As the title denotes, it looks to be that all the big NFL news is over, for the most part until the draft. And now it’s time to clear out all the remaining news items no matter how small they might be. (That’s what I wish she said.) Wait, what? So all these little tidbits will be taken care of in a very diligent fashion! Maybe. And it has nothing to do with the fact that “tidbits” is such a great word. Now, there probably won’t be a lot of crossover fantasy appeal, but as we transition to talking about the draft and starting to spotlighting players for the upcoming season, well, you’ll forgive me if I fudge the line a little and talk about general football news. Mmm, tidbits and fudge. Regardless, let’s get to all the happenings before the 49ers and Browns decide to trade owners in an effort to cure depression in the form of a different but similar depression.

In a fun little game called “Old Rich White Man vs. Old Rich White Man”, Woody Johnson (the Jets owner) and Bob Kraft (the Patriots owner) are firing shots at each other over tampering chargers that allegedly state that Darrelle Revis was tampered with on both sides. To be fair, I thought Revis would be a great fit on the Chargers, but I guess I’m not in a high enough tax bracket to earn my own set of tampering charges. I won’t delve into the details, but just say that this type of thing makes the NFL and it’s owners look ridiculous. So I guess it doesn’t change much…

Because of the negative press the Cowboys are receiving for signing Greg Hardy (probably not as much if Jerrah had drafted Johnny Manziel), Jerry Jones made sure to send out his daughter, A FEMALE mind you, to advocate that this move is a “teaching moment“. I think this is wonderful news, and I’m sure many can now make plans to physically assault a female and store multiple (say, 25-30) firearms (including AK-47s) on their bed. We could all use teaching moments in life, I guess.

If you’d like to see what a NFL stadium might look like in Los Angeles, the Rams owner, Stan Kroenke, has nifty things to show you. Adding to the intrigue, the plans include two home locker rooms and two owners’ suites. While I wouldn’t read too much into this, as these are plans for a stadium that hasn’t even been approved yet, this seems like a shot against the Carson City plan that the Raiders and Chargers have proposed. Which is located on a landfill. Which I guess means that Kroenke wins this round.

In a positive bit of news, the NFL plans to suspend all TV blackouts for the 2015 season. While this is great for most franchises, I feel like the security blanket has been snatched away from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Hey, did you know that a 9-point TD almost happened? Thanks the f*ck this didn’t happen… I’d say Jim Irsay was high when he proposed this, but it’s so wild, it’s pretty obvious that he was thinking outside the bottle…

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