The first Sunday of the season is in the books and we all somehow survived.  Josh McDaniels and Kyle Orton got out of Cincinnati as quick as they could after that amazing finish. The game was painful to watch, but that last play is why we watch until the bitter end.  If you happened to have Stokely or Orton on your team you were probably rather happy and rather lucky that you got any points out of them at all. Here are a few more observations from Sunday:

Drew Brees: Yes, we all somehow got this one right.  Brees is good, six touchdowns in one game good, but this is Detroit and it seems that maybe they are not the best on defense.  Brees will be awesome this year, but if you are really weak at a couple other areas you could put together a nice little package with Brees for some low week 1 producing studs in a trade.

Jake Delhomme: Five interceptions and one fumble equals a benching.  You hopefully didn’t have Delhomme on your team, let alone starting.  Just look at all your schmohawks that helped your team suck this week and then thank your lucky charms you didn’t have Delhomme.

Jay Cutler: In Chicago do as Grossman do.

Mike Bell: 143 yards ain’t too shabby for your waiver wire pickup.  Bush isn’t the same.  Thomas is still hurting.  Bell is getting more and more value.

Anthony Gonzalez: Hurt his knee when a butterfly flapped its wings in Malaysia. Out 2-6 weeks.  He might want to take this time to go have a word with that butterfly.

Cadillac Williams: I’m still not high on him, but you’ve got to take this game seriously. Ward didn’t look too shabby either.

Tim Hightower: 12 receptions for 121 yards, but looked his horrid self on the ground.  Even with these numbers he will continue to lose carries to Wells.  Sell high (tower).

John Carlson: 95 yards and 2 TD’s.  Don’t kill yourself for not picking up Carlson. He played the Rams and Tight Ends are so sporadic in their production there is usually no reason to chase them.  Carlson is good, but he’s not Witten or Gates good.

The Texans: It was not a good day in Houston.  The Jets D is tough and the Texans never looked in synch.  Don’t bail.  They’ll come around.

Steve Smith: The front runner in the craptastic Giants WR race.  Eli threw the ball quite a bit so grab Smith if he’s on the wire.

Donovan McNabb: Broke a rib.  It doesn’t look great for him next week so start looking for replacements, and not Keanu, that was a seriously bad movie.

Thomas Jones: He wasn’t that good.  Sell him to someone with a RB who flopped and didn’t see the game.  Maybe package him with a WR for Forte? Ya never know.

Julius Jones: I’m glad I listened to this guy and picked him up late in some of my leagues.  He won’t get the Rams each week and you probably won’t be able to sell high so just be glad that he’s getting the bulk of the work and that you didn’t pay much for him.  He should be a steady flex play for the time being.

Santana Moss: Even with the Giants defensive backfield getting hurt and being weak, Moss did about as close to nothing as you can.  This is why I hated him for this year.  Of course next week he’ll go off, but you are sure glad you didn’t have him for this week.

Greg Olsen: The Packers realized he was their #1 receiver and double teamed him.  This allowed Hester to have a nice game, but they still lost.  The Bears don’t have enough receiving weapons, duh.

Jeremy Shockey: 2 TD’s, but only 32 yards.  I wouldn’t expect that many TD’s again this season especially after he gets hurt.

  1. sickmangarner says:

    Speaking of a rough day in Houston…

    What are you’re thoughts on leveraging your players across NFL teams. I’ve got Schaub and Slaton and needless to say they killed me. My backups at QB are Favre and Palmer and at RB they’re Grant, Mike Bell, Cadillac. Hindsight is 20/20 but maybe should’ve spread the pain by sitting Slaton or Schaub. Any advice going forward?

  2. AdamH says:

    In a dogfight, up 4.5 points. I have Rivers, Gates and Welker to go, while he has Vinnie J, LT, Fred Jackson and SD def.

    I’m looking at my options in case Welker can’t go (brutal having the dreaded Q for a Monday night game) and it’s pretty much down to Malcolm Floyd or Darrius Heyward Bey. What do you think?

