I hope you all won every single matchup this week and if you didn’t I hope you cursed your opponent deftly. There were a lot of huge performances on Sunday and one of them probably made or broke you. Let’s hope you were made.

Drew Brees: He completed 32 of 40 passes for 412 yards and 5 touchdowns to win the coveted best fantasy quarterback of the week award that I just made up. Yes, the Vikings are absolutely horrible but Drew Brees is playing out of his mind. He will break Dan Marino’s passing record barring an injury and he may do it against the Falcons next week if he can muster a measly 306 yards which he’s done 11 out of 14 games this season (which is also a record).

Kyle Orton: It took the return of neck beard to bring down the vaunted Green Bay Packers run to immortality. He also had 299 yards passing but zero touchdowns. That’s not going to win many fake championships but he beat the Packers you guys!

LeSean McCoy: This guy is truly unstoppable. He rushed for 102 yards and 3 touchdowns which took him to 20 touchdowns on the season. This is after he totaled 9 last season. It will be tough for him to repeat those numbers but his skill will make him a top pick no matter.

Ryan Mathews: You were rightfully scared of Mathews going up against the Ravens rush defense but he’s become an every week starter now with his 4th 100+ total yard game in a row. Even with Mike Tolbert in TD vulture mode Mathews managed 2 touchdowns to help lead the Chargers to a dominant victory.

Tim Tebow: 11 of 22 for 194 yards passing and no touchdowns. Bluh, Tebow is crap! Wait, how did he finish as the third best fantasy quarterback this week? Oh, I should have looked a little to the right of those stats; 94 yards rushing and 2 touchdowns! I bet you wished your crappy running back would have done that!

Reggie Bush: Where did this guy come from? He had 25 rushing attempts for 203 yards and a touchdown. I don’t think I have to look up the fact that this was his first ever 200 yard rushing day. The guy has been injury prone and a dance and tip toe through the roses kind of runner most of his NFL career but he’s seeing holes and hitting them decisively now. If he can stay healthy he looks like a changed runner.

Matthew Stafford: He passed for 391 yards and 4 touchdowns and still didn’t beat out Drew Brees for fantasy quarterback of the week!  I just let him know. He teared up. He’s been a little erratic this season but he’s always on the verge of huge games like this. You’ll have to ride him in your fantasy Super Bowl since he most likely got you there.

Calvin Johnson: Hopefully you had a bye last week or were able to win with a poor game from Megatron because he sure made up for it this week with 9 receptions, 214 yards and 2 touchdowns and if you are a Lions fan he caught the game winner as well. After so many down weeks it was kind of inevitable that he would blow up like this.

Donald Brown: 161 yards, a touchdown and no 0-16 season. That’s a decent day for Brown. His 80 yard touchdown run sealed the game and exposed the Titans for frauds.

Brent Celek: Your second leading receiver in yardage this week was one Mr. Brent Celek with 156 yards and a touchdown (and another catch and run down to the 1 yard line). He leads the Eagles in receptions this year and has been the most consistent option in the passing game for an inconsistent team. The Eagles beat report Geoff Mosher mentioned in our preseason interview that Celek would see more work. Yeaaa Geoff!

Darrius Heyward-Bey: DHB had one of his best games statistically ever gaining 155 yards on 8 receptions with a touchdown.  This receiving corps is full of talent but so unpredictable it will drive you crazy. DHB amazingly has been the most consistent of the group this season.

Cam Newton: Newton is just a few yards from beating Peyton Manning’s rookie record for most passing yards and has already beat the total touchdowns record for a rookie quarterback. He only had 149 yards passing but he tossed 2 touchdowns and added 59 yards rushing to put him in the top 10 QB scorers for this week and this was against possibly the best pass defense in the league. He’s only going to get better. And look at how well he executed this trick play. Pretty bad ass.

CJ Spiller: I sure keep whiffing on Spiller. He’s getting it done despite my doubts. How dare he!! He ended the day with 166 total yards, 2 touchdowns and a whopping 9 receptions. It looks like they’ve figured out how to use him like the Saints use Darren Sproles but they’re splitting Spiller out wide and getting him the ball in space even more than Sproles. He’ll never be a 20+ carries between the tackles kind of runner but if they can hybridize him like this effectively watch out.

