If you didn’t notice, we experienced some technical issues yesterday. (No, Al Franken doesn’t handle our servers. And neither do the Russians. I think…) I just wanted to thank the readers (and the writers too!) for surviving a day without us. From what I understand, the site will still experience some slow downs and there will be several more updates today, but the site should remain live during these events. Unfortunately, we did have to reset the site to an earlier date, so I’ve been rebuilding our content from the ground up. Be sure to scroll down the front page for everything you may have missed!

In the future, if you do have a pressing question and there is a site implosion, definitely don’t mail it to me unless it’s a keeper league thing that can be answer over the course of… I actually don’t know. I haven’t mailed a letter in like 10 years. How long does USPS take? Seven weeks? Sure, seven weeks. So don’t do that. Readers are always invited to send correspondence to [email protected], and while I don’t really consider myself a “Twitter” user, to the extent that I just use it to b*tch about Trump and share food pics, I can be reached there as well.

We should be back to our schedule content schedule today, with a nifty Streamers report and a Pod to be released. Thanks everyone!

  1. Alfred E. Naujocks says:

    thank god it was you guys, i was only on internet in spots where i’m not usually and it kept coming up “clean the cookies” after i had done that like 3 times and did other types of cleanses. still didn’t work. then i got home and dropped asleep. thought it was my computer outside of my house had some sort of issues. ROS who’d you go with
    JAX kicker (can’t remember if it’s lambo or myers)
    DAL’s OL guy probably out again.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Alfred E. Naujocks: I think Lambo there. And welcome back! Sorry you had to go through so much work.

      • Alfred E. Naujocks says:

        @Jay: it wasn’t that much work, i’m just happy it wasn’t on my end.

        • Alfred E. Naujocks says:

          @Alfred E. Naujocks: crap, after trade deadline, i guess go rose then eh?

          • Alfred E. Naujocks says:

            @Alfred E. Naujocks: crap, the lambo owner just added rose too, i emailed him i’ll drop nugent if he drops lambo

            • Jay

              Jay says:

              @Alfred E. Naujocks: Yeah, I think that’s fine. Pretty lateral to begin with I think.

  2. Bobby's world says:

    Hey jay! Great that the razz site is back up, def was wacky yesterday! You guys do a great job, I’m gonna need the good vibes sent my way I’m already in a hole of 69.5 to my zero. My opponent had Big Ben, Demarco Murray & Steelers D.

    .5 PPR league my trade deadline is next Thursday , any moves you’d recommend me pulling off before the deadline based on my team? Or any minor deals you’d recommend for the stretch run

    My QB Dak

    My RBs Gordon, hunt, mcaffery, McKinnon, AP, Jamaal Williams, ekeler , I have David Johnson stashed on my IR

    My WRs we start 3 can be 4 with flex
    Baldwin, Keenan allen, Tyreek hill, hogan, Parker, Corey Davis

    My TEs Austin hooper & on the bench clay

    Would you entertain any of these? Or is the best deal just to stand pat?

    1.) deal McKinnon for Cooks?
    On the season McKinnon has 103 fantasy points
    Cooks has 104.5 fantasy points, pretty much an even swap.

    2.) deal McKinnon for Crabtree ?

    3.) deal McKinnon + Parker to acquire Michael Thomas?

    4.) deal Gordon to acquire kamara?

    5.) deal Gordon to acquire kamara + Emmanuel sanders

    6.) deal Gordon to acquire shady McCoy

    7.) deal Gordon to acquire Ajayi + funchess

    8.) deal Gordon to acquire Michael Thomas + Gronk?

    9.) deal Gordon either straight up for Antonio brown or throw in either Keenan Allen or Baldwin? It’s doubtful AB owner moves him now

    Is there a player I didn’t mention that you’d recommend buying for the final stretch?

    Since my league mates don’t trade which player(s) are you adding?

    RBs: Rod smith, Perine, Lacy, Rawls, mckissic, yeldon, McGuire, chris Carson? I mentioned Carson I heard I could return week 15? I thought he was done?

    WR: mike Wallace, inman, Beasley, Bruce Ellington, josh Gordon, Dede Westbrook, Philip dorsett.

    TE: kroft, CJ fiedorwicz, Ben Watson.

    I know I have Dak which is good but adding any of these to play the matchups?

    Week 11 @ Minnesota
    Week 12 vs saints
    Week 13 @ Arizona
    Week 14 vs eagles
    Week 15 @ Seattle
    Week 16 @ Tennessee

    Andy Dalton
    Week 11 @ Denver
    Week 12 vs Browns
    Week 13 vs Steelers
    Week 14 vs bears
    Week 15 @ Minnesota
    Week 16 vs lions

    Week 11 @ Cleveland
    Week 12 @ Arizona
    Week 13 vs colts
    Week 14 vs Seahawks
    Week 15 vs Texans
    Week 16 @ SF

    Thanks man!! Have a great weekend!

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @Bobby’s world: Hey Bobby! Thanks for the kind words!

      And yeah, I’d do that McKinnon deal, I think your WR group needs one more. And then 6 and 8 also sound good. I’m leaning towards no for the others. And I say Dak is fine. I do like the Bortles match up against SF and the Browns a little, but no need to rock that boat.

  3. the imp says:

    Thanks for explaining this. Sounds like it was a pain for you all. I appreciate your content and timely advice. Make FF much more fun.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @the imp: Thanks for dealing with it too imp!

  4. The Harrow says:

    it’s now expected to be extremely windy for the JAX @ CLE game. i have cutler (vs TB) who’s ranked just behind bortles as of now. also dalton for his next week vs CLE. cutler has another great matchup next week @ NE. should i just hold cutler and get rid of my bortles waiver claim (waivers adjust each week by standings/points)

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @The Harrow: Yeah, I’d hold Cutler there.

      • The Harrow says:

        @Jay: i didn’t see this in time, but got lucky that the flacco owner had higher waiver for bortles. i would’ve ended up with borles this week had that not happened. also makes it easier for me to play stafford over bortles in a 20 teamer, where i thought it kinda odd their rankings were so far apart.

  5. David Niven says:

    I went on the site and it took me to a column from I think 1997. I remember thinking that this was pre me getting post traumatic stress from owning stephen drew and lance berkman in my first keeper leagues. I’m high and drunk as fuck right now and if any of this makes sense it’s pure coincidence.

    • Jay

      Jay says:

      @David Niven: Haha, it does! It was a flashback when they were bringing it back online, for sure. I think I saw content from 2011…

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