Hey! It’s our first episode of the year and it is ghetto as f*ck. Weeeeeee wouldn’t have it any other way. Trust me, if you like Rice Krispies (who doesn’t?), then I know you’ll appreciate the random snap, crackle, pops that occur, Tehol’s up-and-down noise-making, and the sound of my voice, which makes it seem we recorded this pod in a small empty closet. I cannot really confirm nor deny this, but I can say is that we covered a lot of topics from the offseason and went over our Razzball mock draft, with quite the crew assemblage. Zach, Jenn, Kevin, and Tehol all joined me during this amazing celebration of low-background static. And honestly, I can say it’ll get better from here as we’ve ordered new equipment and some editing software. We’re entering the big time folks. Or medium time. Small big-time? Yeah, let’s go with that one…

Note: Due to technical issues, we lost Jenn in the last segment. Sorry everyone!

2:20 – Tehol hyped up Tyrod Taylor.
4:00 – I talked about the first memories of bringing Jenn in as a contributor.
6:35 – Jenn talked about how it feels being a woman in a man-driven sports world.
9:50 – We got a tiny bit political by saying we’re not getting political. But Trump was mentioned.
11:10 – Jenn went over her Tyrod Taylor hype level.
12:50 – We talked about Reggie Bush signing with the Bills.
18:00 – We quickly caught up with special guest Kevin Kumpf, our old IDP contributor.
19:30 – SPOILER ALERT: Game of Thrones, Season Six is discussed.
30:30 – Kevin talked about his thoughts on J.J. Watts back surgery and how it’ll affect his value in IDPs.
33:24 – We talked about DeAndre Hopkin‘s brief holdout.
35.22 – We went over Arian Foster and his prospects with the Dolphins.
40:00 – We talked about Anquan Boldin going to the Lions.
42:50 – We went over my number two ranking of Odell Beckham Jr. out of all receivers.
44:55 – Le’Veon Bell‘s suspension was discussed.
48:45 – Zach joined the show as we started a discussion about Josh Gordon‘s reinstatement.
58:33 – We went over Eddie Lacy‘s fatness. I mean fitness.
1:04:20 – We moved on to talking about Ezekiel Elliott‘s situation.
1:12:00 – Zach talked about the latest Adrian Peterson and Josh Doctson‘s news.
1:14:00 – We went political again, talking about Washington’s team name.
1:15:20 – Finally, for the last segment, we went over the Razzball Writers Mock Draft.