  3. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    Amazing. Week 1 isn’t even in the books and I’ve been reminded why I hate this game:

    In my lineup:

    Andre Johnson: 35 yards
    Braylon Edwards: 12 yards
    Steven Jackson: 67 yards

    On my bench:

    Julius Jones: 117 yards rushing, 19 receiving, 1 TD
    Mike Bell: 143 yards rushing
    Devin Hester: 90 yards receiving, 41 return, 1 TD

    And on top of it all, my kicker (Josh Brown) netted me a nice round 0 points, and my defense (Dallas) tacked on another 2 points.

    Amazingly, all I need is for Philip Rivers and Darren McFadden to outscore Brady, Fred Jackson, and the NE defense by 14 points to salvage the win. Not likely, but still within the realm of possibility.

  4. Paulie Allnuts

    Paulie Allnuts says:

    I owned Shockey for much of last year, and I don’t believe that he scored 1 TD. Must remember that this was the Lions.
    Delhomme – you can stick a fork in him. And sorry for Steven Smith owners – he won’t be getting many opportunities with Delhomme as the starter.
    I thought that Manningham was the best of the Giant receivers. Smith plays slot, and is unlikely to get many long passes. I’m not that sure that any are worth owning yet.
    Santana Moss didn’t do jack, but he had some nice rumbles with Corey Webster.

    What are some suggestions for aquiring some off-day studs for Brees? I love Drew, but now appears to be the time to sell. The Saints play the NFC East and AFC East, and will be facing tough defenses throughout the season. (Then again, you are in my league, so there could be a conflict of interest. )
    Cadillac looked like a brand new model. The Bucs don’t have much, but they have a nice running tandem.
    Thanks, Doc, for a nice rundown.

  5. Joel says:

    Drop Gonzalez, Royal, or Berrian for Crayton?

    Currently have Bowe and Jennings as my two WR. Benched Bowe for Royal given the matchup.

    Also have schmuck RBs on my bench like Julius Jones and Donald Brown.

  6. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    @Joel: I don’t think I’d drop any of those for Crayton right now. If I had to, it’d be between Gonzalez (I’m assuming we’re talking about the Indy WR) and Berrian.

  7. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    I’m fairly happy with Kellen Winslow’s TD in Week 1, but I’m curious if I should drop him for Heap….who had better looks, yards, plus a TD as well.

    Not willing to drop any WR’s or RB’s for an extra TE, so it’d have to be just a TE swap. Who would you rather have going forward?

  8. Dingo says:

    Yeah, not the greatest start to a season — in one league, I basically got beaten by the Philly Defense and in my other, Drew Brees practically outscored my entire team. Losing Anthony Gonzalez and Donovan McNabb is just icing on the crap cake.

    Who do you recommend for McNabb replacement in Week 2 and possibly beyond? Mark Sanchez is available, but he’s got the Pats next week. Jason Campbell has the Rams, but he’s Jason Campbell. Or is Kevin Kolb decent enough to plug in and take advantage of the sweet NO matchup?

    Also, who would you recommend to replace Anthony Gonzalez? Patrick Crayton is available, as are Robert Meachem, Devery Henderson, and some other shmohawks. Since our league has a WR/TE flex spot, I could also grab Brent Celek, Todd Heap, or Robert Royal (who?).

    Finally, should we be concerned that the Packers were able to shut down Greg Olsen so effectively, or are they unusually good against TEs?

  9. ThePoonTycoon says:

    @sickmangarner: you have slaton and shaub. you expect both to put up quality starter numbers over the course of a season. if you start trying to pick which one to bench you’re setting yourself up for failure imo. no reason they both can’t have decent games on a regular basis. obviously there are exceptions, like if your QUALITY backup is facing the chiefs and the texans have the vikings on tap, then yeah maybe think about some subbing, but don’t try to get too cute and swap guys just because they share a team. shaub and slaton both having a good game is as likely (probably more likely) than favre/palmer and slaton having a good game.

  10. Dingo says:

    Random question — has anybody else noticed that Googling “Football Outsiders” or “footballoutsiders” doesn’t actually get you to their website? Yes, it’s easy enough to type in, but it’s still odd. It’s like they’re camouflaged or something.

  11. Doc

    Doc says:

    @sickmangarner: Gotta stick with them. @AdamH: Bey, but the reports say he should play.
    @mgeoffriau: ugh
    @Joel: No. I like Crayton, but like those other more.
    @mgeoffriau: Tough call. Heap did look like the Heap of old, but both have injury risk. I’d stick with Winslow. I believe he has more upside.
    @ThePoonTycoon: I don’t like any of those choices. I have to say campbell even though it hurts to do so. I feel your pain. I’ve got McNabb on 2 teams.
    @Dingo: Yeah, not sure what that is about.

