Well, I told you to punt Matt Ryan a while back and the numbers continue to confirm that advice. Kurt Warner continues to have the easiest playoff schedule. You could probably grab him from somebody. He hasn’t had a great year, but Detroit and St. Louis are puff pieces on the scale of Brett Favre’s interviews with Mooch. Do these numbers mean you should run out and pick up Henne or trade McNabb for Vince Young? As Mike LaFontaine would say, “I don’t think so!”


  1. hideousmutants says:

    Does your advice to move Ryan extend to moving Roddy now? Speaking of Roddy, who would you start (one) out of this group this week (non-ppr)

    Roddy, Ocho, Bolden, Floyd. Am leaning to Ocho.

  2. unstopabull says:

    My Jennings for V.Davis? I have Ocho,Colston,Austin and Nicks(only backup at the momment). Good trade?

  3. Doc

    Doc says:

    @hideousmutants: I think to a point yes. WR’s can get away with a poor performance by the QB sometimes, but you’d rather have better matchups for him.

    I like Roddy.

    @unstopabull: I like Jennings to turn things around. I wouldn’t do it.

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