Welcome to Prop bet fans. For the second straight week, we had a reader beat the touts. With an 9/10, reader ILuvMomJeans outscored the field. With an 8 Fighting Chance Steve was the best tout. Week’s 11 and 12 are always odd, so it will be interesting to see if the touts can get their groove back. This week’s prize is a voucher to have B_Don show up as Kim Jong-un to your next secret meeting in Singapore. You can get into THIS WEEK’S PROPS here. Don’t forget to give Rudy’s Tools a trial if you want an edge.

Who scores more FanDuel points?

A heavy lean on Bob Woods here. Get him in your lineups.

Which will be higher?

  • Jaguar passing TDs {16.7%}
  • Jaguar rushing TDs or tie {83.3%}

There’s not much faith in Cody Kessler and the Jag passing attack right now.

Will Christian McCaffrey

  • Record 100+ receiving yards {44.4%}
  • Record 100+ rushing yards {27.8%}
  • Both {0%}
  • Neither {27.8%}

It’s pretty interesting people have more confidence in CMC’s receiving output.

Who will throw more interceptions?

It felt like a good week to dust off this prop. The Bears defense has people doubting Eli strongly.

Which QB records more passing yards?

Cam has the ceiling, but Winston could be a solid value play.

Choose one (LAC/PIT).

  • Chargers +2.5 {16.7%}
  • Steelers -2.5 {44.4%}
  • Over 51.5 {16.7%}
  • Under 51.5 {22.2%}

Even after giving away the game in Denver, people can’t quit the Steelers. The Chargers do their share of own foot shooting, though. I’m on the under in this one to stay away from late-game boondoggling.

  1. clokwerc says:

    Who do i pick up?

    V. Davis
    A. Gates
    J. James
    M. Andrews
    Engram is available but hurt and i have no room for him in IR

    • Roto-Wan

      Roto-Wan says:

      @clokwerc: Oof. If I had to pick one, Seals Jones.

  2. Roto-Wan

    Roto-Wan says:

    Oof. If I had to pick one, Seals Jones.

  3. goodfold2 says:

    SOB, so had i just not tried going with goolladay over woods (figured DET would try their best to keep woods’ day down and reynolds would do better, and/or the TE’s) i’d have been the top human picker. also went winston for yards over camtown and mccown for the picks, figured the winston one would’ve been easy, but that of course assumed CAR would be winning that game for it’s entirety or close.

    • goodfold2 says:

      @goodfold2: also i was ALMOST right, mccaffrey almost didn’t get 100 rushing at all. i figured it was more likely he’d get NEAR 100 both rushing/receiving, but not going over.

      • Roto-Wan

        Roto-Wan says:

        @goodfold2: I’m not making easy, haha. Still a solid performance in a challenging week.

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