I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and you get to pick out the good stuff from your kids’ candy bag. Man, even if you don’t have kids, I hope you bought the kind of candy that YOU like to hand out to trick-or-treaters. Two for me, one for you. That’s how this works. I spent my Halloween by drinking beers in my friend’s garage while the kids went out into the world, but after that, I took a private jet to the first annual mid-season Razzballies. It was a glorious event and all of the best and worst of fantasy football came out. Ezekiel Elliott was there in a cutoff shirt. Dwayne Bowe received a lifetime achievement award. Each winner received a different phallic trophy that was uniquely designed by our own Donkey Teeth. I made it just in time to catch all of the major awards and here is what I saw.

Quietly Crushin’ It Award

How many people knew that Phillip Lindsay was the RB11 in PPR leagues so far this season? Even with Royce Freeman vulturing a lot of the red zone work. The last two weeks from Lindsay have been quiet, but with Brandon Allen (maybe I’ll give an award to the last name that is shared the most amongst NFL quarterbacks later) taking over under center, the Broncos will have to lean on the Lindsay/Royce duo even more going forward.

 Touchdown Vulture Award

This award goes to the cherry picker that takes the touchdowns away from the running back that does all of the hard work. It’s no surprise that this award will be going to New England, but this will be a shared award. 

Brandon Bolden and Tom Brady win this one combining for 5 touchdowns from probably a combined total of 3 yards of we’re being honest. Those 5 touchdowns are only 1 less than Sony Michel has this season. If you’re keeping score at home or at work, Michel should actually have 11 touchdowns like Aaron Jones does.

The Peyton Hillis Award

This award goes to the most disappointing first round fantasy pick through the first 8 weeks without injury or a team injury affecting their value. 

Congratulations to late first round draft pick Odell Beckham Jr.! Odell is currently WR29 in PPR leagues behind names like Will Fuller and  Terry McLaurin. Through 7 games, Beckham has gone over 100 yards only twice and has found the end zone only once. Outside of a couple of cupcake matchups, the schedule doesn’t look like it’s getting a whole lot easier for Beckham going forward.

Sell High Award

Aaron Jones is our Sell High Award recipient. Congratulations to Aaron Jones, he has earned it with his completely unsustainable 22 touchdown pace through the first 8 games of the season.

Jones is currently the RB3 in PPR leagues and he has looked elite at times. He just had a huge game this past Sunday against the Kansas City Chiefs, but do you know who else looked really good against the Chiefs? A lot of running backs, including Carlos Hyde

There is no question that his scoring has been consistent. Jones only has 2 games so far this season with under 10 PPR fantasy points. But, they were both against divisional opponents. The Packers still have 3 games left in the division. Jones also had 2 games in back to back weeks where he ran for a combined 40 yards but ran in 3 touchdowns.

There are a lot of positives to Aaron Jones if you do decide to keep him, I just think that his value could be inflated. This is an actual SELL HIGH or hold. Maybe the touchdown rate is somewhat sustainable with the way that Aaron Rodgers and the Packers offense is playing. It is also encouraging to see how involved Jones has been in the passing game the last few weeks. But I don’t see Jamaal Williams going away anytime soon and there is always the threat of Williams getting a hot hand and cutting further into Jones’ workload. 

Wheels Came Off of the Hype Train Award

This should go to Baker Mayfield but I want to reward the entire Browns’ offense a little further down. Despite a breakout in week 8, David Montgomery sneaks in to steal this one.

David Montgomery isn’t THE most disappointing highly drafted running back in fantasy leagues, that of course, is Joe Mixon. But the hype that was behind David Montgomery coming into the season made him out to be the must-get league winner. I personally thought that a 3rd or 4th round pick was too early, but I didn’t know that Mitch Trubisky and the Bears’ offense would be this bad. With only a single 100 yard game 3 touchdowns and almost no involvement in the passing game, Montgomery currently sits at RB33 in PPR leagues. Hopefully we see more of what we saw against the Chargers from Montgomery going forward. 

Nobody Saw This Coming Award

Coming into the season, if you told me that a Jaguars’ receiver was going to break out and be sitting in the top 5 of wide receivers in PPR leagues, I wouldn’t hesitate to start tweeting congratulations to Dede Westbrook. Wrong guy, I guess! 

The production has slowed down a bit, but Chark is sitting at WR4 for the season after 79-yards and a touchdown against the Jets on Sunday. Chark actually seems like the real deal and he didn’t have any hype behind him coming into the season.

NFL Team Fantasy Value Killer Award

If I could, I would give this award to the entire state of Ohio. Wait, I can, because these aren’t even real. The Bengals and the Browns tie for this award and Washington and Miami miss out on this one because there isn’t enough talent on those rosters.

