We’ve had some interest in starting up a Razzball dynasty league and Razzball reader Andrew has graciously volunteered to be The Commish.  We are looking for 16 dedicated players who will stay active even during the off season.  There will be a link to the league standings and updates on the site and ridicule will be heaped as well as praise.

We will be setting the league up on Yahoo whenever they get their shizz rolled out.

The rosters will be — 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE, K, D/ST, 10 man bench, no DL spots.

Nothing is set in stone at this point as far as ppr vs. non-ppr or IDP.

Please leave a comment if you are interested.

  1. p0rk burn says:

    p0rk burn was here.

  2. jmkobus says:

    I am in

  3. Jeff Brubach

    jb17 says:

    Sounds awesome….I want in

  4. Frank says:

    I’m in. After Tony Reali endorsed the site I’ve been a fan.


  5. jason says:

    Dudes I am in, and you are forewarned about my extraCanadian prowess

  6. Steve says:

    I’m in. Love fantasy football, even in off-season.

  7. Ryan99 says:

    I would love it. Can guarantee I will stay active…I can’t get enough. How do I know if I made the cut?

  8. The Peoples Champ

    The Peoples Champ says:

    The Champ is game. I’ve never done any form of keeper league, but I’ve always wanted to.

  9. Marz says:

    Hey I’m down for this. Let me know if I get in. Twitter is @marz34

  10. YouthofToday says:

    Stoked to see interest in the Razzball dynasty league. Although I, Andrew (YouthofToday is my commentator name), may be the commish I definitely want consensus to govern the league rules and setup as much as possible. A few ideas:

    1. Active participation is really important in a dynasty league.
    2. I think a format of 1 QB, 2 RB, 3 WR, flex, 1 TE, k, D/st, 10 man bench, no DL spots is a concept.
    3. Should the initial draft be an auction or snake draft (after the initial draft the rookie draft will be snake draft)?
    4. Add in IDP?

  11. Ryan99 says:

    I would be interested in an auction since it would be a new experience for me. Anyone ever tried half-point PPR?

  12. Jeff Brubach

    jb17 says:

    I would be down for auction….and Im in another league that has half point ppr…evens out WR/RB points nicely. IDP sounds good too.

  13. Scott says:

    I love auctions especially for dynasty leagues.

    Please no IDP in a dynasty league since I have found that no one ever keeps defense players since their success is so dependent on their teammates that the turnover each year is crazy high.

    I think PPR is good for a dynasty since it makes more players have similar value.

  14. NEALESQ1 says:

    Count me in please!

  15. tourinct says:

    I’m interested. I think that IDP makes an interesting addition.

  16. Tommy says:

    I would love too, keep me updated…

  17. I play in a few dynasty leagues, but would relish the opportunity to join another. Year round activity is no problem at all. Please keep me in mind.

  18. The Peoples Champ

    The Peoples Champ says:

    for whatever my votes count for:
    -auction (never done one, like to try)
    -please no IDP!!!
    1/2 PPR (my main league does it).
    -that seems like a small roster for dynasty league, but ive never tried so i dont really know. would it expand for rookie draft?

  19. T-Lo says:

    I’d be psyched to play in a Razzball Dynasty League. Love the site; love the game. I am committed (or should be, some say) — trolling FF sites in mid-May pretty much proves that. Since I’m hitting this thread a few comments down, I’ll toss my 2 cents in:
    – I think 1/2 PPR w/ fractional scoring would be a blast to try (0.5 for each reception; 0.1 for yards rushing/receiving; 0.04 for passing). My main league plays full PPR but 1/2 performance (20 yds/pt run/rec; 50 yds/pt pass) as a way to even out scoring and I think the 1/2 PPR would work even better.
    – Scott’s comment above seems right to me: crazy-high turnover on D might not be right for Dynasty
    – I am an Auction virgin, but friends say once you’ve done 1 you’ll never go back.

  20. Ryan99 says:

    How do dynasty money leagues work? My worry would be that guy in last place after 1 season might be looking for a way out (not me!)

    I’m fine with $ or non-$.

  21. Doc

    Doc says:

    Hey all, keep up the discussion. It’s good stuff. And if we get more than 16 players we can always have an off shoot league so i think we’ll be able to get everybody in.

    Remember we will have RCL redraft leagues again this year as well.

  22. My thoughts after perusing the comments:
    PPR opens up the ranks of available players that can have value on your squad. half point or 1 point, it doesn’t matter to me, but I think PPR of some sort is the way to go.
    Fractional scoring is good, too, as it provides additional value to high performing players. My leagues that I run use 1/25 passing yards, 1 per 10 rushing or 10 receiving yards, and usually 1 pt per 25 punt/kickoff return yards.
    Auction drafts are the best and fairest way to proceed. If fact, I find myself getting sort of bored with long snake drafts, and 16 teams would qualify as long. With an auction draft, you can be involved with every nominated player, if you choose. The auction takes a bit longer to complete, but you have a chance to grab those players you really want on your roster.
    $ are a bit more problematic, as far as being in charge of collecting the funds. It’s a lot easier to collect the league fees in everyone is gathering at someone’s home or at a local tavern to draft, but I am assuming this league will have owners from all over. I for one do not want the headache of making sure everyone pays their money. I know there are some sites that will manage the cash, but for a fee, of course. In any event, so long as the fees aren’t outrageous, I have no issue with a league fee.
    IDP: I prefer leagues with IDP, and play in several that only use IDP and no team D/ST. I think that goes too far, and I try to emphasize special teams points in my IDP leagues. Since we are looking at a dynasty set-up, I don’t see an issue with keeping IDPs on the rosters. You do need unlimited roster moves or at least sufficient moves to allow for defensive player match-up, however, during the season ( as well as to provide relief from injuries since we will have no DL spots).
    Woof. That’s enough (or more than enough) for now.