Michael Vick: After a poor game off his rib injury he looked much better in a beat down of the Jets. Of course LeSean McCoy garnered most of the touchdowns but Vick still rushed for a touchdown, passed for one and threw for 274 yards. He hasn’t lived up to his #1 QB billing but he’s not dog food yet.

Demaryius Thomas: Thomas once again saw a boat load of targets with 13 which he caught 7 of for 116 yards. No touchdown this week but it’s hard to beat that production from a waiver wire pickup. The Broncos get the Bills next week who haven’t exactly been shutting down the pass of late.

Ahmad Bradshaw: The Giants were slaughtered but it was good to see Bradshaw put together a halfway decent game as he totaled 79 yards and a touchdown. He also made this funky catch.

Kevin Smith: My hero let me down this week with a craptastic game of 46 total yards at Oakland. But he made it through the game injury free and I still like him next week at home on a faster track against the Chargers.

Aaron Hernandez: With the Broncos focusing on Rob Gronkowski, Aaron Hernandez had room to roam and roam he did. He finished the day with 9 receptions for 129 yards and a touchdown. He came close to two more which would have made my FanDuel teams even happier. Hernandez is a wide receiver more than a tight end and I could actually see some fantasy sites listing him that way at some point since he lines up out wide more than not.

Greg Little: Little had a big game against the Cardinals who are good at giving up big games to #1 receivers.  His 131 yards and touchdown were by far the best stats for his rookie campaign. He needs a quarterback to have the big upside his skills call for actual produce on a consistent basis.

Plaxico Burress: He only had one catch but it was a nice one handed grab for a touchdown.

  1. Mike says:

    Since Im out of the playoffs and only looking toward next year, I have one question.

    Who do you see as the better keeper RB for the future… Roy Helu or C.J. Spiller? Helu seems safer to me… however I think Spillers upside could be immense. If F-Jax wasnt under contract for nxt season this would be an easier decision.

  2. Mr. Duck Fat says:

    Now that GB isn’t undefeated do you expect Rodgers to sit or be limited?

  3. schlitzy says:

    I faced Megatron this week…but I can still win if I get 8 points out of Wallace or Downtown Antonio Brown. Just need to figure out which one to play. I was thinking Wallace if Ben plays and Antonio if he doesn’t. Thoughts?

  4. Chris says:


    I know you’re asking Doc, and not me, but I’d start Brown regardless. Wallace and Brown are pretty similar skill set, with the main difference being that Wallace gets top DB and double coverage honors. Big Ben has been lookin Brown’s way a ton the last 6+ weeks and I don’t see that changing. If Wallace doesn’t get a TD, I highly doubt he reaches 8 pts (even at .5 ppr).

    Good luck!

  5. Mike says:

    @schlitzy: FWIW… Id go Brown… since you only need 8 points to win. I see Wallace as more of a boom or bust play… where as Brown to me is more reliable for 10-15 points. If you needed a 25 point game out of one of them to win, then Id go Wallace. Good Luck man.

  6. schlitzy says:

    Chris and mike: thanks for the input. I keep going back and forth on this. I have brown set as my guy now since I agree with your reasoning. Many thanks- should be a fun (excruciating) game to watch.

  7. Anal_yst says:

    I’ll jump on the Rodgers question – do I start Tebow @ BUF over Rodgers hosting CHI? GB hasn’t clinched #1 in the NFC, yet (provided SF wins tonight), but what are the odds they run him out for the full game? Tebow plays Saturday and Rodgers plays Sunday night. Probably have to ride out Rodgers unless SF loses tonight, right?

