Here are the rankings, tiers, auction values, and whatever else you can think of for Non-PPR leagues. 

 Updated 9/2


  1. Lubey says:

    I like it…I like it a lottt. Ive been printing off your tier sheets and they can be a pain so hopefully this might be a bit easier. Maybe a ppr one soon?? You da man Doc, keep up the good work sir!

  2. emceeperiod says:

    It’s kind of you to do this….for the poor bastards who don’t bring laptops to their drafts. Me? I have like 6 razzball pages up while I draft froggy doggy!

  3. Spuds says:

    y draft is the 28th – YIKES :) – any chance of one for PPR before then? Love you style – never stop !!

  4. Tom the Niner says:

    Doc, looks awesome! Do you plan on updating the rankings anytime soon?

  5. Joe says:

    Haha I was going to ask what the underlining was for and then I realized that it was just good ol’ Microsoft bein’ a pal. Maybe you could add tier designation to the sheet? Other than that, it’s very interesting.

  6. Cheese

    Cheese says:

    Works fine. If you’re having problems, I suggest the option of “fit to one page” in your page set-up when printing

  7. will says:

    Did I shoot myself in the foot by waiting on a QB and TE or will my team compensate for that? Any thoughts on my draft (I had the first overall pick in a 12 team league. I will list the players in order that I drafted them.

    1- Arian Foster
    2- Gore
    3- Mike Wallace
    4- Stevie Johnson
    5- Brandon Marshall
    6- Ben Rothlisberger
    7- Ryan Matthews
    8- New England Def
    9- Tony Gonzalez
    10- Mike Sims-Walker
    11- Joe Flacco
    12- Jacoby Ford
    13- Ben Watson
    14- Buehler
    15- Ronnie Brown

  8. uncle mowglie says:

    pretty high on on Wallace. ahead of Roddy ? r u from Pitts Doc ?
    love his playoff sched. tho.

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Lubey: yeah, ppr is on the way.

    @Spuds: Should be

    @Tom the Niner Says: Which ones? I’ve been updating, but some may get through the cracks. Give me a heads up.

    @Joe: Yeah, I’ll look into tiering them

    @will: I think you are good. I like Ben a lot this season. Overall it looks solid.

    @uncle mowglie: Not from Pittsburgh. I’m a Kansan! Starting to worry about White as a top tier guy. Harry Douglas and Jones are looking good. I’m thinking less targets. More production er catch as well, but it will be a trade off.

  10. Lubey says:

    @ Doc

    PPR tiers update?

  11. Lubey says:

    Ahhh sorry nm. Just saw that you responded to that. Im a little anxious with my draft coming I guess.

  12. herschel says:

    @Doc: seems like f jones has surpassed best in a lot of mocks/adp in ppr leagues. do you agree with jones>best?

  13. JD says:

    You still have Chris Johnson as the 5th best back despite the holdout? Don’t you think he’s a bit risky at this point?

  14. Bourne says:

    Doc, one player stands out to me. You have Kyle orton very low. Can you justify this? Is this because of new scheme, and new coach that will run more? Not saying you are wrong but he did well last year so why is he not up maybe 5-7 more ranks?

  15. Doc

    Doc says:

    @herschel: I’m still on the Best side, but it’s almost a toss up.

    @JD: No, he needs to be moved down. Probably end of the first round.

    @Bourne: Yeah, the new offense is going to hurt him. Going from pass happy MCD to run thumping Fox is a big turn of fortunes. There’s wiggle room for him in the rankings in that area though. He’s probably a safer bet than some of those dudes.

  16. Eric says:


    With CJ now at the end of the round, who would you take after Foster, Peterson, Charles and Rice? A WR?

    1. Foster
    2. Peterson
    3. Charles
    4. Rice
    5. ?

  17. Gus B. says:

    In the article value based drafting (I’m gonna try this year) it said to use projected season points. You had posted your projected points but you have also been moving players around accordingly. So my question is in fact two. Should I just plug in new numbers to fit between their new place? and Do you like value based drafting?

  18. Sam says:


    We all know McFadden is an injury risk. Do you think the loss of Galery, Miller and Tom Cable effect the O-line enough to be concerned about McFadden’s production even if he stays healthy all season?

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