Week 3 of course didn’t go as planned, but a lot of shizz happened and here is a round up of said shizz:

Anquan Boldin: Whoa, I thought the Browns would at least try to cover the Ravens’ best receiver.  I was wrong.  Three TDs is good news for his owners, but even better news for Joe Flacco owners who have been watching him languish in the shallows of rotten pond.

Peyton Hillis: Holy crud. I haven’t been high on Hillis at all, but especially against the Ravens who hadn’t given up a TD in the first 2 games.  Well, I was wrong. Hillis has a high motor and is a bruiser.  Add that to a stout Browns’ offensive line and you have the makings for a RB that can gain positive yards against any team. And add the 7 receptions and you have something pretty neato.

Michael Vick: He threw for 3 touchdowns and ran for another.  He has now had 2 big games against the 2 worst pass defenses in the league last season.  I don’t think that many QBs could have had the same numbers, but we can’t just blindly expect him to continue putting up top 5 numbers. Top 10, ok, but this will probably be the sell highest point.

Justin Forsett: He led the Seachickens with 17 carries while Leon Washington had one (might have been tired from running kicks back for TDs), and Jones had zero.  of course he didn’t have a huge game with only 63 yards rushing, but he also had 3 receptions for 31 yards.  It adds up to an acceptable flex spot.  If he continues to get that workload he will be useful.

Beanie Wells: The Bean didn’t look like he wasn’t in football shape with 14 carries for 75 yards while Tim Hightower had 11 carries for 40 yards.  As long as he stays healthy he should continue to see the bulk of the work and for reasons I talked about a long time ago, he should be productive.

Ray Rice: We are still waiting to hear the extent of his knee injury, but Rice doesn’t seem to think it’s bad.  He was having a nice game, but Boldin was getting all the TD love.  He gets the Steelers next week so we could be in a buy low situation after that game or even after this one as long as the news is positive. Of course McGahee would get the start if he is out for any period of time.

Steven Jackson: He was sidelined for pulling his groin.  I just had a few weeks of awkward silences from my parents.  We are waiting to hear more, but Kenneth (Trent) Darby would get the start next week against Seattle.  Darby is meh and huh?, but he would get the work if you need a replacement.

Tony Gonzalez: The stories of his demise were greatly exaggerated. He’s just too consistent to not get targets and catches and the occasional TD and a record for most TE receptions, etc.  He’s no longer an elite TE, but he is still in the top 12.

Carson Palmer: Blugh.  His game is in a sad state of affairs.  They are throwing enough that he’ll have an occasional okay game, but on the whole he just isn’t the QB he was before his injuries. He targeted TO and Ocho 21 times and came out of it with 8 completions.

C.J. Spiller: He only touched the ball 7 times on offense, but still got into the endzone on a reception.  He also went crazy on 5 kick returns for 189 yards and another touchdown.  Unless you are in return yardage league it doesn’t seem like Spiller is going to get enough work.

Marshawn Lynch: 13 carries for 79 yards is a much nicer game than he gave us to start the season.  He is the main back with Jackson and Spiller coming in on third downs.  He’s the back to own right now in non-PPR leagues if you can stomach owning a Bill.

Jonathan Stewart: The whole Panthers offense looked pretty sad with Jimmy Clausen at the helm.  He made a couple good throws, but completed under 50%.  JStew is getting goal line carries and got into the endzone, but with Deangelo and Goodson in there this is looking like a cluster, and quick.

Jahvid Best: He only touched the ball 9 times and left the game with a toe injury. We really have no idea what the problem is. He says it “wasn’t feeling right.” Well, his owners weren’t feeling right either as they watched their stud on the sideline.

Arian Foster: Showing that he can produce at any time, he totaled 126 yards when his team looked sluggish against a good Dallas run D.  Andre Johnson was hurting and the passing game wasn’t clicking, but Foster still ran well.  They really should have given him the ball more.

Andre Johnson: He has a high ankle sprain and they just keep taping it up and throwing him out there.  I hate to see him miss any games, but I would like for him to get healthy and not have to leave games.

