Welcome to Propageddon week 2. Week 1 was as whacky as expected. Brace yourselves for the pendulum to swing back in a bunch of spots this Sunday. Try your hand at this week’s PROPS and see if you can rise above the mediocrity.

Who has the most rushing yards?
Ezekiel Elliot [53%]
Derrick Henry [18%]
Saquon Barkley [23%]
Dalvin Cook [6%]

  • A surprising 53% of analysts chose Ezekiel Elliot to be the leading rusher. That’s double Saquon’s backers. Zeke is in a good spot but there’s a good chance at some leverage for Saquon, who can break huge plays against any defense.

Which Texan scores more Fanduel points?

DeAndre Hopkins [58%]
Will Fuller [12%]
Any other position player [30%]

  • There’s not much concern for DeAndre Hopkins in his matchup with Jalen Ramsey. Nuk has historically been fine against one of the best corners and the entire Jacksonville defense is a step down from their peak. Still, AJ Bouye has been ruled out. That could mean big things for Will Fuller.

Who gets more touches for Baltimore?
Mark Ingram [94%]
Justice Hill
Gus Edwards [6%]

  • Another lopsided prop here. Everyone is on Mark Ingram out-touching his backfield despite Edwards getting more work last week. It’s going to be interesting to see how that workload shakes out.

Who has the most catches for the Chiefs?

Sammy Watkins [12%]
Travis Kelce [76%]
Any other Chief [12%]

  • The Travis Kelce love caught me off guard here. I expected folks to be drooling over Sammy Watkins. Kelce is their WR1 now and guessers sniffed it out.

Which is higher?

Patriots winning margin [12%]
Dolphins offensive plays [88%]

  • I expected the Patriots winning margin to snag more votes, given that the Dolphins could be shutout. It’s a bad bet mathematically but still entirely possible given how bad Miami is right now.



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