We are now officially done with our real fake leagues, but fantasy never dies, the player pools just get smaller.  Join us in our FanDuel leagues this week:League 2 and League 3.

I will probably change my team a few thousand times, but here is my first inkling.

Drew Brees: The Saints outclass the Seahawks by a wide margin and once the game is elevated to playoff level we should really see that.  There are a lot of good QBs to choose from in the first round so I’m just going with the guy playing the worst team.  Oh, and the Seachickens are giving up over 20 fantasy points a game to QBs in the last 8 games.

Jamaal Charles: I think the Ravens win this game, but JC should see plenty of work and is just too good to not use in what will probably be his only playoff game.

Ray Rice: Both JC and Rice should see a lot of work in this must win game.  When it comes down to it they are their teams best players and will be leaned on.

Marques Colston: Going with that, play anyone on the Saints against the Seahawks theme, I like Colston quite a bit.He was a little banged up, but got last week off to heal up and should be good to go.

Pierre Garçon: He looked like a big pile of garbage (note the French pronunciation) last week, but still had a decent fantasy game.  With Revis on Wayne I expect Tamme and Garçon to see plenty of looks.

Jacob Tamme: What I said above.

David Akers: He was the best kicker this season.  Let’s see if he can keep it going.

New Orleans Saints: The Seahawks have the worst QBs in the playoffs.  Whoever plays should have trouble against the ball hawking Saints.

  1. Trevor

    JohnnySac says:


    Are you gonna give a run down on who to pick for fantasy leagues running in the playoffs?

    For example you would wanna pick players that you will think will put up the most points as well as survive throughout the playoffs?

  2. Doc

    Doc says:

    @JohnnySac: Yeah, it’s a tough balance. I will have some playoff rankings, etc…

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