Week 3 of course didn’t go as planned, but a lot of shizz happened and here is a round up of said shizz:

Anquan Boldin: Whoa, I thought the Browns would at least try to cover the Ravens’ best receiver.  I was wrong.  Three TDs is good news for his owners, but even better news for Joe Flacco owners who have been watching him languish in the shallows of rotten pond.

Peyton Hillis: Holy crud. I haven’t been high on Hillis at all, but especially against the Ravens who hadn’t given up a TD in the first 2 games.  Well, I was wrong. Hillis has a high motor and is a bruiser.  Add that to a stout Browns’ offensive line and you have the makings for a RB that can gain positive yards against any team. And add the 7 receptions and you have something pretty neato.

Michael Vick: He threw for 3 touchdowns and ran for another.  He has now had 2 big games against the 2 worst pass defenses in the league last season.  I don’t think that many QBs could have had the same numbers, but we can’t just blindly expect him to continue putting up top 5 numbers. Top 10, ok, but this will probably be the sell highest point.

Justin Forsett: He led the Seachickens with 17 carries while Leon Washington had one (might have been tired from running kicks back for TDs), and Jones had zero.  of course he didn’t have a huge game with only 63 yards rushing, but he also had 3 receptions for 31 yards.  It adds up to an acceptable flex spot.  If he continues to get that workload he will be useful.

Beanie Wells: The Bean didn’t look like he wasn’t in football shape with 14 carries for 75 yards while Tim Hightower had 11 carries for 40 yards.  As long as he stays healthy he should continue to see the bulk of the work and for reasons I talked about a long time ago, he should be productive.

Ray Rice: We are still waiting to hear the extent of his knee injury, but Rice doesn’t seem to think it’s bad.  He was having a nice game, but Boldin was getting all the TD love.  He gets the Steelers next week so we could be in a buy low situation after that game or even after this one as long as the news is positive. Of course McGahee would get the start if he is out for any period of time.

Steven Jackson: He was sidelined for pulling his groin.  I just had a few weeks of awkward silences from my parents.  We are waiting to hear more, but Kenneth (Trent) Darby would get the start next week against Seattle.  Darby is meh and huh?, but he would get the work if you need a replacement.

Tony Gonzalez: The stories of his demise were greatly exaggerated. He’s just too consistent to not get targets and catches and the occasional TD and a record for most TE receptions, etc.  He’s no longer an elite TE, but he is still in the top 12.

Carson Palmer: Blugh.  His game is in a sad state of affairs.  They are throwing enough that he’ll have an occasional okay game, but on the whole he just isn’t the QB he was before his injuries. He targeted TO and Ocho 21 times and came out of it with 8 completions.

C.J. Spiller: He only touched the ball 7 times on offense, but still got into the endzone on a reception.  He also went crazy on 5 kick returns for 189 yards and another touchdown.  Unless you are in return yardage league it doesn’t seem like Spiller is going to get enough work.

Marshawn Lynch: 13 carries for 79 yards is a much nicer game than he gave us to start the season.  He is the main back with Jackson and Spiller coming in on third downs.  He’s the back to own right now in non-PPR leagues if you can stomach owning a Bill.

Jonathan Stewart: The whole Panthers offense looked pretty sad with Jimmy Clausen at the helm.  He made a couple good throws, but completed under 50%.  JStew is getting goal line carries and got into the endzone, but with Deangelo and Goodson in there this is looking like a cluster, and quick.

Jahvid Best: He only touched the ball 9 times and left the game with a toe injury. We really have no idea what the problem is. He says it “wasn’t feeling right.” Well, his owners weren’t feeling right either as they watched their stud on the sideline.

Arian Foster: Showing that he can produce at any time, he totaled 126 yards when his team looked sluggish against a good Dallas run D.  Andre Johnson was hurting and the passing game wasn’t clicking, but Foster still ran well.  They really should have given him the ball more.

Andre Johnson: He has a high ankle sprain and they just keep taping it up and throwing him out there.  I hate to see him miss any games, but I would like for him to get healthy and not have to leave games.

Austin Collie: His situation was optimal for a big game.  Pierre Garcon was out and Champ Bailey, who was a game time decision, played and matched up on Reggie Wayne.  So the ball just naturally funneled to Collie and he made the best of it going 12 for 171 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Maurice Jones-Drew: David Garrard is killing MJD.  I thought that since he was back at home he might be as least useful for the rest of his team, but he can’t sustain a drive to sustain his life.  I wouldn’t sell MJD low at all, but you do have to lower expectations.

Jamaal Charles: Here is my obligatory, JC Superstar is better than Tom Jones and should be getting more carries because every time he touches the ball he does something great, note.

Mike Wallace: I sure didn’t think Charlie Batch would have 3 TDs in the first half with 2 to Wallace.  You were waiting for Ben to get back, but he gave you a sneak peak at what you can look forward to.

Bernard Berrian: Yeah, he sucks.  Drop him if you forgot to.

Dustin Keller: He did his best Antonio Gates impression in the first quarter.  Not sure why he fell off the map in the second half, but you see what he can do.  There were some people asking about adding him last week.  If there is anywhere he isn’t owned, he should be.

Possible Pickups

Josh Cribbs: He had 8 targets and caught 4 of them.  He got the start this week and if he continues to do so and get that many targets he has the skill to get some crazy YAC.

Ryan Torain: It looked like Keiland Williams was the backup to Portis after Torain and LJ were dismissed, but Torain was resigned and split carries with Portis against the Rams and they were pretty much even in production.  Williams was the third down guy.  If you took a flier on Williams I would fly over to Torain now.

LaGarrette Blount: Hard to go too crazy for a guy who only got 6 touches, but he did get into the end zone against a tough Steelers defense and he looked like an ox on his carries.  It seems like he is the handcuff to Caddilac Williams, but Earnest Graham has somehow turned into the 3rd down back and is contributing even now in deep PPR leagues.  It’s a situation I’m not crazy about jumping into right now.

BenJarvus Green-Ellis: He had 16 carries for 98 yards and a TD.  You can drop Taylor or whatever Pats back you have, but I ain’t promising you anything but heartache and despair.

Lance Moore: I despise the Saints wide receivers.  Moore went for 149 yards and 2 TDs along with some good return yards.  The only reason this seems like it is possibly sustainable is because he is taking the slot receptions that Bush was getting.  He’s worth grabbing, but of course he is a little like grabbing a Pats back.

Mario Manningham: He continues to make decent yardage and is taking away from my man Nicks.  It all depends on how much the Giants are throwing the ball any given game, so owning him will be hit and miss.

Louis Murphy: He’s probably been picked up, but he put up another good game and should be owned in most formats.  He had 5 receptions for 119 yards on 6 targets, while DHB had 3 receptions for 49 yards on 11 targets.