As many have speculated it looks like Felix Jones will take over the starting slot at running back while Marion Barber becomes the back up.  I believed this would be the case, so our rankings shouldn’t change much with this news.  I was in a debate with Razzballer Greg about who will be worth more, Jones or LeSean McCoy?  At the time I was leaning McCoy due to his less fragile body parts.  I actually have Jones ahead of McCoy in the dynasty rankings, but this is where the two sides of my brain collide. I often go for upside over steady, but boring, but I also like to balance my teams with both so I don’t have a huge upside landslide. This question is one that might define who you are as a fake football GM.

Jones looks to be the more explosive back, but has had trouble lasting a whole year without getting injured, and that was with a much reduced workload than he’ll find himself in this season.  So I worry.  It’s my nature.  McCoy did not look great last season.  He had his moments, but Reid didn’t seem to trust him. But when it comes down to it, McCoy is by far their best back and will have a year under his belt and is in a high scoring offense. Of course Felix will also be in a high scoring offense!  But this is a violent game and bones and muscle aren’t really supposed to be bent and stretched like NFL players often like to bend and stretch them.

I do like to take risks; it’s part of my strategy, but when it comes down to it I think I’m going to have to stick with Boring McCoy, the half brother of Sadsack McCoy.   If you are a professional risk take, go with Felix, but this question has me playing it safe.

Jahvid Best — Jahvid looks to be the feature back in Detroit.  Kevin Smith is hurting and disappointing when he wasn’t.  And he must not be in the best shape; I heard he was thrown off an airplane since his fat ass took up too many seats.  Best has insane speed and if he can stay healthy could have a huge year with Megatron and Burleson keeping the defense spread.  He will be the ultimate upside pick and much will depend on where his ADP is.  I don’t see him getting more than 15 touches a game, but even with that he will be useful.

Dez Bryant — Wade Phillips says he’s the best rookie wide receiver he’s seen since he could see his own nether parts.  This early praise is pretty meaningless, but if it continues, Roy Williams’ starting gig won’t be long for this world.

Matt Forte — Forte still has the starter’s gig, but of course will see a bigger chunk taken from Chester Taylor than was taken from him last season.  I like Forte’s potential in Martz’s offense, but I’ll have to see him fall in drafts before I grab him.

T.J. Houshmandzadeh — He just had a  sports hernia surgery which gives Golden Tate even more value than he had, and that’s a lot to say for a guy named Golden.  Branch and Housh are near the end and Tate only needs to pass one of them.  This could even leave a door open for Deon Butler, but we have to remember Hasselbeck is their QB and this is Carroll’s first season.

  1. Greg says:

    Thanks for the shout out. Glad to see you are starting to come over to my side….Felix Jones will be a great back next year. Hence why I traded Mccoy to get him. I live in Philly so I hear all about Shady every day. Mike Bell does hurt his value a tad. Shady will be steady. I’ll give ya that. But I’m that high risk high reward guy so I’ll gamble..It is gambing at the end of the day.

    I’m 100% on board with your Best and Bryant analysis. Only problem is that most people know about them. I’m still looking for those rookies that people haven’t found. Denver is in a state of disarray and I think Eric Decker is a WR to go after late. 2nd one off the board in Denver but is like a Wes Welker type. Only concern there is his foot injury. He may end up being more a dynasty pick and not a impact rookie…G

  2. Greg says:

    Here’s another ? If you were to pick up a bench player in a keeper league…. Torry Holt or Jacoby Jones? Jones is in a contract yr but Holt is older then dirt. Reminds me of Isaac Bruce. My gut is torn – go with the high flying Houston offense – or assume welker won’t be ready to go so roll w. holt….

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Greg: I’m still on the Jones bandwagon after watching Kevin Walter not take advantage of his situation last season.

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