I’m not going to jinx the labor negotiations by reporting some of the unsubstantiated good vibe rumors going on, so I’ll wish you a happy 4th of July weekend and throw some fantasy news at you! Watch out!!

But before we get to the news here’s something besides the news. As you can see if you scroll down a smidge or click here, I’ve started posting rankings. There are plenty to come so sit back and let them wash over you like a warm summer’s breeze infused with cotton candy and unicorn breath. Ok, and now the news.

Maurice Jones-Drew: He said that his knee was around 80-85% and that he hopes to be 100% in a month. I don’t fancy that one bit. Not even half a bit! MJD is a bad, bad man and I don’t doubt his ability or toughness, but he had a meniscus tear in his knee that he played through and it then was called “bone on bone” and he had to have surgery in January. I’m pretty sure running backs need sound knees to be effective. His ADP is around 8 overall right now and I just can’t trust that knee with that high a pick.

Kevin Kolb: Some Seattle radio guy heard from his uncle’s third cousin that the Seahawks offered the Eagles a 1st and 3rd round pick for Kolb. If this is true it seems a little steep for Mr. Kolb. But the Seachickens are paying Charlie Whitehurst 4 million dollars this season, so who knows? I am on the fence about Kolb’s value, but I’d rather see him go to Arizona where a banana peel would be an upgrade over what they sarcastically call quarterbacks.

Michael Bush: It’s starting to look more likely that Bush will a restricted free agent under what will some day be the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.  This would make it pretty tough for him to sign elsewhere and would restrict his fantasy potential with Darren McFadden as the RB1. Of course with DMC’s injury history handcuffing him to Bush would be a priority.

Donovan McNabb: At 35 years old it’s looking more and more likely that McNabb is going to be hard-pressed to make an impact next season with a new team. But if he does, it won’t be through a trade because his price tag is way too high at over 10 million green backs. He will be released and sign with a team in which he will probably need to compete for a job. I think the Vikings would be the best fit for him.

Mark Clayton: He was injured in week 5 of last season so has had a lot of time to recover and it appears as though he has. He will be a free agent and the Rams drafted a couple receivers and have about 20 already, so it’s hard to really be able to foresee what happens here. I think if Clayton goes, it really helps Danny Amendola, but if he stays that short route will be up for grabs.

Ronnie Brown: I’m really talking more about the Dolphins here than Brown. Brown is gone and there really doesn’t seem to be a front runner in the race to sign him (or the slow mosey to sign him). So that’s still up in the air, but as a team and organization the Dolphins are a bit lost. They want a running back to go with Daniel Thomas and they want a QB to compete with Henne. Those are two big orders to fill once free agency starts. Oh, and they went hard after Harbaugh which can’t set well with Sparano, and Brandon Marshall was stabbed, and so on and so forth.

Steve Slaton: Talk about a precipitous fall from his rookie season! His last two seasons have been horrid and it’s time for him to get out of Dodge, I mean Houston. I have absolutely no fantasy expectations from him, but it looks like he will be traded or released and it will be interesting to see if he can resurrect from being Kubiwacked. I’d like to see him go to St. Louis to back up SJax, but we’ll just have to wait to see.

  1. Totally agree on MJD. I wouldn’t take him until round 3 in a standard 12 team eague and I know that someone else will grab him before then. Rashad Jennings could make that a time share as the term “bone on bone” isn’t complimentary for any RB’s knees.

    I’d actually like to see Ronnie Brown go to St. Louis as then the Rams would have a second RB that is just about a Jackson clone: big, powerful, and good catching the ball out of the backfield. But I doubt Brown would go there. I can see him as the consolation prize for Denver if John Fox doesn’t get to reunite with DeAngelo Williams. Brown fits the mold of the bigger RB Fox usually like to have in his stable while in Carolina.

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Russ Bliss: I’m not hearing any real talk on who might be interested in Brown. With his injury history and age it will most likely be a team that wants to win now.

    I doubt I’ll own MJD this season on any year long teams.

  3. DSimms says:

    Doc in my 12 team keeper league we get to keep players at -2 rounds earlier than than they were drafted last year so you can keep only 1 of your first 3 picks. I will be picking at #12. We get 3 keepers and i have a no-brainer in DMC at round 13. So my question is; I was planning on keeping MJD as my first round pic but do you think i should keep Megatron instead? or let both go and see what falls to me at the turn?

  4. Doc

    Doc says:

    @DSimms: Megatron is my #2 WR for the season. He’s a for sure 2nd round, possible 1st round pick. I’d keep him over MJD.

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