    And, Benson v. ARI or K. Smith v SD? Leaning towards Smith if he’s healthy…

    Last, do you risk benching S. Smith v. TB (had one of his worst games of the season v. them in Wk 13)? I have DJAx @ DAL and Crabtree @ SEA. Leaning towards keeping Smith in, but just asking…

  8. Cheeeeeeze says:

    I’m in a tight one for first round of playoffs… I have 6 points to make up with 1 receiver for the win this week. I can go antonio brown or mike wallace. The only reason I’m thinking maybe brown is because he’s more consistant for a 6 point game, but wallace has the higher upside. Wallace hasn’t had even an 80 yard game in 7 weeks where-as Brown has 5 in the same span. So basically, it looks like if wallace doesn’t get into the end zone, I lose. But if brown can just rack up the same amount of yards he’s averaged, i win. Am I crazy to go with Brown here?

  9. Robert says:

    Worst calls of the season for me this week. Benched SEA Defense, started Cincy (33 pts vs 5), benched Floyd, started Bowe (20 pts vs 9), benched Hillis/Brown started Greene (17/29 vs 9).

    I may still be alive next week if the Steelers D and Antonio Brown doesn’t go off. Up by 36 going in to tonight. I’m done, my opponent has those two going tonight.

    Same thing on Rodgers, though – I have him and Flynn. Do I go out to wire and try and snag some scrub if SF loses tonight? Can’t see myself starting either Rodgers or Flynn in SF loses and GB has absolutely nothing to play for.

  10. Rocky says:

    Doc, need the flex play to go all out today. Which one of the 3 has the most upside: Gore, Mendenhall, or Crabtree?

  11. Eric says:


    Don’t be nuts. go Wallace. Play your stud.

  12. Cheeeeeeze says:

    @schlitzy: I’m in the same boat… 1 need 6 points for the win and am really starting to lean toward brown. if you look at the past 7 weeks, wallace has 0 games of over 80 yards and brown has 5. Problem is brown never gets in the endzone… but he’s more likely for your 80 yards for the win. Im thinking I’ll go brown if big ben plays and wallace if he doesn’t… just cuz I don’t know how a backup qb will treat brown and wallace is the true #1 in Pitt.

    Another quick thought… have you heard anything about how SF typically plays against #1 receivers? I think I remember hearing they’re horrible agains #1 WR’s…????

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Mike: I’d lean Helu

    @Mr. Duck Fat: I think he’ll play next week no matter. They’ll want to get the taste of that game out of their mouths.

    @schlitzy: I’d lean Wallace but I could see Brown in PPR

    @Anal_yst: I think Rodgers will play the whole game. They don’t want the KC game to be their last full game before the playoffs. But we’ll need to keep our ear to the news since Tebow is a good option. I’m leaning Smith. I’m going with Steve Smith. He had a tough matchup last week and played well. He’ll want revenge. He’s kinda nuts.

    @Cheeeeeeze: You aren’t crazy and that makes sense.

    @Robert: I think Rodgers will play. I could see grabbing someone instead of Flynn in case we hear otherwise because I can assure you Flynn won’t play the whole game.

    @Rocky: I’m in a similar boat tonight and also having trouble. I can start two of those three and am leaning Gore and Mendy. I am worried that Gore will once again see a limited role. Worried about the 49ers best rush D in the league stopping Mendy and worried about the Steelers who have given up the least amount of fantasy points to WRs shutting down Crabtree. I’m just worried! I’d role with Gore just because I like his chance at a TD better than Mendy but I don’t feel good about it!

  14. jack says:

    Doc (or anyone): I am up by 1 point in the FF championship game, opponent has no players left and i only have my defense left (49ers Def or the Steelers Def), options are: bench my defense for this week, or play either the steelers or 49ers. I’m concerned about possible stat corrections but i also don’t want my defense to give me negative points. Any thoughts?

  15. Anal_yst says:


    Don’t know how your scoring works, but I think you have to start the 49ers DF. Haven’t had a negative game and Ben is banged up.


    Doc, good point on Rodgers and ending w/ a bad game, but I guess I’ll cheer for San Fran tonight, so GB is still playing for something. Will certainly check your posts later in the week for thoughts. Thanks.

