We are one day closer to real NFL games!  I won’t tell you how many days that is because it is unbelievably depressing.  Thankfully there are interesting moves made every day (except Grossman going to the Redskins (not interesting).  Here are a few of the goings on in the NFL.

Ladainian Tomlinson: LT’s signing with the Jets sounds bad for Shonn Greene, but it’s not as bad as if Thomas Jones or someone not worn down to the nub, was backing him up.  I see LT taking the touches away from Leon Washington on third down.  He could also see some goal line work, but I don’t see him being as effective as Greene.  I may drop Greene down a spot, but I still think he’s a first rounder.

I believe this signing is more of an indictment of their confidence in Mark Sanchez’s ability to handle a larger load next season and the Jets not being sure Leon Washington will be ready to start the season.  I actually could see Washington taking carries away from LT as the season progresses.

Charlie Whitehurst: After all the hub bub about him possibly being traded I decided to grab him in my deep dynasty league.  Now that he just got paid 10 million for 2 years and is backing up old man Hasselbeck I am kinda happy I did that.  It’s really too early to think about him actually contributing for reals, but if you own Hass in a dynasty it would be worth picking him up.  With that kind of money and supposed potential, Matt might be on a short leash next season and just think if they wrangle Brandon Marshall.

Mike Bell: He should be an Eagle soon, which at first glance is bad news McCoy for, yeah, LeSean McCoy.  There has never been much doubt that Andy Reid didn’t trust McCoy in short yardage situations so for us fantasy footballers to think that McCoy is losing those carries is ludicrous.  He never had them.  But what McCoy does have is youth and the ability to catch the ball out of the backfield.  Mike Bell and Leonard Weaver will be the brawn to McCoy’s scrappiness.

Derek Anderson: He has signed with the Cardinals which puts some doubt in the already extremely doubted Matt Leinart.  It looks like there will be competition for the quarterback position, but Leinart does have the most work in Whisenhunt’s offense and should hold an advantage over Anderson.

Rex Grossman: Faker.

  1. YouthofToday says:

    I could not agree with you more regarding Greene. All fantasy football players need to sell their fellow owners that LT is going to kill the 2nd year player’s value to push his draft status down. Great call Doc!

    I doubt Leinart, and especially DA, have much value next year in 1 QB leauges. The real story here is Beanie Wells is going to be a stud next year… and dude is definitely a top 13 RB. Cat belongs in same conversation as SJax, Gore, J. Charles, M. Turner, Mendenhall, DeAngelo, Greene and perhaps Grant and Benson

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