  12. tenken says:

    What are your thoughts on the Baltimore running backs? Will Rice get his TD opportunities or continue to get them vultured? Also, I thought Baltimore was trying to get Rice more involved in the passing game but McClain and McGahee both caught more passes than him.

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @tenken: Rice is the superior back, but mcGahee is getting the goalline looks ala LenDale and Stewart. Rice will get more work than this week in the passing game. It is looking good for Rice IMO.

  14. Nick says:

    So someone in my league wants Thomas Jones already…time to capitalize, eh?

    He has Rivers, R Moss, Owens, S Moss, Williams, Brown, Hightower, Clark and on bench he has Stewart, Harvin, Burleson, Bennett, Boss and Ben Roth..

    I have Brees, Fitzgerald, Housh, Roy Williams, Jones, Addai, Larry Johnson, Shockey and on bench I have Ginn Jr. Eli Manning, Mendenhall, Branch and Miller.

    What are a few trades I should go for?


  15. Dixon says:

    I need help at receivers…Braylon, Marques Colston, Antonio Bryant are who I have. I have Maroney, James Davis, Coffee, Donald Brown, Beanie on the bench.

    Should I drop Maroney for either Patrick Crayton or Manningham? I don’t like the RB situation in NE, particularly after watching how they’re doing against Buffalo AT HOME…

    Thanks guys!

  16. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: Interesting. I think a straight up trade for Brown would be good, but you could try a bigger blockbuster with Brees, Jones for Rivers, DeAngelo.

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Dixon: I’d drop Maroney for Crayton.

  18. Dixon says:

    @Doc: I thought the same as well. Thanks Doc!

  19. herschel says:

    best ww wr to replace a-gon going down (12 team, ppr):

    laurent robinson
    mario manningham
    chaz schilens
    greg camarillo
    kenny britt
    robert meachem
    austin miles
    chansi stuckey
    antwaan randle el
    andre caldwell

    slim pickings i know.

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @herschel: Yeah, that’s tough. I like Robinson. I think he’s the closest to being a #1 Receiver out of all of those. If you happen to get return yardage go for Meachem.

  21. mrfootball says:

    why did the Raiders waste their number one pick on Darrius Heyward-Bey – they have no QB to get him the ball – his passes are like a field goal kicker missing a field goal

    wide right – wide left – short – blocked

    this report is full of crap (injury report)
    11:37am – ESPN is reporting that ARI WR Anquan Boldin is unlikely to play today. Steve Breaston may play a bigger role later today. he played a bigger role in my teams almost losing !

    I played a team this week with Jermichael Finley as their starting TE – I thought I had no chance !

    Eli Manning and his stoogies at wideout

    Moe Hixon
    Larry Manningham
    Curly Nicks
    Shempo Smith
    Curly Joe Moss

    Frank Gore did anyone notice how bad he was in the 2nd haft of last season – Lets look at him today – 22 carries for 30 yards – yes he had two touchdowns but on one anyone could have scored a it was a miss assignment

    Hey I just made a Carson Palmer in my toilet g

    oh he was injured last year – reality check in the 4 games he started he still looked injured to me

    admit you made a mistake drafting him and move on!

    Real Bad Match up for steve slaton next week

    No T.O. someone has to step up – Crayton

    So someone in my league wants Thomas Jones already…time to capitalize, eh? – wow you just got lucky ! maybe not – he can’t help you were your are weak – Addai and Larry Johnson isn’t going to cut it

    its not going to be easy getting any running backs from anyone thats for sure – maybe you should sit tight – what are you going to trade for another wide out to sit on your bench

    hey dingo – a dingo ate my baby –

    Who do you recommend for McNabb replacement in Week 2

    NcNabb does go on the DL every year – so it was your job if you dicided to draft McNabb to have a decent replacement for him for his yearly DL stunts – so tell us who is McNabb’s backup on your team

    Is it Jason Campbell ? – if so he does have a good match up this week – so he should keep you in the game unless you are facing Brees

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