With the world still absorbing the results of this last election (or at least trying, it’s kinda like dry heaving for a week straight), I did need to make one last statement before moving on from all of this… whatever it is, only because of some of the messages and comments we’ve received here at Razz through social media and on the site require a response. I would have probably stayed quiet if it was just me, but I have noticed some vitriol from both sides seeping to my writers, so I made a semi-short statement on the pod before launching into our football discussion. (And I won’t do this again, at least in this form or manner.) And because we recorded at such a strange time (because of Tehol and his busy schedule, probably pimping), we were able to talk a bit on recent injury news: Gronk not travelling to Frisco, what we can expect from Doug Martin and Dion Lewis. And we also discuss Jared Goff’s arrival and what it all means before we address all the strange hate Aaron Rodgers has been receiving. I mean, I just want to hate him for Randall Cobb… why does everyone else have to ruin that for me? Russell Wilson and Cam Newton are talked about, along with a potential Grey drop-in for one of our future shows. So enjoy! (Unless you’re a #MAGA, thenfeel free to send the hate in right direction this time: [email protected] or @jaywrong.)