2014 Accuracy: 58.10% (31st out of 125 Experts, Range: 60.70% – 50.60%).

That’s right my friends, we made it. Another football season is about to begin, and to make sure the beginning is as miserable as possible, tonight’s opening game features the Steelers and Patriots. But don’t worry, I will not let these two storied (haha, please) franchises dampen my mood. For now we have real football spanning over the next five months (or about a month and a half if you live in D.C.), and this real fooball will, in turn, produce that which will fill our Fantasy Football holes. That makes it sound so technical and coarse, much like my love making. Regardless, with the new season budding with excitment and hope for all fans across the United States (unless you live in D.C.), it is now time to release the first iteration of our Weekly Rankings, because if there’s anything I’ve learned during my time here, it’s the world needs rankings. Nay… the world demands it. Honestly, what else is the point of having a Fantasy Football site if not to start knife fights over subjective numerical values? So get your best Ray Lewis going and make the jump for our Week 1 Rankings!

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