Austin Collie: His situation was optimal for a big game.  Pierre Garcon was out and Champ Bailey, who was a game time decision, played and matched up on Reggie Wayne.  So the ball just naturally funneled to Collie and he made the best of it going 12 for 171 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Maurice Jones-Drew: David Garrard is killing MJD.  I thought that since he was back at home he might be as least useful for the rest of his team, but he can’t sustain a drive to sustain his life.  I wouldn’t sell MJD low at all, but you do have to lower expectations.

Jamaal Charles: Here is my obligatory, JC Superstar is better than Tom Jones and should be getting more carries because every time he touches the ball he does something great, note.

Mike Wallace: I sure didn’t think Charlie Batch would have 3 TDs in the first half with 2 to Wallace.  You were waiting for Ben to get back, but he gave you a sneak peak at what you can look forward to.

Bernard Berrian: Yeah, he sucks.  Drop him if you forgot to.

Dustin Keller: He did his best Antonio Gates impression in the first quarter.  Not sure why he fell off the map in the second half, but you see what he can do.  There were some people asking about adding him last week.  If there is anywhere he isn’t owned, he should be.

Possible Pickups

Josh Cribbs: He had 8 targets and caught 4 of them.  He got the start this week and if he continues to do so and get that many targets he has the skill to get some crazy YAC.

Ryan Torain: It looked like Keiland Williams was the backup to Portis after Torain and LJ were dismissed, but Torain was resigned and split carries with Portis against the Rams and they were pretty much even in production.  Williams was the third down guy.  If you took a flier on Williams I would fly over to Torain now.

LaGarrette Blount: Hard to go too crazy for a guy who only got 6 touches, but he did get into the end zone against a tough Steelers defense and he looked like an ox on his carries.  It seems like he is the handcuff to Caddilac Williams, but Earnest Graham has somehow turned into the 3rd down back and is contributing even now in deep PPR leagues.  It’s a situation I’m not crazy about jumping into right now.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis: He had 16 carries for 98 yards and a TD.  You can drop Taylor or whatever Pats back you have, but I ain’t promising you anything but heartache and despair.

Lance Moore: I despise the Saints wide receivers.  Moore went for 149 yards and 2 TDs along with some good return yards.  The only reason this seems like it is possibly sustainable is because he is taking the slot receptions that Bush was getting.  He’s worth grabbing, but of course he is a little like grabbing a Pats back.

Mario Manningham: He continues to make decent yardage and is taking away from my man Nicks.  It all depends on how much the Giants are throwing the ball any given game, so owning him will be hit and miss.

Louis Murphy: He’s probably been picked up, but he put up another good game and should be owned in most formats.  He had 5 receptions for 119 yards on 6 targets, while DHB had 3 receptions for 49 yards on 11 targets.

  1. BAM says:

    Hey Doc,

    I’ve had Hillis on my team for the last three weeks, since the news of Hardesty’s injury, and I was PRAYING for a day like this so that I could sell high on him. However, given how her performed against one of the most solid run D’s in the league, he may just be the real deal. What would you say is his long-term value?



  2. Occh says:

    im thinking on trying to sell mjd as it seems like the jacksonville offense is going to be a trainwreck all year, i’m still projecting mjd to finish among the top 15 running backs but i’d be lying if i said i wasn’t a litle worried. Where would rank mjd for the rest of the year?

  3. Daniel says:

    Doc, I can’t afford to carry 2 TEs, so is it time to drop Brent Celek in favor of Dustin Keller?

  4. emceeperiod says:

    So, this Kolb situation has ****** me in the ***. I got a little redemption this week by beating the dude who picked up Vick (and he picked him up the Saturday before the first game…unbelievable) this week, but now I’m just struggling at the QB position. I started Cassel last week, Hassle this week, picked up Freeman but didn’t want to start him v. Pitt this weekend. I’m basically playing quarterback musical chairs. Besides trading for a QB, I feel like all I can do is pick up QB’s based on matchups. I’ll probably do that, but I was wondering if you think any of the free agent QB’s in my league may be able to become a respectable QB1 sometime this season…here’s the available Q’s in my league:


    Any advice?

