, Greene, and Slaton

    Who should I target of those four? Here’s my roster, in a 10-team, 0.5 PPR league that starts QB, 2 RB, 2 WR, TE, W/R/T flex:
    QB: Flacco, Vick, Roethlisberger
    RB: DeAngelo, Addai, Cadillac, Jacobs, Reggie Bush
    WR: Andre, Austin, Bowe, VJax
    TE: Gates

    Thanks for all your help!

  26. friar says:

    Alternatively (re: above), is Flacco so shaky that I should just hold onto Vick and play the matchups with him and Flacco until Big Ben returns? I suspect the weakness of my RBs for a 10-team league would make a trade the better way to go, but I suppose this is another option.

  27. Jim Parkey says:

    Wow, great article in the NYTs. I used to think someday we’d say we followed him before he achieved great stardom.

    That day is here!

  28. Doc

    Doc says:

    @hideousmutants: Yeah, I like him quite a bit and took that into account. Colston is inconsistent, but he gets a ton of end zone targets.

    @Damion: Leaning DT and Keller.

    @Mr2Bits: Vick, Moreno, DMac, PT, Gonzo

    @Derrick: With Bush coming back it’s hard to gauge his worth since we don’t know how many carries Bush will steal. I think Clark is about right with those questions there.

    @Calogero: I would take that quickly.

  29. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Isles Guru: Don’t love Garrard there during those fill in weeks.

    @friar: I’d hold Vick. Flacco hasn’t shown much, but if he does you have trade bait there as well.

    @Jim Parkey: Thanks. Doubt stardom is anywhere near though!

  30. Calogero says:

    @Doc: Thanks Doc. I saw your reply just as I was reading that Jackson’s carries would be limited to prevent wear and tear. Now let’s see how it survives the veto period.

  31. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Calogero: All you can do is try.

  32. David says:

    Hey Doc,

    Got a question about a Vick trade as well.

    I play in a 1 QB league and have Vick/McNabb, these are my only 2 QBs.

    I want to strengthen my RB/WR. Do you think I should trade away one of my 2 QBs? or play it safe and just keep them both? Thanks!

  33. Herc says:

    Hi Doc.

    In a 12 team non-ppr league, are any of the following viable as an every week WR3: Lee Evans, Jacoby Jones, Demaryius Thomas? If so, which one would you pick?


  34. andrew says:

    Looking to Pick up Keiland Williams, though not sure if hes a better bench warmer than the three i got riding it right now. I have Leon Washington, Fred Taylor, and John Kuhn. Worth dropping one for Williams, and if so which one?

  35. nick m. says:

    Trying to shape up my roster with the plethora of players available on the WW. 12-team PPR. Should I drop any or all of Clinton Portis, Reggie Bush, and Mark Clayton for the likes of: Demaryius Thomas, Fred Taylor (now that Faulk is out maybe he is more valuable?), Marshawn Lynch, Mario Manningham, Louis Murphy, Peyton Hillis?

  36. Darwin says:

    Im interested in picking up Vick… For right now, I have Eli & Favre as my qb’s. So far Eli had one bad game, but Favre’s been stinking up; so I’ve been thinking of dropping Favre and pick up Vick. Would that be a good idea?

    Although Favre gets the lions this sunday, I still think Vick can put up even or better numbers agains the jaguars shaky defense.

  37. Ross says:

    Should Michael Bush still be on my team? Yahoo 12 team with a flex. I could drop him for kieland williams?

  38. stumanji says:

    As a Celek and Zach Miller owner, I was planning on dropping Miller for DT (if I get him). Now that Vick will continue to not throw to Celek, should I hold on Miller and drop Buckhalter, Dixon (Gore handcuff), or Mike Thomas?

  39. stumanji says:

    @stumanji: To add to that, available TEs are Carlson, Moeaki, Keller (prob will get picked up), Marcedes Lewis, Hernandez.

    If Gore goes down, aside from the fact that I’d be screwed, do you think Dixon is the guy to own? I’m thinking of cutting bait with him.

  40. PepeSilvia says:

    I’m in a league where I have Cutler, Flacco and Vick at QB but only Owen Daniels right now at TE. In that scenario, do you think it would be wise to offer Vick for Chris Cooley? It’s really hard to trade for TEs since most owners only have one usable guy, but the Cooley owner also has Celek so I think I can pull that one off at least.

  41. TheTinDoor

    JTin says:

    Need some help. Drafted Kolb & Favre to rotate, that’s blown up. Best guys on WW are Freeman & Hasselbeck, so I feel the need to trade for a QB.

    The best trade target appears to be Cutler (owner has Rodgers). Others in the league are not interested in trading. He’s offered the following:
    Cutler + Steve Smith (NYG)
    I give Calvin Johnson & Jamaal Charles

    Too high a price? I also have Roddy White, Frank Gore, Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jackson, Justin Forsett. I can afford a hit @ RB, but I hate giving up on JC.

    I see Cutler with top-5 upside, and I could see Steve Smith/Calvin Johnson ending the year with similar numbers based on their QB situations (SS outproduced last year)


  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @David: I think Vick could be better than McNabb on that offense so I’m holding for now.

    @Herc: I think DT has the potential to be. None are locks though.

    @andrew: I’d drop Washington

    @nick m.: I’d drop Bush for DT

    @Darwin: I’d drop Favre for Vick

    @Ross: I’d hold for now

    @stumanji: With maroney i think Bucky will lose carries. I’d drop him.

    @PepeSilvia: That’s too much for Cooley. You can get more for Vick.

    @JTin: That’s just way too much. I know you are in a desperate situation, but I would work on it.

  43. Doc

    Doc says:

    @JTin: And you should have at least a week reprieve with Favre against the Lions

  44. DrPepper says:

    Do you think Marcedes Lewis is breaking out or just a fluke? Would you drop Celek for him? Aaron Hernandez is the only other possibility. I have Vick as my QB now.

  45. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DrPepper: I’d hold for now. Lewis isn’t a fluke, but he’s not as good as his numbers right now.

  46. andrew says:


    Snelling and Tolbert are also available. How would you rank the following, (auction style FA system) to fill out the bench

    Jason Snelling (FA)
    Mike Tolbert (FA)
    Keiland Williams (FA)
    Leon Washington (Bench)
    Fred Jackson (Bench)
    John Kuhn (Bench)

  47. Damion says:

    Yo Doc. My friend just made me a trade offer,

    He’s giving me Kolb, Calvin Johnson, and Jahvid Best for
    my guys,

    Vick, Floyd, and Ray Rice.

    Im tempted, but not too sure because calvin doesnt get thrown to alot because stafford is hurt. And Kolb we already know his story. I think Jahvid and Ray at this point are even., Let me know what you think.

  48. Doc

    Doc says:

    @andrew: Really depends on if you need someone to play right now. Tolbert is getting goal line work so can help there. Snelling has the most upside if Turner goes down. Williams has a very good chance to start at some point because Portis sucks/will get hurt.

    I’d drop Washington for Snelling if you are looking for the most upside.

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