When Dustin Keller entered the free agent market this off-season, he’d just come off a terrible season with the New York Jest which is a statement that could be said about any NYJ from 2012.  With that, he decided to hit the FA market with the intent of improving his stock via a 1 year deal.  To prove he was worth the money and after a great start to the preseason, there was much promise.  And then versus the Texans that knee of his went…well, it went the wrong way.  Like every which way that was the wrong way.  I’m not linking to that image cuz it’s nasty and exactly why he not only has a torn ACL, PCL and MCL but has a dislocated knee to boot.  It was ugly, people, but thankfully I only have to talk about the fantasy implications of it.  Keller looked like he was well suited for the Dolphins passing attack throughout the preseason and was looking more and more to be a great target for up and comer Ryan Tannehill.  Though it won’t affect my Rankings outside of Keller dropping out, I do get a little worried about who that third target for Ryan is going to be.  Young QB with a security blanket to throw to is always nice, especially when it’s a decent option like Keller.  Overall, it might increase targets for guys like Gibson but I wouldn’t call that a plus.  Oh and no, don’t even ask if Charles Clay is a pickup since he’s, ya know, Charles Clay.  You’re better then that and you know it.  In other preseason news for 2013 Fantasy Football…we interrupt this ellipses to bring you an important announcement: we still need you – and yes I mean YOU.  Not that other guy/girl you say to yourself will do it – to create/join some Razzball Commenter Leagues.  See that hyperlink?  It whisks you away to a special place where it tells you not only how to set up the league but what the Grand Prize is for the winner.  Yes, there’s a prize so go pretend that link is a box of Lucky Charms and you’re trying to get the decoder ring out of it…or something.  Just click on it!  Alright, enough pandering, let’s get back to the show…

EJ Manuel – Is set to have minor knee surgery and will miss the remainder of the preseason.  I know it’s always hard to take teams at their word when they say ‘minor’ but I’m inclined to believe the Bills seeing as they haven’t signed another QB.  Though I’m an admitted Kolb apologist, Manuel is looking like the man in Buffalo at this point and I don’t think Kevin’s going to do much with the remaining couple of weeks to prove it any different.

Arian Foster – There’s currently talk of Foster missing the first game of the year with lower back issues.  Wait, I thought it was a leg issue that’s been holding him out?  If you’re playing hooky, Arian, make one lie and stick to it!  I keed.  I already told you this off-season I was leery of Arian in the draft this year because he eclipsed 400 touches last year.  News like this doesn’t change my mind.  Ben Tate, I hear you calling my name…

Eddie Lacy – It’s the ‘I was clearly wrong’ brigade today, apparently.  Though the Packers say Harris is still the starter in GB – and even though I felt Franklin was going to win the job overall – Eddie’s 40 yards on 8 carries on Saturday was enough to put my brain around the fact that he’s the back to own out of that Packers regime.  Just keep in mind the injury history when drafting him.  That and his girly name.  Makes me titter.

Montee Ball – The good: 6 carries on 28 yards.  The better: Hillman fumbled twice.  The not better: Hillman still had 13 carries.  The not good: Ball looked confused on pass protection plays.  The worst: I don’t think Denver goes full Montee this year.

DeAndre Hopkins – Left the game the game with a concussion.  Remove the first three letters and the last three letters from ‘concussion’ and you have what I did when I heard that news.  Still like him but hopefully this isn’t anything major.

Kendall Wright – Left the field on his own will but then was carted off later.  MRI says it’s only a sprain of the ACL and not a tear.  Reality is that a sprain is a tear but not a complete tear so it needs to be graded.  I think.  We’d need our resident injury reporter Andrew Nordmeier to really fill us in on this.  Overall, I’m keeping him where he’s at in my rankings but I’m gonna be cautious about drafting him if said draft is in the next few days.

Nick Toon – After catching 4 passes for 66 yards against the Chiefs in week 1 of the preseason, Nick followed it up with a 56 yard snag against the Raiders on 2 targets.  With Joe Morgan out for the year via a torn ACL, Toon has a shot to step into the roll of Devery Henderson for the Saints which is to say ‘go off for 100 yards and 2 touchdowns one week and follow it up with a 1 catch, 8 yard dud the next’.  I keed…sorta.  NOLA’s passing game is pretty taken up by Sproles, Graham and Colston, not to mention Moore.  Just suggesting you not give into the preseason hype on this guy in regular leagues.

Michael Vick – He’s won the starting nod.  Yeah but the media says…Shhhh, he’s won it. Yeah but there’s been no announc…shhhh, just trust me on this.  I still say I’d be surprised if he’s there in 2014 but if you’re drafting an Eagles QB at this point, Vick’s your guy.  Yeah but…Ok, I was being nice before.  Just shut up.

Brandon Weeden – I know it’s only preseason, but the man has looked good.  For all the clamoring for Alex Smith or Carson Palmer as cheap QB2s, I’m getting a hankering to smoke some Weeden this season instead.

Jordan Cameron – On everyone’s sleeper list prior to last Thursday’s game.  After a 3 catch, 42 yard, 2 TD performance he’s now gonna be on everyone’s over-hyped list.  I still like him but he’s got to come at the right price to me in the draft.

