Welcome to Propageddon, readers new and old. Last week we finally had a reader beat the touts. With an 8, reader Biz outscored the field, while Russ Prentice (@Russ1Prentice) was the best scoring tout at 7. This is what happens with poor voter turnout people. The terrorists win. Or something. I know it’s bad.

This week we have a legitimate prize. Rudy has offered up a subscription to his NFL Tools for the rest of the season to the winning reader. To be entered into the running you must complete the survey, include your email address, and get the most correct. The smart thing to do would be to go and get the free trial, then use the tools to dominate the props. It’s the equivalent of asking the genie for more wishes. So dig in with THIS WEEK’S PROPS. Here are some of the more interesting tout side results.

Which will be higher?

This is the kind of majority that gives me confidence in using Winston this weekend. Tampa Bay QB has been a huge producer and if there’s not much fear Winston gets benched again, he’s in play for me.

Will Nick Chubb

  • Score 1+ TDs {26.7%}
  • Record 100+ rushing yards {13.3%}
  • Both {60%}
  • Neither {0%}

Chubb gets my both/neither treatment this week. People overwhelmingly think he’ll have a good game. Count me in the both camp. He should feast on a bad Cincy run defense.

Will Andrew Luck throw exactly 3 TDs?

  • Yes {26.7%}
  • No {73.3%}

It’s not a majority, but it’s a big enough group that I feel pretty good about Luck’s prospects this week.

Who will have more rushing yards?

Maybe folks are eager to put Collins out to pasture, but no one likes his prospects even in a plus matchup. It makes sense though. The Ravens showed a PAC12 type of commitment to running the QB last week. If Jackson could manage a passing TD he would be a nice value.

Which WR has the highest FanDuel total?

Evans isn’t the surprising favorite here. What is of note is that enough people felt comfortable choosing Goodwin in the best matchup he’ll have all year. Also, DJax is DOA with Jameis back.

Choose one (MIN/GB).

  • Packers +3.5 {20%}
  • Vikings -3.5 {20%}
  • Over 47.5 {46.7%}
  • Under 47.5 {13.3%}

I include the good SNF matchups this way because they’re hard to project. The Pigskinonator has the Vikes winning a close game with a total of 45.

Good luck navigating the minefield I’ve laid for you and Happy Thanksgiving!