Here are the updated pass defense matchups for the rest of the season.  I have separated them into the next 4 games and the last 3 games. If you are poking and scrapping to get into that last playoff spot, this first chart might be right up your alley.

Eli Manning has been good to you lately and it looks like he will continue that goodness.  Kyle Orton has a tough road until the playoffs come around. The same is true for Donovan McNabb.  If Vince Young can get healthy and get some Randy Moss help he could put up some numbers in the next few games. Michael Vick has a crazy schedule, going from easy, tough, tough, easy, easy, tough, and tough.

Here they are sorted for your fantasy playoff pleasure.  If you have secured a playoff spot, then this might be the chart for you!

If Jon Kitna is still alive by week 15/16 it might behoove you to have him around.  The same is true for Ryan Fitzpatrick.  Like I said earlier somewhere, Michael Vick has a roller coaster ride and it doesn’t end all that well in the fantasy playoffs.

  1. Caprice says:

    Since Steve Smith is out this week, how much of a bump should manning ham get? Would you play him over Lynch, Moss, Austin, or Garcon?

  2. TDCC says:

    Looking at these charts (particularly the 2nd chart), I was thinking maybe it would make sense to trade Vick for Big Ben. I already have Orton as a backup, so the final 3 defenses they would be facing combined would be 27, 22, 32. But then again if there’s any QB out there that can be successful against the toughest defenses it would be Vick because of the way he can extend the play. Can you let me know what you think I should do

  3. Hawgman says:

    Just making sure I am understanding what the chart is telling me – The higher the number the better it is for the opposing QB, correct?

  4. GT says:

    It sucks that the teams with the best playoff schedules lack any talent at receiver to be added off the waiver wire.

  5. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Caprice: I would consider playing him over Austin.

    @TDCC: Yeah, Vick has been unbenchable. I’d stick with him despite the matchups.

    @Hawgman: Yes sir

    @GT: agreed

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