  16. Jeff says:

    Going into tonight up 11 with my QB2 Alex Smith vs. his David Akers. Feeling mildly confident short of a complete disaster. Thanks for a great season. I throw all my fake football eggs in one league basket, and this site has helped make my season a success. I was just revisiting some of the pre-season PPR rankings, and they’re not too shabby. I think you did your best work at WR. It also goes to show that research is key but you can’t be a “rankings slave” either (The League reference). In my case, it meant McCoy before JC (thank koresh), Stafford before everybody in tier three, and Jennings (while he was healthy) before Nicks. PS. You weren’t kidding. You are a frenetic Tweeter/Twitterer. I just bought you a whiskey.

  17. Doc

    Doc says:

    @jack: I would start the Niners.

  18. Jeff says:

    PPS. You should give IDP a shot next year. It took me a while to come around to it, but to own Von Miller and JPP is like having the defensive AJ Green and Cam Newton. Next year my league is actually switching out our FLEX defender to a combined TEAM D/ST with IDP DL/LB/DB.

  19. jay says:

    Who should I keep on my bench just incase we hear Rodgers isn’t gonna play, Fitzpatrick, Sanchez, Freeman, Dalton, Hasselbeck, Kolb. Orton?

    Also who should i pick up for wr, decker, d. moore, Nate washington,Meachem, Floyd, Burlson, or Ducett.

    Thanks! Couldn’t of gotten to the finals without you

  20. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Jeff: Thanks Jeff. Really appreciate it. Yeah, I love IDP and I’m in a couple leagues but absolutely no time to stay on top of it with a real job and the number of offensive articles I have to write.

    @jay: I need to look at this week’s matchups a little closer. Don’t want to give crap advice in the playoffs!

  21. jay says:

    @doc, k thanks. Btw the title of this post made me lol.

  22. Suck My Wieters says:


    With Helu being somewhat hurt and Shanny hinting that he might be limited, would it be a smart play to start Kahlil Bell over him?

  23. Nick says:

    @Doc: looking at the final playoff matchup this week for the championship! Thanks for all your help throughout the season. It comes down to 1 week, give me some good advice for my 10-team league!

    I have Helu, K Smith & F Jones starting at RB1/2 & flex and L Robinson, Calvin & A Brown starting at WR.1/2/3.

    My bench consists of Holmes, T Smith, Starks, D Thomas & Tate

    With D Brown, K Bell & Ball on waivers, do you pickup any of those RB (or a WR that broke out this week -DHB, Burleson, Alexander) to use this last week?

    Lastly with Tebow at QB (Freeman, Moore, Yates, Grossman, Smith on waivers) & Jets on Defense (stream a waiver D like Washington, Carolina, Dallas, KC, Denver). Do you like any of those waiver pickups for this last week?

  24. Dollabill says:

    I need advice in who to start at my flex spot this week. It’s a standard 12 team league.


    I tentatively have Lynch in (mendy didn’t have a great game against SF, but his pt production was decent enough, and I’d say Lynch could do better). Holmes has lived or died, based on his ability to score (and plax has stolen a few of his TD opportunities this year.) I like manninghams skill as well, but he’s dropped a few easy TD passes and he’s kinda low on Mannings list of options.

    What would you do?

  25. mentally challenged rooster says:

    Everytime I’ve asked for your advice, it has always been sound. This time I’m in the championship game in our league and I need some sit/start opinions. I’m set at QB (Stafford) and TE (Celek), and our league doesn’t put much on D or K. So I have to start 4 (2&2 or 1RB & 3WR) from the following group:

    Chris Johnson
    CJ Spiller
    Peyton Hillis

    Larry Fitzgerald
    Mike Wallace
    Jordy Nelson

    My first reaction is to throw Hillis out since he’s going against the Ravens. ‘Til last week I would have said Johnson, Fitz, Wallace, and Nelson, but now with Big Ben still huring, CJ’s ankle, Nelson’s disappearing act, and Spiller going off on the Dolphins, the only one I’m fairly certain of is Fitz (I benched him for the Eagles game because of the matchup; won’t do that again). Do I “dance with them that brung me” or do I throw CJ in and, if I do, who sits out the big game? Any opinion would be appreciated!



  26. TheHighlander says:

    PPR league, Need one WR and a Flex from: Helu, Dez, Harvin, Beanie and Spiller?

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