Hey there Razzballers, Reid here dropping a 2-round mock draft where I actually don’t allow for trades. And when I say “I don’t allow for trades,” I really mean “FantasyPros won’t allow for trades.” Just kidding! FP now allows trades so let’s get crazy…

  1. Henry Muto says:

    Browns better be smart enough not to draft Josh Allen. He is the 4th best QB in the class you don’t blow the #1 overall pick on this guy. They better take Darnold.

    • Reid

      Reid says:

      @Henry Muto: Thanks for reading Henry!

      It is a gut feeling of mine that they will end up taking Allen. It fits too much with what Dorsey looks for in a QB. I don’t disagree with you about where you rank Allen. I actually have him lower on my personal rankings than most.

      My top-6 QB rankings:


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