Last week we finally had a reader tie the touts. Three folks achieved the high score of 8 correct: reader Sweaty Pants tied two of Razzball’s own in Brandon Myers and Matt Bowe. The reader bell curve was normal, but the touts was smashed to the ends. That’s interesting in a way someone better at data analysis could tell you. The winner of this week’s reader side will receive the DJax chain that Matt Bowe wore with his FitzMagic Halloween costume (*may be a replica). As usual, you can get an extra point if share your favorite of these props on any social media. THIS WEEK’S PROPS are live so get crunching. You can see the response distribution of the tout side here.

Will Julio Jones

  • Score 1+ TDs {4%}
  • Record 100+ receiving yards {60%}
  • Both {32%}
  • Neither {4%} 

At the request of Nic Romero we needed a Julio touchdown prop. I hit ’em with the both/neither options to spread out the votes. Interesting that the majority thinks he gets both.

How many TDs will Philip Rivers throw?

  • 2 {56%}
  • 3 {40%}
  • Any other number {4%}

Rivers has thrown two or three TDs in every single game. Talk about consistent. Any other number is in play against the dumpster fire Raiders.

Who will have the most receiving yards?

Tyler Boyd stands to benefit immensely from A.J. Green missing time. I wasn’t able to lure too many touts off of him with the field.

Which RB has the highest FanDuel total?

I don’t know if it’s a good or bad sign that the responses are so consolidated in these two headache backfields. Jones does have an excellent matchup at home and Drake could be in store with heavy passing work.

O/U passing yards: Ryan Fitzpatrick 1.5 times Alex Smith?

  • Over {40%}
  • Under {60%}

Is it a day that ends in ‘y’? Then I’m peddling an Alex Smith yardage fade. This can easily be 300 to 200 yards passing.

Choose one (KC/ARZ).

  • Chiefs -16.5 {28%}
  • Cardinal +16.5 {12%}
  • Over 49.5 {44%}
  • Under 49.5 {16%}

The biggest line we’ve seen all season gets the four-way treatment. My personal angle is that these are two slow/deliberate offenses, making the Cardinals a decent dog here.

Don’t forget to fill out your own responses and to share your favorite prop.