As you all know, we are part of the FantasyPros Accuracy Rankings series, a site dedicated to tracking all the Fantasy “experts” of the world (some say universe) and then ranking their week-by-week accuracy, their main goal being to provide a way that you, the reader, can decide which advice to consume. I personally like consuming everything just as long as a little salt and ketchup is involved, but then I should probably temper that statement before you think I’m a cannibal. Look, I don’t pretend to know how their process works (the breakdown is here), but I think it does provide an great tool to help the fantasy community. I’m for tools everyone! Well, it just so happens that I’m for transparency as well. As you all know, along with my rankings, I’ve always included my accuracy front and center, and I’m happy to point out that we were in the top-25 percentile my first year, and last year (my second running the site), we were in the top-20 percentile. What’s different this year is that FantasyPros as integrated a new rankings system, and on top of that, given us data on our accuracy for our own purposes. Because of my aforementioned affinity for transparency, I’d like to start sharing that information with everyone, so you can see what I did wrong, what I did right, and what I did to your mom. I was gentle maaan, relax.


Ranking Accuracy

Period Rank % QB RB WR TE K DST
Week 2 96 out of 139 69.1 96 116 38 107 13 8
Week 1 66 out of 138 47.8 63 73 34 116 32 23
2016 77 out of 135 57.0 80 103 26 117 15 3
2015 22 out of 123 17.8
2014 31 out of 125 58.1


Accuracy Breakdown

Accuracy Gap Overall QB RB WR TE K DST IDP
Jay’s Rank #96 #96 #116 #38 #107 #13 #8
Accuracy Gap* 1,037 185 308 389 155 115 85
Avg  Gap* 1,025 182 298 395 151 127 106 1,255

*What is Accuracy Gap? Accuracy Gap represents the difference (absolute value) between an expert’s projected points for a player and the actual points scored for the player. For each expert, these values are added up across the players evaluated to generate an overall Accuracy Gap. The closer this value is to zero, the better it is for the expert because it indicates their predictions were closer to each player’s actual point production. Another way to think of Accuracy Gap is as the expert’s “Error” for their predictions. A perfect gap would be 0, indicating that there was no error between the expert’s predicted rank and the actual rank for a player.

Top Hits

Player Pos Rank GAP
Carson Palmer (ARI) QB #1 0
DeAngelo Williams (PIT) RB #1 0
Cam Newton (CAR) QB #1 0
DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) WR #1 0
Theo Riddick (DET) RB #1 0
Kirk Cousins (WAS) QB #27 0
Marvin Jones (DET) WR #19 0
Duke Johnson (CLE) RB #53 0
Jordy Nelson (GB) WR #19 1
Kyle Rudolph (MIN) TE #24 1
Demaryius Thomas (DEN) WR #28 1
Michael Crabtree (OAK) WR #64 1
Jeremy Hill (CIN) RB #86 1
Terrance West (BAL) RB #43 1
Jarvis Landry (MIA) WR #41 1
Willie Snead (NO) WR #49 1
Ben Roethlisberger (PIT) QB #81 1


Top Misses

Player Pos Rank GAP
Antonio Brown (PIT) WR #75 20
A.J. Green (CIN) WR #1 19
Sam Bradford (MIN) QB #116 19
Marquise Goodwin (BUF) WR #11 17
Blaine Gabbert (SF) QB #14 16
Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG) WR #12 16
Eli Manning (NYG) QB #72 16
Adrian Peterson (MIN) RB #46 15
Stefon Diggs (MIN) WR #26 15
Isaiah Crowell (CLE) RB #68 15
Travis Benjamin (SD) WR #32 14
Danny Amendola (NE) WR #94 14
Greg Salas (BUF) WR #18 14
Jaron Brown (ARI) WR #21 14
C.J. Anderson (DEN) RB #160 14
Matt Forte (NYJ) RB #119 13
Allen Robinson (JAC) WR #158 13



  1. Cheese says:

    I’m not fully following the rankings and the GAP in the top hits and top misses section. Does the rank represent where you ranked them? And the GAP is the difference in final ranking or projected fantasy points? Is it the same thing as the accuracy gap above?

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Cheese: So the way I read is, that’s where they were ranked, and then the gap is how many spots I was away.

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