Have you ever seen the TV series The League? Yeah, it’s electric. You can’t honestly call yourself a fantasy football fan, or even a sports fan, if you have never seen it.

One day, while watching the show, I thought to myself, “this show is fantastic, but it’s fake.” The people in the show probably know nothing about fantasy football. That’s why I set out to create a bigger and better version of this TV show. My show is better because, well, it’s real. Ladies and Gentlemen, introducing your new favorite reality TV show: The Razzball Dream League.

I’ve gathered ten of the best fantasy football players and personalities to document their way through the day in, day out grind of the fantasy football season. These personalities feel the same pain you feel and experience the same triumph you do. Without further ado, meet the contestants of our dream league…

  • Lord Tehol Beddict – You guys already know this joker so I won’t need to do an elaborate introduction for him. He’s our fearless leader, as he was voted commish of our league by a landslide. Everyone keep an eye on him because he is subject to cheating.
  • Ralph – Many of you also know Ralph as he too is one of the Razzball writers. Ralph has already found his way on Lord Beddict’s bad side, so expect some bad things to happen to Ralph’s team moving forward.
  • Stacie – She’s The First Lady of Fantasy Sports and the only person that is still on everyone’s good side. I’m shocked Stacie is still in this league as our group chat gets weird and creepy on so many levels. Don’t be shocked when Stacie smokes all of these boys is some fake football.
  • Sauce – We all expect big things from Sauce considering his name is Sauce. Other than that, he’s a low-energy cool guy.
  • Jarod – Unfortunately, Jarod is a Cleveland sports fan, so that sucks for him. He also has a nagging wife and I can’t wait for her to make an appearance on the show. I’m not going to lie, Jarod is my pick to come in last place in this league.
  • Andy – Apparently Andy runs his own little show so that’s cool. Honestly, I don’t know much about him. All I know is he seems like the most reasonable dude out of the bunch. (Notice I used the word “dude.” Stacie is the most reasonable person of the group.)
  • Justin – I’m a big fan of Justin. He’s another guy I don’t know a ton about but he seems like he has a great chance to win this league. I mean, he’s a FantasyPros Ranker for crying out loud. (*Insert Tehol pissed off comment about how I didn’t mention he’s a FantasyPros Ranker too.*)
  • Brennan – This guy’s first name is “Brennan” and his last name is “Dale.” Yes, you read that right. The movie “Step Brothers” was inspired by this guy.
  • Motownmauler – Watch out for this guy. He might maul you. No but seriously, this guy is electric. Mauler is not only a fantasy beast, but he is also cold-blooded. You’ll see what I am talking about as the season progresses. By the way, if you can’t find him, he is most likely at trivia night. He is a big trivia guy.
  • Dwazy – Last, but certainly not least, Dwazy. He is a high school student and an absolute fan favorite. I don’t think he has said a peep in the group chat. If I had to guess, I would say he is scared of everyone else in the league.