  5. G.O.B. says:

    Question – I have been offered a trade where I would pick up Miles Austin in exchange for Tony Gonzalez and Justin Forsett. I already have Shiancoe at TE, Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne and DeSean Jackson at WR, but no WRs on my bench. Currently I would be content to let Forsett ride the pine the entire year because I have better options at RB (Foster, McCoy, Bradshaw, McFadden).

    So, should I do this trade, or should I not? Or should I try to counter with Spiller or Brandon Jackson instead of Forsett?

    PPR and return yards count as well.

    Long question, I know, but thanks for your help.

  6. Daniel says:

    @emceeperiod: Henne’s probably your best shot at some kind of consistency.

    @G.O.B.: Even with the strength of your top 3 (and apparently only 3) WRs, making that trade seems like a no brainer to me. You can never have too many top-tier wideouts, especially with Andre Johnson being a bit ouchy of late. As a matter of fact, I don’t think that you’re giving up enough in that deal. Perhaps throw in… the Queen of Diamonds?!?!

  7. Randy says:

    D Brown or Blount? and Maurice Morris or Kevin Smith if Best’s injury is bad? Thanks

  8. Child Please says:

    .5 PPR H2H league
    I am in dire need of a QB, thank you Kolb and Garrard…One team has 2 backup QBs (Eli and Henne) and is looking for a RB…I have MGD, McFadden, Bradshaw, Hightower, Felix Jones, Brandon Jackson…Which QB would you target and which RB would you offer?

  9. MrR8DER says:

    – I can use another WR & RB – Who should I be targeting off waivers

    WR – Wallace (FYI I have Ward), Britt, Crayton, Roy Williams, L Moore, Shipley, Naanee, Amendola, D Branch, D Bees

    RB – Torain, Ellis, Mcgahee, F Jones, D Bown, Maroney

    Which top 2 from each cat. should I target this week?


  10. Howie says:

    Of course I dropped Zach Raider Miller and replaced him with Cooley for yesterday’s games. Looking ahead, should I reverse the swap, keep Cooley, or are they effectively the same (non-PPR) TE?

  11. Abe says:

    2 questions: I dropped gaffney before this week – do you think he’s worth picking back up (i would drop mccluster)? and would you still trade maclin and cutler for a top 5 qb after this week – i’m starting to think it might not be worth it because maclin looks like he could have a real good year.

  12. Wilsonian says:

    Thinking of dropping Cooley (I have Keller) for a bench WR…wouldja, and who:

    Demaryius, Santonio, Gaffney, Murphy, Moore?

    Thanks dood.

  13. Plainville says:

    I drafted Kolb and picked up Vick – pleased with the results but should I try to trade for an elite QB? Offer one or both and for who? Cutler?

    Also, Daniels is killing me at TE but there is not much available on the wire – who do you like: Hernandez, Moeaki, Lewis, Gronkowski or Gresham?

  14. Kecia says:

    You didn’t talk about Moeaki. He’s going to get more passes, at least all those that Cassel can manage to get into his vicinity and not turnover. And McCluster is going to break out a few times…and Jamaal probably worked as much as they’re going to with Jones. They had balance, putting Jones in to take some of the harder hits, but not so much that it kept Jamaal off the field. The blocking is great, so I don’t think the running is going to slack off anytime soon for KC. Oh, and you could see a positive difference in Flowers in pre-season, which he has sustained. Something has clicked with him, and he’s playing like a stud. He’s going to get more interceptions.

  15. Karen says:

    Hi Doc!

    Whick QB do like for week 4. Its my bye week w Romo.


  16. Karen says:

    Also…I have drop one of my TE to p/u QB….Miller or Winslow?

  17. Dakota says:

    I was at the Chiefs game yesterday and here are my simple observations.