Joique Bell – I ranked him much higher then LeShoure this off-season with this to say about him ‘I kinda liked Bell coming into 2013 before the Reggie Bush signing.  Still do but he’s not the goal to go back and he’s not the receiving back in that offense so he’s…what?  I don’t know.  I just know I like him.’.  Looks like the Lions kinda feel that way as well.  If you’re wondering who gets the reigns with a broken Bush, it’s Bell.  What?  I can’t make a Joique out of everything.

Zach Sudfeld – Well if Cameron’s no longer a sleeper, I’ll bet Sudfeld is.  After 2 catches for 32 yards and a touchdown on 4 targets, I can no longer stand on the sidelines with this guy.  Already grabbed him in my Auction League.  Yes, you’ll see I’m the guy that drafted Dennis.  I’m not asking for you to Pitta me but if you let me cry on your shoulder for a while that’d be nice.  And just so you don’t think I’m going crazy with preseason glory, the Boston Herald expects Sudfeld to ‘play an Aaron Hernandez type role’.  Hopefully, they’re referring to what happens on the football field and not his ability to discard of evidence.  He was really bad at that.

Blaine Gabbert – Was 13/16 for 165 yards and a touchdown before spraining his thumb and leaving the game.  Though I didn’t watch it – it’s the Jags vs the Jest, can you blame me – all words about Gabbert’s composure were fairly glowing.  Still not touching him with Ron Jeremy’s 10-foot pole this draft season but I’m willing to be agnostic and watch how this plays out to start the year.  Oh and the box score tells me that Denard Robinson carried the ball 11 times.  That makes me laugh for some reason.

Jamaal Charles – Was held out of the preseason lineup on Sunday due to a foot issue scare from earlier in the week.  At this point I’m not concerned – he was expected/did practice Sunday – but it’s always best to be cautious and mindful of these things.  He’s still a top 3 back on my list but if you waver and take a T-Rich or a LeSean in his place, I won’t hate you any more then I do now.  Knile Davis is the guy to own if you’re worried or want to mess with the Charles owner’s head.

LeSean McCoy – Maybe I was being a little too cautious with Shady in my rankings.  If I had it to do all over again, I’d put McCoy up in the Lynch tier…oh wait, I do!  Revisions to be seen shortly.

Giovani Bernard – Had 7 carries for 37 yards and a touchdown to go with 1 reception for 22 yards while The Law Firm ‘rested’.  To that I say ‘R.I.P. BJGE’.  I keed…sorta.  Still think BenJarvus will be a large enough part of the offense to be annoying but it’s clear Cincy is giving Gio every chance to be the lead back and he’s making the most of that opportunity.

Torrey Smith – Two catches for 85 yards and a touchdown.  The touchdown was a 77 yard catch and run.  It looked good.  Be prepared for the next preseason line to be 1 target and a goose egg.  That’s how Torrey rolls.

Philip Rivers – It was really hard to say how Rivers looked on the field versus the Bears.  Well, mainly because he was on his back more then he was throwing it.  I know that it’s the Bears but that O-Line is looking scary.  Just keep that in mind if you’re drafting him as your QB2 this year or hoping for some upside from a late QB pick.

Brandon Bolden – He was one of the big reasons I couldn’t get behind Stevan Ridley early in the season last year.  Then he went down with an injury just as things started looking good for him and then followed it up with a PED suspension via the NFL.  But he’s back in there now.  I’m not highlighting him because I think Ridley loses his job.  I’m highlighting him because maybe some of those TDs don’t go to Ridley this year at the goal line.  Buyer beware.

Carson Palmer – Went 7/15 for 66 yards (good for a 4.4 yards per attempt average) against a Dallas defense that wasn’t that fearful last year.  Remember when I said Palmer’s an improvement but that O-Line is still terrible?  Yup.  There’s still Skeltons in those Cardinal closets.  Overall, it can’t all be blamed on the O-Line or Palmer – Michael Floyd seems to want to give Andre Roberts the WR2 position – but it’s something to keep in mind while drafting given the Cards division isn’t the easiest in terms of defensive matchups.

Alex Smith – I know Jamaal wasn’t out there but I’ve been hearing a lot about Alex being a sleeper coming into this season and I’ve stood by my stance that I don’t agree.  There’s a reason SF moved on from Smith last year and to sum up what I said when Kaep took the job ‘Kaep helps your team win.  Alex Smith helps your team not lose.  There’s a big difference’.  His line ended similar to what Palmer did but without the poor O-Line in front of him.  The Chiefs could go 8-8 or 9-7 this year.  That’s my positive spin on Alex.  Notice it has zero to do with fantasy?  Exactly.

T.Y. Hilton – Everybody’s talking about DHB getting the secondary wide out spot for the Colts this year, calling him a nice cheap discount.  In two preseason games, T.Y. has 5 catches for 97 yards and 2 touchdowns.  Hilton’s currently going in the 8th round of 12 team yahoo leagues.  I like that discount more then your DHB discount.

Wes Welker – Has a slightly sprained ankle.  Here’s what a Broncos fan looks like about this news when they really should be all Bob Marley up in this house.  Everything gonna be alright now…he should be good to go week 1.  Now the Champ Bailey thing…well, that image might be appropriate.

Victor Cruz – Limped off the field with a bruised heel.  Meanwhile, Nicks stayed on the field and healthy.  I think the Giants can only provide one healthy receiver at a time.  Watch out, Reuben Randle!

Lance Dunbar – Looking more and more like the backup to DeMarco Murray each day.  Yes, I know he fumbled but he’s a Cowboy.  We can just blame it on Romo.