  23. Bob says:

    I’ve been a regular reading this site for a while because the content is great and sometimes hilarious. I’d love to join a dynasty league with some serious players if there is still room.

  24. Greg says:

    I’m in… razzball is my daily read… I’ll love to crush you people! But I’m only in if their is dollars….

  25. Robert says:

    If there are still some openings, I would be love to be part of the league.

  26. Nate says:

    You got to let me join this league. Since the Sporting News has ruined my last two fantasy seasons, I”m left to trying to find a solid Football league.

  27. Kyle says:

    I’d love to be part of the league…please let me know… gotta have a serious league to help me out with my big $ league

  28. Jasonbayniac says:

    I’m in as well.

  29. John K. says:

    Count me in

  30. YouthofToday says:

    Glad to see the interest. Based on the feedback so far we may have enough owners to have a IDP and a non-IDP league. Although I would be primarily be interested in a non-IDP league I would be happy to organize an IDP league. A few additional thoughts:

    1. Bumping up rosters to 20. A deep dynasty league is far more exciting.
    2. Most training camps open up in late July. As such I think it would be best to have the draft in mid-July.
    3. In regards to payouts I think each league should vote on the concept.
    4. I think the 1/2 point PPR is a solid idea. Without strong objections I think this should be apart of the scoring format moving forward.

    I don’t have access to everybody’s e-mail address if you have already posted interest. As such, hit me up @andreweac or by e-mail at andrew ausanka crues at yahoo, with an underscore between each of my names.

  31. YouthofToday says:

    Clarification, when referring to “bumping up rosters to 20” I meant 20 bench spots.

  32. Howard says:

    I would be interested in joining if there’s any spots left.

  33. Doc

    Doc says:

    Looking good guys! Dynasty leagues are really the way to go and I know we’ve got dedicated players here. And thanks again Andrew (YouthofToday) for organizing.

    As far as monetary compensation goes, we don’t endorse any cash changing hands via Razzball, but I do understand that it can help keep managers involved so all decisions will be made in league concerning any fees.

  34. YouthofToday says:

    A quick note on monetary compensation. If you are a resident of Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana, North Dakota, Tennessee, Vermont or Washington it is illegal to win prizes in fantasy sport leagues.

    If you live in one of these states don’t complain here, contact your state representative(s).

  35. Dusty says:

    I’m in if there’s room…

  36. Nate says:

    Forgot to post my email address earlier, [email protected]. Thanks

  37. YouthofToday says:

    I’m working on the final numbers. It looks like we are going to have enough owners for one non-IDP league, yet short on owners for 2 leagues. I’ll send out an e-mail to everybody within 24 hours with a complete status update.

    Thanks for your patience!

  38. Mike from Jersey says:

    I’m definately in. Im a big time fantasy nut, follower, and talker. I am an outside the box thinker and confident. If you want to know how to run a dynasty, ill help show you how. Seriously tho, this sounds like a great idea, and im very interested. [email protected] let me know either way if im in or out

  39. Aza says:

    If you have spots left I would so LOVE to play! I’ve been commish of my own league for 4 years and playing for many years before that. I can send you copies of my weekly league notes to see. I hate dead owners.

  40. Howard says:

    my email is: [email protected] Let me know if there’s any spots available. thanks

  41. Andy says:

    I’m very interested. I’ve played a few years, been encouraged by winning a few trophies but discouraged by my fellow owners’ relative lack of interest (… hmm, that may be why I’ve done so well….) Anyway, I’d like to play in a non-IDP league. thanks for all your work. Love Razzball football commentary!

  42. Doc

    Doc says:

    @nick: @Andy: I’ll send you guys an invite

  43. tourinnc says:

    Start athird League. I am in. Sounds like fun.

  44. tourinnc says:

    Just a follow up. I have played in both types of leagues. I really enjoy the IDP leagues. It takes a little more involvement, and can really change the outcome. I also like the PPR portion of the program. PPR can dramatically change the weekly results depending on defensive plans by opposing teams. Wesley might not always get his eight catches. I am in a yahoo league with a bunch of friends and we have had a PPR/IDP league for about five years now. I would love to get into a Dynasty PPR/IDP league. Please let me know. Thanks.

  45. Kev Coy says:

    I am interested in a dynasty league if there is a spot, have been in one league for 12 years, but it broke up this year.

  46. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Kev Coy: Sorry, they are all full now.

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