    The bad news: Thomas Jones is here to stay because he doesn’t lose yardage, he runs hard and he’s consistent (no fumbles). I don’t think he deserves 20 touches a game compared to Charles’s 12-15, but Jones is here to stay. Further complicating matters…McCluster is proving his worth and fills a similar role as Charles.

    The good news (for Charles owners): The Chiefs have no desire or ability to throw the ball down field and are content to give the ball to one of their three RBs every play. Wildcat formation is going to be used and it looks like all three of their playmakers can be used out of that formation.

    Now, if you’re a Bowe owner…that’s a different story. I’d rather own Crabtree and he’s a complete waste of talent right now.

  18. Donald87 says:

    Lance M worth a #2 Waiver Priority? My other flexible WRs in a PPR are Garcon and Jacoby Jones.

  19. Todd says:

    I’m leading by only 4 points this week but my opponent has all players finished and i have brandon jackson still to play. This is my first stab at fantasy football so bear with me.

    I’m already 0-2 and need to secure the win. Does it make sense to sit brandon jackson? Seeing as i’m already down this season, i might have to tie someone to make the playoffs, and then my only worry is that the first tiebreaker is points scored.

    Is it safe enough to start him and risk fumblitis? Or should i just sit him?

  20. DrPepper says:

    Another owner losing faith in Celek. Do I keep him or replace him with Moeaki, Hernandez, Lewis? Gronkowski?

  21. stumanji says:

    @Todd: Start him. It is very hard to lose 4 points.

  22. djbooyah21 says:

    Hey Doc, need some trade advice por favor. Only have 16 roster spots – I don’t feel like that’s not enough and it limits my depth or the lackthereof.

    Current Roster: BMarsh, DJax, Romo, Vick, MJD, McFadden, Caddy, Felix Jones, D. Mason, K. Walter, Winslow, Celek, Vincent Jackson, and Jabar Gaffney.

    Caddy, Felix, Winslow, Celek and Mason have all been subpar thus far. Can you recommend any trades or possible upgrades?

    Free Agents: Nate Washington, Brandon Llyong, Meachem, Lance Moore, Moeaki, Aaron Hernandez, Earnest Graham, and Green-Ellis best available RBs.

  23. dirtdog says:

    Who to drop..smelling or barber?


    Which defense next week?
    Colts -vs jags
    Dolphins- vs patriots
    Bengals-vs browns

  24. RB says:


    This may sound crazy but I’m really worried about Shonn Greene for this year and I’m thinking of dropping him for someone who will play/produce something.

    I’m thinking of picking up Thomas Jones (who’s getting the carries and producing) or maybe P Hillis but I’m leaning more T Jones.

    What do you think? Also, Megatron is KILLING me. ARGH

  25. Joel says:

    Doc, would you rather have the ravens D or Cowboys D the rest of the year?

  26. ken plane says:

    Doc – Drop D. Brown for either M. Bush, Spiller or F. Jackson/

  27. herschel says:

    @ Doc: currently have vick, ryan and rothlisberger at qb. was offered favre and mark clayton for ryan. should i hold out for more?

  28. Yonko says:


    Got offered BMarsh for JC today. I know, I know, you love JC. But:

    1) I have Sjax and Mendenhall already in my rb1 and 2 spots.
    2) I have LDT as a bye week replacement and backup.
    3) My WR2 is Dwayne Bowe (with Bryant and Kevin Walter on my bench).

    This is a keeper league, and both are eligible next year to be kept. Is this worth considering?

  29. Wilsonian says:

    Need a WR for next week (Austin and DezB are out, and so is Mike Williams of the TB variety). Who do I drop:

    Sproles, Moreno, Henne, Mike Williams?

    Who do I pick up:

    Bennett, Jacoby, Cribbs, Bess, Amendola, DHB?

