Off the top B_Don and Donkey Teeth discuss leaves, snow storms, RazzBowl Playoffs and dreams of a healthy Cam Newton on the Chicago Bears. Only Superman can save Da Bears now. Eventually the guys dig into their respective top 5 pickups for this week including Brian Hill, Derrius Guice, J.D. McKissic, DeVante Parker, Darius Slayton, Kalen Ballage and Peyton Barber.

In the deep league pickups segment players like Russell Gage, Gus Edwards, Jacob Hollister, Hunter Renfrow, Jake Kumerow and Allen Lazard are discussed. The show is topped off with everyone’s favorite segment, a**hole of the week. Tune in now and dominate your waiver wire! 

  1. Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot (who wins?) says:

    PPR dynasty with infinite IR slots (can be used for bye week guys too but they have to come off right after their bye unless they have a flag (fantrax)). need at least 7 ARI players at all times (IR counts)
    QB (max from 2 real life teams if active): trubisky
    RB (2): DJ (ARI 1), drake (A2), hyde, d-will (the good one, FINALLY got his job back), mckissic
    WR (3): kirk (ARI 3), t-will, m-will, mclaurin, k.johnson (ARI 4), evans
    TE (1): ertz, goedert
    1 flex
    IR: gallman, aj brown, tannehill, breida, ellison, h.butler (A5)
    DL (2): campbell, c.jones (A6), (LB)
    LB (2): LVE, j.hicks (A7), cunningham, warner (will drop warner if need be, needed fill in from byes)
    DB (2): baker (A8), rapp
    IR: blair (had massively moved up the IDP rankings, then got no points in week 10, i’ll look into snap counts when they come out), kirkpatrick, m.nicholson
    K (1): folk, badgley (dropping one of these shortly)
    DEF (1): MIN

    i had traded d.hamilton WR DEN to DEN owner back in preseason when i was going to have to drop him anyway for a 3rd rounder. we do a slow message board preseason draft and most all named rookies go in rounds 1-3, most teams are full by then for the clean up online portion (but anybody with a flag at that time doesn’t count against active maxes). i have the 14th waiver. i’m the 5th best team with tied for the 2nd best record, DJ and my QB’s are holding me from having a top 2 score (i even had that a few weeks ago). i dropped haskins for tannehill lately and played him over trubisky lately. the guy with foles is having to drop foles or trade him in a few days, he has winston and wentz already and can’t legally have all 3 active but foles has no flag and just came off his bye. a 2nd fair here for foles and later drop which of trubisky/tannehill (probably tannehill just since trubisky long term can get better again).

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      Not sure what the question is. Sure, trade for Foles if you can get him for next to nothing and give yourself another alternative to da Mitch.

      • Super Terrific Carpal Tunnel Virusy Box vs Mail Robot (who wins?) says:

        sometimes the difference between a 2nd and a 3rd rounder is a useful player, but not always, here i have 2 3rds anyway if deal is done, the pick i got in the 3rd is pretty good so it might be only 5ish or so picks different, but could be slightly more. i got haskins with my 2.16 (non snake draft, i won last year), while not useful yet he had similar chances to be long term as some other QB’s that went earlier than him. from the late 2nd to end of 3rd round these all went: p.campbell, m.brown, waller, i.smith.

  2. Eli Man Penguin Boy says:

    12 teamer PPR redraft. traded henry for dak attack (lost ben to start year). record finally catching up with points and i’m near playoff lock as a top 2 scoring team now. but in case lockett is out longer than a week with a blood thing from a deep bruise i could trade m.ryan for sanders (hurt) or chark (that owner asked me this on sunday before game times). ryan was very stupidly dropped in this money league by a dumbshit when he was hurt for one total week. now that guy is streaming carr and the like. return yardage worth half of scrimmage so lockett didn’t even have that bad of a week 10.
    QB (1) dak, ryan
    RB (2) AAron, jacobs, RJ2, j-will, guice
    WR (2): lockett (might not be able to IR him this week as he’s on bye and won’t get the “out” tag), kupp, j.brown, sutton, adams
    TE (1): hollister (THIS was nice that he played the late game so i could IR kittle and get value and still win without having to drop anybody useful)
    1 flex
    IR kittle

    so trade ryan for chark here (or sanders). dak’s ROS is probably worse than ryan’s

    dak: @ DET, @ NE (not playoffs yet though), vs BUF, @ CHI, vs LAR, @ PHI
    ryan: @ CAR, vs TB, vs NO, vs CAR, @ SF, vs JAX

    • B_Don

      B_Don says:

      I’m still trying to cipher through the news on Lockett, but I’d go ahead and just make the deal and sure up, or is it shore up, maybe both work actually, your roster for the playoffs.

      • Eli Man Penguin Boy says:

        if we’re to trust SEA coach (who’s shown not quite an LAC or LAR or ARI level of lying in the past, but still pretty bad) lockett will be ok, he’s now said this twice in 2 days time. sounding like a non-surgical leg version of a really bad black eye (all squishy filled with blood situation, i’ve had the eye type before and it’s gross how you can make sounds with squishing it around with your finger) with the blood eventually just being reabsorbed. also similar to a bad blood draw from your arm, you can see a large dark puddle under the skin, but it goes away.

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