Washington, just like all of the high pick teams are in desperate need for big hole fillers.  With the #4 pick in the 2010 NFL draft the Washington Redskins take Jacob Jingleheimerschmidt to fill their big hole! Nah, Jacob will go earlier than that.

The Native Americans offensive line is offensive.  Jason Campbell was harassed often and molested nearly as often.  The draftnicks of the world have been mocking them with QB Jimmy Clausen, DE Jason Pierre Paul, OT Russell Okung, and DT Gerald McCoy.  Much depends on where newly acquired head coach Mike Shanahan envisions the future.  Is Campbell the man?  Will a better defense keep them in games so they can win a few this season? Is Clausen a possible franchise QB or Campbell 2.o?

There is no reason to truly believe Campbell is the QB to lead this team to the promised land. Does he suck? Not always.  Is Clausen any better?  Maybe not.  From the way the offseason has gone it looks like Shanny is thinking long term (even though I’m not sure what he’s thinking with Leisure Suit Larry).  He could easily believe the devil he knows (and the rest of the team knows) is better for the short term than Clausen.  Patience might be the best course when looking at quarterbacks in this years draft.  They could grab one in the late rounds as a project and hope for a trade or to grab a franchise QB in 2011.

Thinking long term usually means doing something boring like saving money by spending your summer vacation drinking cheap scotch while watching American Idol.  Russell Okung is like cheap scotch in this horrible analogy.  As long as you don’t get addicted to offensive lineman you’ll be ok.  The big picture needs some fatty o-lineman in it.  If they stick with Campbell and really want to know if he can elevate his game, they need to give him some protection.  They just paid 14 billion for a Fat Albert so I don’t see them tying a bunch of money up with McCoy.  I believe it’s down to Clausen and Okung with Okung probably being the best choice unless Shanny wants to kick Campbell to the curb.

In the short term, fantasy-wise, it would probably behoove them to stick with Campbell, which they probably will no matter who they pick.  Santana Moss, Chris Cooley and Devin Thomas will need him as their QB, to succeed.  Adding a tackle can only help Campbell and possibly give him a decent shot at #2 QB status.