  30. Gambler says:

    So for the second straight week two of my players got injurred (on my team that looked stacked); Last week Turner (who somehow fell to the 2nd round) and Matthews got injurred and I had Best on the bench, and I was able to squeak out a win by 1 point.. This week Best and A. Johnson got injurred.. And now I have way to many guys that are questionable.. So right now I am 1-2 and I have six players who are questionable for next week.. So my question is should I try to trade Best (who apparently has grade 2 turf toe, which might linger and is injury prone and has bad matchups in playoff time) or Matthews (who I have no idea when he is coming back) for say a top 15 RB or a top 12 receiver or should I just ride it out. My other RB’s are Bradshaw and B. Jackson and I’ll try to add Green-Ellis..

  31. Gambler says:

    Three more questions: Is Demaryius still the receiver to own in Denver, or is it a tossup between him and Gaffney and Lloyd? Demaryius did almost get a TD pass at the end of the game, but the other receivers also played well.

    Also, do you trade Maclin for Hakeem Nicks? I think Nicks has the better year, and Maclin and Vick will struggle once the Eagles leave the Det/Jac part of their schedule..

    Which D do you like for next week, Atl (vs. SF) or SD (vs. Ari)

  32. Wilsonian says:

    0.5 PPR, what do you think of an offer of Best and Wayne for AP and possibly no one?

  33. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: well make that Wayne/Best for AP/Jennings. I made the offer, think it’s rather fair, and the owner of AP is a HUGE Colts fan, hoping to play on that…

  34. hideousmutants says:

    Thinking about moving Colston. Relying on him has contributed to my 0-3 start. What do you think about

    Colston and McNabb for Matt Ryan and Mark Clayton?

    My other receivers are Floyd and Wayne. So I’d get a QB boost and plug in Floyd for Colston. I wouldn’t have said this two weeks ago but Floyd’s value seems about equal to Colston’s. It’s really hard to rely on a guy that plays on a team that spreads it around so much.

  35. Spike says:

    You think I should drop Demaryius Thomas for Louis Murphy? Our league is straight up FA with no waivers, but it’s $2 a transaction and I’ve been making a lot of moves so far. Anything to improve my team is a must, but I’m hoping to cut this trend of week to week pick-ups who won’t be worth it in the long haul.

    And yeah, I’m look pretty bad right now at WR with Randy Moss, Steve Smith (Car), Mike Sims-Walker, Terrell Owens, and the aforementioned Thomas. If you have the slightest idea or insight with Murphy please let me know. I neglected to watch the game when the majority of it was on NFL RedZone.

  36. Matt Leinart says:

    Hey Doc,

    Would you prefer Orton @ TENN or Sanchez @ BUF?

    TN has the better D, but Denver will probably need to air it out again.


  37. Matt Leinart says:

    Is Favre rosterable? His upcoming schedule is ugly (bye, NYJ, DAL, GB, NE). Is he even top 20 over the next 5 weeks?

  38. Doc

    Doc says:

    @BAM: He’s not going to go off like that all the time, but he should be usable. If you can find someone in desperate need for a RB and you are ok at RB I could see giving it a try.

    @Occh: Since he is an every down back he is still in my top 10 or higher. If someone really wants him I could see trading, but don’t sell low.

    @Daniel: I think they’ll be about the same, but Keller is better right now. I would do it.

    @emceeperiod: Marshall should make Henne useful, but you’ll still need to play musical QBs with him. Which can work out if you have the bench space.

    @G.O.B.: I’d go for it.

    @Randy: Brown and Morris, but that situation is hard to tell since Smith was deactivated for that game.

    @Child Please: I would try not to give up your top 3. Go for Eli for any of the leftovers there.

    @MrR8DER: Wallace, Moore, Jones, Maroney

    @Howie: Their season ending numbers should be fairly close. I would probably just stay.

    @Abe: If you could get a top 3 QB I would, but I wouldn’t go for less. I don’t have a lot of faith in either putting up consistent numbers. Gaffney should at least have more targets though.

    @Wilsonian: Tough, some good names there. i would lean Murphy.

    @Plainville: I would switch him out for Hernandez. I think Vick can average about the same as Cutler. Somewhere in the 6-10 QB range.

    @Kecia: Moeaki’s TD grab was a thing of beauty!

