This year, we’re doing it in a way that resonates with modern culture, using synergistic synergies and corporate entanglement symbiosis or whatever the kids are calling it nowadays. Oh, what’s that? They call it Twitter? Yeah, okay, so we are doing a Fantasy Football mock draft on Twitter. Why you might ask? Well, it’s so we can do it live, and we can do it in a “sort-of” public forum where you, the spectator, can be a part of this mystical yet tantalizing event if you so choose. I believe I also just described how I make love. So, be sure to follow along here, and to further paint the picture (we are in full metaphor strength today folks), here’s everyone who’s drafting, and all the other info for the mock… (along with our first round results thus far!)

Format: Same as our Razzball RCL’s! 12-team, W/R/T flex, 0.5 PPR.

PickContributorTwitterCurrent Site
2Kevin@kevkumpfRazzball (formerly)
7Tehol@LordBeddictRazzball, Male Model
9Seth@SethDaSportsManThe Fantasy Fix, Razzball (formerly)
11Max@maxrose32Razzball (formerly)
12Jennifer@Soxfan012Razzball, Red Sox Life

Here are the first round results so far!

1.1Antonio BrownWRPITSmokey
1.2Le’Veon BellRBPITKevin
1.3Julio JonesWRATLMatt
1.4Odell Beckham Jr.WRNYGViz
1.5Todd GurleyRBLARalph
1.6Adrian PetersonRBMINZach
1.7David JohnsonRBARITehol
1.8Ezekiel ElliottRBDALStan
1.9DeAndre HopkinsWRHOUSeth
1.10Rob GronkowskiTENEJay
1.11A.J. GreenWRCINMax
1.12 Dez BryantWRDALJennifer