There are finally live sports related things! It was getting exhausting hearing the 90’s basketball debate because of The Last Dance. We can finally get a break from that for at least 3 days. Tonight is the beginning of a NFL draft that we will not soon forget and hopefully it is the only one that we have like this. 

As of earlier this week, it seemed like communication issues were a disaster in a mock draft run through with all of the GMs. One has to wonder how many mistakes are going to be made. Will a GM say something spicy about another GM because he forgot to hit the mute button? I sure as hell hope so. Will a team that wants to execute a trade to move up or down fail to because of communication issues? Absolutely. And it’s going to be so annoying to hear that GM complain for the months ahead about what could have been if they knew how to properly use technology. I’m sure there are a lot of instances like Ron Rivera where the whole family will be getting involved to get these fellas through the draft. 

But from a fantasy standpoint, I think that it would be wise to pump the brakes on overvaluing rookies in spring/early summer best balls. Think of it this way, if there is a season, what will training camp look like? Any sort of training camp will have a good chance of being abbreviated. Learning the playbook is one thing, but reps are obviously also very important. If there is an abbreviated training camp, the best case scenario for your favorite rookie is probably having a Miles Sanders type season. Here are a couple of tidbits heading into the big draft weekend.

Joe Burrow has been informed that he will be the number 1 overall pick to the Cincinnati Bengals. The swirling rumors do not matter, if they ever did. Like I mentioned in the previous paragraph, a shorter training camp probably isn’t good for his fantasy football stock.

Kyler Murray has been campaigning for the Cardinals to draft CeeDee Lamb. Lamb is sort of a DeAndre Hopkins type which would match up well with the Cardinals already having DeAndre Hopkins. You can’t have too many DeAndre Hopkins’. In reality, the Cardinals should spend their first round pick on one of these solid tackles to protect their 2019 investment.

– The Dolphins have been reportedly exploring moving up from the 5 spot. Moving up for Tua or Herbert doesn’t make much sense because either/or will likely be there when they pick. Perhaps Tristan Wirfs? 

Jerry Jeudy maybe losing draft value because of teams diving into his history of knee issues. If he falls to the Eagles, I’m sure they would be all over him.

– The Packers seem very likely to take a wide receiver in the first round. Justin Jefferson is the most likely candidate to fall to them at the end of the first round. While Jefferson isn’t elite, he’s a good fit there me thinks. 

– I have a feeling that the Patriots are going to end up with Jordan love. A lot of scouts aren’t a huge fan of Love, but you never know what an NFL franchise is thinking. You can do worse than being drafted by Bill Belichick.

– Who is going to spend a first round pick on a running back with a fairly deep class? Miami has enough picks to do it, but do they need to? They might end up using one of those picks to move up. 


  1. AP says:

    If GB can come away with Jefferson, I’d be thrilled. Aiyuck would be a fine consolation prize.

    • MB

      MB says:

      Tough to walk away empty handed in this class

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