Both of these offensive lines are offensive. The quarterback play in Cleveland stinks and Andy Dalton got benched on his birthday. The only real bright spots in Ohio are Nick Chubb and….Auden Tate. So congratulations to the state of Ohio, you have two really bad professional football teams. Razzball readers in the great state of Ohio deserve better. 

New Phone, Who Dis? Award

Kenyan Drake came out on Thursday night and looked like Nick Chubb while getting CHUNKS of yards seemingly every play. We knew that Drake had talent and burst but the most impressive part of his performance was that he ran for 110 yards with 7.3 ypc with THREE days of familiarity with the offense. 

So how bad at talent evaluation and usage are the Dolphins? Kenyan Drake, who ran all over the elite 49ers without deep understanding of the playbook was in a rotation with Mark Walton and Kalen Ballage. No wonder this team is going to go anywhere from 0-16 to 2-14.

Things will of course get a bit complicated David Johnson returns, but I believe that Drake will carve himself out a nice little role in Kliff Kingsbury’s offense in the passing game and maybe even the running game on occasion.


  1. Jay says:

    If you made the best 5-man O Line group between the two Ohio teams….they would rank as the _____ best O Line in the NFL????

    • MB

      MB says:

      Oh wow… I guess borderline top 11-12. Cleveland has actually improved on the line recently and a lot of the blame for bad O should be on Kitchens. I’m sure you could cook up something good if you mix up the best

  2. RICE says:

    Hey MB!

    Can you please give me three WR you would target for Aaron Jones?



    • MB

      MB says:

      Godwin, Tyreek Hill, Julio

      • RICE says:

        Which side of this deal do you like for the rest of the season?

        Wentz and A. Jones
        Watson and Lev Bell*

        *Bell is the only player in this deal who has already had his bye week.

        • MB

          MB says:

          Watson and Bell

          • RICE says:

            Thanks MB!

            Last question of the day – Looks like Conner and Snell are out this week.

            Who would you rather have in your FLEX? Ekeler or Jaylen Samuels?

            • MB

              MB says:

              Ask as many as you want haha. Samuels, easily

  3. Water boy says:

    Love this post MB , is this anything like Dundies on the Office? I’m so glad I didn’t start Coleman & SF d last night . My D on my bench I’ll start week 9 will be Dallas D. My other RBs I have are jaylen Samuels, cook, Walton, d Montgomery, Edmonds & DJ both out

    My RBs are DJ, cook, Tevin Coleman, David Montgomery, Mattison, Edmonds, Walton , Samuels

    My WRs are OBJ, thielen, Josh Gordon, aj green , mvs, dionte Johnson, Watkins, Amendola

    TE Waller

    QB Wilson

    It’s .5 ppr would you do any of these before Sunday?

    1.) deal my jaylen Samuels who I added this week to the Connor owner for one of these guys: Jamaal Williams, Marvin Jones, Stafford? I mentioned Stafford because week 11 is the bye for my Russell Wilson & he has Stafford, Lamar Jackson, brees. The rest of his WRs are Allen Robinson, Keenan Allen, Godwin,,Julio Jones, Hollywood brown, Deebo Samuel, Marvin Jones , his RBs are Connor, Mack, Jamaal Williams, Damien Williams, AP.

    2.) deal my jaylen Samuels + OBJ to get Godwin?

    3.) deal my jaylen Samuels + OBJ + DJ to get Marlon Mack + Godwin, or Robinson?

    4.) another owner has Ridley & Gallup, I want Gallup of course but thoughts of trying to acquire Ridley by dealing Walton + Watkins?

    5.) deal my Montgomery to get Gallup?

    6.) deal my OBJ + David Montgomery to get amari cooper?

    7.) deal my OBJ to get Ekeler + DK metcalf?

    8.) deal my Tevin Coleman to get Ekeler + dk metcalf?

    ** FYI if I don’t trade for a QB for Wilson’s bye, here are the available ones :

    Minshew , week 11 @ Indy

    Carr , week 11 vs bengals

    Jimmy G, week 11 vs cards

    Cousins , week 11 , vs Broncos

    Brissett, week 11 vs jags

    Thanks man! Hope you had a great Halloween!

    • MB

      MB says:

      Thanks man! Haha I guess so, I didn’t even think about it.

      I’m holding onto OBJ, that seems a little too much of a sell low on Montgomery.

      I think the right move is to deal Samuels for Stafford

  4. eballs says:

    Would you drop Dede for Shepard? (0.5 ppr)

    • MB

      MB says:


  5. Steve says:


    1). K. Allen and D. J. Moore for C. Carson?
    2) T. Lockett and D. j. Moore forC. Carson?

    Does either work? Preference?

    I llike holding on to Lockett better but worry I might have too many Seahawks and also a little concerned about impact of Gordon on Lockett. I can afford the hit on WRs. Good trade?

    • MB

      MB says:

      I think Gordon affects Metcalf more than Lockett. I’m also not buying into Carson based on his upcoming schedule

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