Here at Razzball we’re not going to just throw out a 2010 Mock Draft and be done with it.  We are going to take a look at each team’s needs and look at who they might take, who they should take, and what it will take to make them not as bad as last season.  We are going to get right to the good stuff and look at the number one overall pick.

The St. Louis Rams need everything.  I’m guessing their ball boys are slow and inept.  But what do they need the most?  And who will they end up picking? When we look back on the Rams 2009 season it’s hard not to be struck by the big gaping hole at the head of the roster which was bored out by the triumvirate of crap called Kyle Boller, Marc Bulger and Keith Null.  If the Rams want to keep fans coming to games they’ll have to do more than lower their ticket prices, they’ll need to get a QB.  There is a lot of speculation that QB might be an Eagle of some sort; Michael Vick being the most likely culprit (as he usually is).  Besides through a trade or free agency, the Rams can have any player they want in the draft.  Those are the spoils of winning just one game!

Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen are at the top of most scouts’ quarterback lists, with Bradford #1 if his shoulder looks sound.  But at the same time the Rams are in need of more than a quarterback and head coach Steve Spagnola is a defensive minded coach which brings us to the consensus pick by scouts and mock drafters alike, Nebraska’s DT Ndamukong Suh.  Suh could help shore up a defensive line that gave up the most rushing touchdowns in the league last season.  But of course I could make a case for almost every position based on last season’s woeful statistics. Suh’s versatility and of course dominance are what make him the #1 pick on most draft boards.

When you have as many holes to fill as the Rams do, whoever they pick will be a huge upgrade, but unlike Spags I believe you build a team with an offensive line and quarterback.  As we have seen lately, the passing game is the most integral part of a winning team.  Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Kurt Warner, Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers and Philip Rivers didn’t have the best defense backing them up, they had a passing game that kept them in every game they played.  Vick and Suh won’t turn this team around, and yes, I am asking too much from a very bad team, and yes Suh will make them better, but until they start protecting and developing a young quarterback they aren’t going anywhere.  Should they take Bradford or Clausen over Suh or Gerald McCoy?  I believe so.  Will they? No.

If the Rams do end up grabbing a young QB, the fate of Steven Jackson will probably be similar to last year.  Opposing defenses will stack the box and make the rookie beat them while SJax gets beat on (do not insert domestic abuse quip here). If they go ahead with Suh, the team will get better, but SJax won’t see much of a difference based solely on Suh’s presence.  But, if they even were to trade for Vick or any upgrade from the triumvirate, it will help SJax’s numbers a little. Any threat at all from the quarterback is better than those stooges.