    @Karen: Is Gradkowski available?

    @Karen: Which Miller?

    @Donald87: I wouldn’t drop Garcon, but maybe Jones.

    @Todd: I’d try to get some more points.

    @DrPepper: I’d give him a little more time. He did have 6 targets and 4 receptions.

    @djbooyah21: I’d drop Mason for Moore and see what RB you could get for Vick.

    @dirtdog: Snelling/Colts

    @RB: I couldn’t drop Greene for those 2 yet, but I can see why you would want to.

    @Joel: Ravens

    @ken plane: No

    @herschel: You should be able to get more.

    @Yonko: Yeah, that WR upgrade is needed. I’d go for it.

    @Wilsonian: I don’t like those choices! I’d drop Henne as long as you have a top QB and grab Jacoby.

    @Gambler: I could see trying to trade Best since that toe could linger. Depends on what you could get for him. I’m still in the DT camp because I think he’ll gain snaps as the season goes along. I could see making that trade. They are fairly even right now.

    @Wilsonian: With Best’s toe injury I doubt the AP owner will accept.

    @hideousmutants: I could see plugging Floyd in for Colston, but not loving that trade. I think McNabb and Ryan are about equal and Colston has more value than Clayton.

    @Spike: Murphy looked good and Gradkowski likes throwing to the receivers. I think DT will have more value in the long run but Murphy is getting the work now.

  39. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Matt Leinart: I’d lean Orton.

    @Matt Leinart: Really depends on who you have and who is available, but it isn’t looking great for Favre.

  40. hideousmutants says:

    Thanks, Doc! The way this season is going, the surest way to get Colston big points is to sit him.

  41. Karen says:

    Sorry about that Doc….I will have to drop either Heath Miller or Winslow. What do you think?

    Gradkowski? He is available. Think he will be doing some good next week?

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Karen: Heath. Yeah, he gets Houston who is giving up a ton of passing yards. Risky of course, but I like him better than the guys you listed.

  43. Damion says:

    Doc, you told me to start Kellar, and I had second thoughts, but went with it anyways…You’re na genius sir

  44. Wilsonian says:

    @Doc: instead of picking up Jacoby for Henne (I have Cutler btw), would you pick up James Jones, Josh Morgan, Shipley, or the other Mike Williams?

    Also, would you drop the useless Spelled for a wounded Bush on the bench, Rashad Jennings, Bucky, Bernard Scott, McGahee, Torain, Graham, or Goodson?

  45. Wilsonian says:

    @Wilsonian: wow, tha should say “the useless Sproles”. Gotta love typing on a phone with autocorrect.

  46. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Wilsonian: I would drop him for Torain. Still like Jacoby

  47. Joel says:

    Doc, my wrs are Austin, welker, Hines ward and Lance Moore. I have the Chargers D (cut the Cowboys last week). Jacoby Jones and Devin Hester are both on the wire. Would you trade Welker or Ward for Pittsburgh or Baltimore if you were me? Or, is the combo of the Chargers and Cowboys (who are still on the wire) good enough that it wouldn’t be worth upgrading to the Steelers?

  48. Joel says:

    with regard to Q 47, its a 2 wr league with a flex, no ppr. My RBs are Best, SJax, Bradshaw, Barber, Shonn Greene and Darby (in case sjax is out)

  49. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Joel: I don’t think you need to make that trade. I’d lean toward Dallas as my default D out of those 2, but I feel there is always a matchup play on waivers.

  50. Howard says:

    Hi Doc, need a replacement for JC bye week: Bush, Williams, Jacobs, F. Jackson, D. Brown, Maroney, Green-Ellis?

  51. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Howard: If Moreno is out, Maroney

  52. Fletch says:

    @Doc: Dynasty PPR league: Would you consider trading Ray Rice for S. Smith (NYG), Mendenhall, Blount, Tate (Hou) and a future 1st round pick?

    I have Foster already.

  53. Joel says:

    Just finished watching MNF. I picked up the Bears D. you think they could be a good default D this year, maybe even better than the Boys? I thought they looked good, and Hester’s back in business.

