Congratulations to our very own Mark Geoffriau who leads the RCL Overall Standings after week 1! Check to see where you ended up.  It’s a long season everyone, so if you crapped out week 1, there is plenty of time left.

Remember that each league winner receives a trophy from Fantasy Sports Trophies, so be sure to take a look at their wares for your other leagues.  They have a lot of options. And below is the trophy we are all gunning for.  The overall winner gets this beauty —

Good luck all!  Keep on fighting!

  1. mgeoffriau

    mgeoffriau says:

    I’d just like to thank the fans out there — this win was for them. I just gave it 110% and played within myself and took it one game at a time and trusted my teammates (who?) and executed the gameplan and wanted it more and stepped it up and took it to the next level. My back was against the wall and nobody thought I could do it and I got no respect, but I am sending a message that I can overcome adversity and I play to win the game. I’m going to celebrate this for the next 24 hours, and then put this behind me and focus on the next matchup.

    *takes a bow*

  2. CarlWeathers says:

    Congrats, but whats with your league page. Went to check out the rosters behind all those top flight scores in yuor league. And noone is drafted, noone has a win loss record, doesnt seem like the league is active.

  3. TheEvilEmpire says:

    5th place!

    I’m comin’ for ya Mark! Had the luck of seeing Grant go down making my draft of BJax well worth it. Hopefully it returns dividends in week 2 with my RB trifecta of CJ, JC, and Bjax putting up some big numbers.

  4. Rudy Gamble

    Rudy Gamble says:

    Congrats Mark.

    I updated the standings so there’s a League URLs link that has the URL for all the leagues.

  5. Nick says:

    Hey Guys,

    I hate Hightower and own him…do I have to start him over R Brown (v. Minn) or Greene (v. NE) next week? Browns got a tough D to go up against

  6. TheEvilEmpire says:

    @Nick: Keep an eye on Wells’ status Nick. It’s possible he will play this week making Hightower an easy choice to bench.

  7. friar says:

    Hey Guys,

    Wondering if you could weigh in on a trade.

    Antonio Gates and Reggie Bush for Jamaal Charles and Zach Miller.


  8. friar says:

    Addendum to above:

    Standard scoring plus .5 PPR

  9. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Nick: I think Beanie will be back. Those guys have tough matchups and are splitting carries. I’m going with greene at home.

    @friar: I like the JC side.

  10. Carl_Weathers says:

    Oh that works – I got to it the first time by link on original RCl football blog post.

  11. Joe B says:

    @Doc: I know it’s still early, but do you like any of these WR better than Nate Burleson for the year in a 12 team 1/2 PPR league? This is more for depth and upside as my #5 WR… any of these guys peak your interest?

    Braylon Edwards
    Nate Washington
    Louis Murphy
    Mario Manningham
    Josh Morgan
    Devin Thomas
    Kevin Walter
    Deon Branch
    Roy Williams

  12. Trevor

    Trevor says:

    Hey Doc,

    Who are you going with week 2 for your survivor league pick? Appreciate the opinion! it helps

  13. Doc

    Doc says:

    @Trevor: I like Philly, SD, Denver, and Carolina off the top of my head.

    @Joe B: I’d give Murphy a shot.

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