We’re back! That’s right folks, it’s time to wipe the dust off the Razzball Football side with the first podcast of the year. I would have used an exclamation point there, but with the way I’m feeling, some restraint might be wise or you would probably recite this entire post as if it were yelling. WHICH I GUESS WOULDN’T BE THE WORST THING IN THE WORLD. Regardless, the great and mighty (his bedroom moniker) Tehol returned to his normal co-hosting duties (duties… also a bedroom moniker of his that you can ask him about) to discuss the happenings of NFL free agency, including the signing of Robert Griffen, Calvin Johnson and Peyton Manning’s retirements (and the fall out from these events) and other transactions that have taken place.

And for those of you who miss our Game of Thrones content, have no fear, we’ll be doing a separate Pod for the show this offseason, and our first episode will be out Thursday when we talk about the new red band trailer and what it all means… The meaning of life, maaaaan.

So stick around for the resurgence of Football Razzball, in audio form!