  54. lewyatt says:

    Howdy Doc! I have posted below my roster and scoring system. I have also listed some free agents/WW that I could get. Do you mind reviewing and letting me know what kind of upgrades to make? I like Keller for Cooley at TE and I am set with Steelers at D, and Rackers at K.

    6 pts for rushing and receiving TD and 1 pts for every 10 yards.
    6 for QB plus 1pt for each 25 yards
    Standard Defense scoring; Bonus points for low score and deductions for higher score

    QB: T. Romo, K. Orton, B. Roethlisberger
    RB: F. Gore, A. Foster, C. Williams, J. Harrison, M. Tolbert
    WR: A. Johnson, R. White, J. Knox, M. Wallace, D. Thomas
    TE: C. Cooley
    D/ST: Steelers
    K: N. Rackers

    RB-Ben-J Green; Darby; K. Williams, Blount, Spiller, Torain, Kuhn, D. Brown
    WR-L. Murphy, L. Moore, Manningham, Lloyd, Hester, Evans, Thomas, Henderson
    TE-Keller, Moeaki, Hernandez; I like in order of preference.

    Who do I drop and whom to pickup? I need to see what I can do to make my team better. When Ben comes back, I will look to move one of my QBs. Thanks!

  55. lewyatt says:

    Should I stick with Orton agains TEN or should I go to the wire for a better matchup?


  56. Anon says:

    Which defense guy do you like best for this week…..Alex Brown, DE Saints, or Lamar Woodley LB PIT?

  57. paulzone says:

    what do you make of the denver wr’s?

    I drafted royal (dropped last week for keller) and picked up d.thomas last week. Lloyd and Gaffney go off this week.

    Who would you own? and would you start him this week over ward?

  58. paulzone says:

    hmmm, i’d like to pick up hillis, green-ellis, moore, lloyd, or gaffney but would you drop any of these players to do it:

    rivers, cutler
    pierre, bradshaw, moreno, matthews
    aj, wayne, ward, holmes, demaryius
    gonzo, keller

  59. Joe says:

    Hey Doc! In a PPR league, would you give Best and Nicks for S-Jax? I feel like Best’s toe will linger longer than S-Jax’s groin… I’ll probably replace Nicks with Forsett/Knox/Jacoby.

  60. lewyatt says:

    Where did Doc go?

  61. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Fletch: Yes, but who would you have to drop?

    @Joel: Always depends on the matchup, but they have looked good this season.

    @lewyatt: I’d drop Tolbert/Harrison for Blount and Torain. And I would go ahead with Keller.

    @lewyatt: Probably stick with Orton. Doubt your waiver wore will be much better.

    @Anon: We should have our defensive guru post up tomorrow. Leave a question in the comments there.

    @paulzone: Really tough, but I’m sticking with DT. I’d probably lean Ward though.

    @paulzone: I’d drop DT for Hillis.

    @Joe: Yeah, Best’s toe is worrisome.

  62. lewyatt says:

    On Tolbert, SD has pretty easy RB matchups next couple weeks. Not sure that Mathews will be back. Does that weight in at all?

    Also, you would keep Cadillac over a BJ-GreenEllis (law firm)?

  63. Doc

    Doc says:

    @lewyatt: Mathews looks like he’ll play and you can’t trust any Patriots back.

  64. wyotexpike22 says:

    I have been beating my head agianst the wall on this one and I would like some help please. I have been offered MJD and Brandon Marshall for Ronnie Brown and DeSean Jackson.

  65. Damion says:

    Ok. Here we go,

    QB-Vick or Ryan(1)
    RBS-Mccoy, Rice, B.Jax, or Lynch(2) or ken darby or blount? mcgahee was already snagged.
    WRS-Floyd, D.Thomas, or pick up: mike williams or crabtree or lee evans?
    FLEX-Any of the remaining rb/wr left over
    TE-Daniels or Kellar
    what do you think?
    If anybody else, I should pick up let me know?

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