As the title let slyly by, the election is over. Thank god it’s over. I mean, it’s really all over guys. Hope you didn’t love this world, because ohhhhh-ver. Kidding (MAYBE). I live in a blue state, am a “white-ish” male (half is enough!), that works from home, so a Trump Presidency doesn’t affect me. Add a few more shades of brown or a pu**y to grab, well then, the next four years might have been a bit different. And in the pod, we quickly give our take on what it all means maaaan, from a Clinton supporter (yes, I was with her), a luke-warmish Trump supporter (Unbreakable MB), and a Libertarian supporter (Tehol, because of course) who did the resting-Librarian, which is another way of saying he didn’t vote. After just a short six minutes of cordial discussion (that’s what she said), we quickly pivoted to talking football, going over San Diego’s voting no on their stadium referendum, what exactly is going on with the running back situations in Tampa Bay and Seattle, and what we can expect from Ty Montgomery and Dion Lewis going forward along with other topics. Jordan Howard was mentioned, I know that. And then we just kinda decide to stop talking, since Tehol and I aren’t fully caught up with Westworld. What can I say, we have the best endings… (A lot of people are saying it.)