Here’s a look at the stats for Week 10’s passing matchups.

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The Colts have an unbelievably poor pass defense, but they are facing Blaine Gabbert and an unbelievably poor passing offense. Could Jason Hill or Mike Thomas end up with a decent game? Sure. Do you want to chance it? Only if you have to. Gabbert has thrown for 299 yards . . . in his last three games. That’s less than 100 yards per game. That’s not good . . . The Redskins get the poor Miami pass defense, but John Beck has been playing craptastically and Rex Grossman was splittling snaps with him in practice. Who knows what’s going to happen there. Fred Davis is the only play in the passing game . . . The Patriots are usually a “start every able body receiver against them” play each week but Mark Sanchez makes it a little harder to go all in. If you own Santonio Holmes, Plaxico Burress, or Dustin Keller you probably shouldn’t own them unless you are going to start them against the Pats, but there are no guarantees . . . So far all of the easy passing matchups are against poor quarterbacks and Matt Cassel against Denver is no exception. Cassel is the 22nd ranked fantasy quarterback this season, but it’s still hard not to like the Chiefs receiving trio of Dwayne Bowe, Steve Breaston and Jon Baldwin. With Champ Bailey on Bowe, Breaston and Baldwin should have plenty of time in wide open land . . . Oh, ok, so Aaron Rodgers is the first good quarterback as we go down the easy matchup list. The rich just get richer. In week 7 the Vikings and newly appointed Vikings’ QB Christian Ponder were actually leading 17-10 in the second quarter and then quickly were down 33-17. Greg Jennings was Rodger’s go to receiver with 147 yards and a TD in that game, but it’s tough to know who Rodgers will get the ball to week in and week out. Thankfully he spreads the ball around well and efficiently and every receiver not named Donald Driver or Randall Cobb is a start . . . On the other side of the ball the Vikings don’t have nearly the playmakers as the Packers, but they do face the inept pass defense of the Pack. Christian Ponder is very risky, but he does make the passing game better and their best receiver by a country mile is Percy Harvin. I’m going all in on Harvin this week. He had the bye week to rest his ribs and should be ready to go in a game where his team will most likely be behind and need to throw the ball.

  1. nyydj2 says:

    Need to start two of this craptastic bunch this week in 16 team non PPR, what do you think? B. Edwards in low octane pass offense, J Baldwin vs. horrible pass defense but he crapped bad last week, Young, he plays musical chairs with Burleson, or Damian W who gets a strong Carolina pass D ? Could also drop one of these and pick up Burleson or D. Baldwin.

  2. anthony says:

    Hey Doc,
    I’m in a keeper league, the scoring is standard and its non ppr.
    I have a 4 game lead in my division and wanted to see what’s your take on picking up players that were dropped because of season ending injuries.
    Its all friends in the league and in week 8 the commish announced that he would make it into a keeper league for the following year.
    The teams that had jamaal charles and kenny britt just dropped the them because they were done for the season. (How many players we keep hasn’t been announced yet) I would add either one of these guys but don’t know who might have a brighter future, and I since I don’t know how many we keep I would rather have my line up stacked with potential keepers.
    I already have Cam, arian, mccoy, megatron, Welker, witten and Beanie. I tried to ask and see how many the commish would let us keep, and he said maybe 7 but it would be agreed upon later.
    Would it be a d**k move to get one of those 2 guys for next season? And if not who looks like they can bounce back next year from their injury?
    Thanks for the help. Its kind of hard getting advice on this subject because I can’t ask any of the guys from the league who might make the move before me if I say anything.

  3. brett says:

    Thanks Doc. Which is the better play tomorrow: Tebow @ KC or E Manning @ SF? I’ve been torn all week.

  4. blunty mcbluntsky says:

    start 1 for a second flex spot cj spiller or mark ingram, .5 ppr league, thanks

  5. Rob says:

    Hey Doc,

    In a 12 team standard league, I was offered my McFadden and Fitzgerald for his F. Jackson and A. Brown. I am in 8th place fighting for wins and points. If DMC doesn’t play again in week 11 I’ll be in a bigger hole. What do you think?

  6. elwood blues says:

    I think I’ll go with Helu over Blount as my RB#2.. (.05 ppr).. yeah?

  7. matt says:

    Hey Doc, who would you start at flex out of these options in a PPR League: Ingram,P.Thomas,L.Robinson,M.Lynch. Thank you kind sir.

  8. Gametime says:

    Who do you like better this week. Laurent Robinson or Santonio Holmes?

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @elwood blues: Yeah

    @Rob: I could see taking the risk with where you are right now, but if allt hings are even I think I’d hold.

    @blunty mcbluntsky: Ingram

    @brett: Yeah, that’s a tough one for sure. I’m leaning Eli for safety, but Tebow has a lot of upside.

    @anthony: I’d grab JC first. His potential is higher.

    @nyydj2: I’d go with Jon Baldy

  10. Tim says:

    Non-ppr: keep tinkering on 1 WR and 1 Flex: S Johnson, A Brown, Harvin, D Brown. Peterson and S Jackson already my RBs and Nicks my WR1. Thanks.

  11. Branden says:

    with nicks a gametime decision would you replace with earl bennett Roy helu or brandon pettigrew-standard
    also with manningham questionable in another league lol torrey smith or earl bennett?- standard (darn giant receivers) thanks doc!

  12. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Tim: Tough call, but I’m leaning Antonio and Percy.

    @Branden: I’d lean Helu and Smith

  13. Tim says:

    Hey Doc,
    Even if I lose, thanks for the Antonio over Stevie Johnson.

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