Bill O’Brien has done it again, my friends! The Houston Texans have traded the 57th overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft to the Los Angeles Rams for Brandin Cooks. When Bill O’Brien inevitably gets banished from the NFL for completely gutting the Texans organization of it’s assets, I hope he doesn’t dip his toes into the financial realm. If he does, promise me that you won’t let him manage your portfolio. The economy is hectic enough as it is in these trying times.

Let’s break this down, shall we? The Texans were coming into the draft with 3 picks in the top 57. This draft holds one of the deepest wide receiver classes in recent memory. After trading DeAndre Hopkins, the top receivers on the Houston roster were Kenny Stills and Will Fuller

Kenny Stills is historically pretty durable, but has never been able to take the reigns as a consistent standout receiver despite having a lot of talent. Stills will be entering his 8th season in the NFL and has yet to have a 1,000 yard season. Will Fuller is an even more dynamic talent, but seems to be made of glass. Keke Coutee is also in the mix but outside of a couple of big games during his rookie season, he has mostly been a disappointment. There are also rumblings of either Stills or Coutee being released before the upcoming draft after the addition of Cooks. With wide receiver being such a question mark in Houston, it doesn’t make much sense to give up a second round pick for one of the biggest question marks in the league. Brandin Cooks has 5 documented concussions since entering the league. How many more can one player take before he decides its not worth it anymore? Cooks has already been concerned enough about the issue to seek medical advice before deciding to continue his career. None of this is adding up to me, but here is what else is going on a couple of weeks out from the draft.

– Jason Licht said he has more confidence in Ronald Jones than he ever has. I don’t buy it one bit. Even if he does have confidence, Peyton Barber has moved on so it’s pretty obvious Tampa will be drafting a running back and there’s a good chance that a rookie can earn favor over Jones.

– Bill Belichick seems to really like Jared Stidham. Maybe we shouldn’t ignore this in 2 QB leagues? It’s just tough to put any confidence into any quarterback with the receiving depth in New England, even with the greatest coach of all time running the show.

– The Bills’ GM has confidence in Devin Singletary being the workload guy. If the Bills don’t draft a running back in the first half of the draft, I might end up with some Singletary on my 2020 rosters.

– Coach Taylor says A.J. Green is now fully healthy. That is great news for the future QB of the Bengals. As for Green, I probably won’t be taking many chances on him, even at a bargain price.

– The Chargers are still high on Justin Jackson. Ekeler is a dynamic player, but I believe that there is still plenty of value with Jackson. Jackson will provide a nice change of pace while also being one of the top handcuff options. 

– The Falcons seem to be confident in the future health of Todd Gurley. Gurley might end up being a bargain in 2020 and I don’t feel one way or another about him quite yet. I do believe that Gurley is in a better situation with the Falcons this year than he was in 2019 in Los Angeles. 



  1. Water boy says:

    Hey MB hope all is well! Almost nfl draft time less than 2 weeks!
    The pats are my team & they have pick 23, I just went over the history of pick 23 here’s what I got. I feel the pats should trade up or whatever they do just get of pick 23.

    History of # 23 picks

    2019 Texans: Tytus Howard, OT, Alabama state

    2018 Pats: Isaiah Wynn, OT, Georgia

    2017 Giants: Evan Engram, TE, ole miss

    2016 Vikings: Laquon Treadwell, WR, Mississippi

    2015 broncos: Shane Ray, DE, Missouri

    2014 Chiefs: Dee Ford, DE, Auburn

    2013 Vikings: Shariff Floyd, DT, Florida

    2012 Lions: Riley Reiff, T, Iowa

    2011 Eagles: Danny Watkins, G, Baylor

    2010 Packers: Bryan Bulaga, T, Iowa

    2009: Ravens: Michael Oher, T, Mississippi

    ** FYI the idiots in Houston could’ve had josh Jacobs he went the immediate pick after

    ** 2018 pats could’ve had DJ Moore , Hayden burst, Calvin Ridley over Wynn

    ** 2017 I like the Engram pick however after Engram there was : Jabril Pwppers (pick 25), tre’davis white (pick 27) TJ watt (pick 30), rueban foster (pick 31)

    ** 2016 instead of Treadwell who’s went after, Artie burns (pick 25), sterling shepherd (pick 40), xavien Howard (pick 38), Jaylen smith (pick 34), hunter henry (pick 35)

    ** 2015 was Shane Ray, after that went : Shaq Thompson (pick 25), Perriman (pick 26), Eric Kendricks (pick 45)

    ** 2014 had Dee Ford going to KC, after that was Jason verrett (pick 25), Kyle van noy (pick 40),

    2013 was Floyd to Minnesota, after that was deandre Hopkins (pick 27) , Agle Ogletree (pick 30), Darius slay (pick 36), Ertz (pick 35)

    2012: was Riley Reiff to Detroit, after that: donta Hightower (pick 25), Whitney mercilis (pick 26), Harrison smith (pick 29), Derek Wolfe (pick 36), Alshon Jeffery (pick 45)

    2011:,Danny Watkins to Philly after that went : cam Jordan (pick 24), Jimmy Smith (pick 27), Mark Ingram (pic 28), mohamaned Wilkerson (pick 30), cam Heyward (pick 31),

    2010: Bulaga to the packers & after that went : dez bryant (pick 24), devin mccourty (pick 27), TJ Ward (pick 38)

    2009: Michael Oher to Baltimore, after that went : Vontae Davis (pick 25), clay Matthews (pick 26), Lenny Britt (pick 30), Hakeem nicks (pick 29)

    ** being a pats fan I feel this move in 2015 they selected Jordan Richards end of round 1 (pick 64). They could’ve drafted David Johnson there he went round 3 (pick 86)

    Take DJ out here’s who else the pats could’ve had, if they didn’t trade Jordan Richards: Tyler lockett (pick 69), Tevin Coleman (pick 73),

    Have a good one!

    • MB

      MB says:

      Yuck, that pretty ugly. At least Dee Ford is good!

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