Hello all, this season we wanted to implement something fun as well as informative to those of you who are participating in a Fantasy Pick em’ league or a Fantasy Survivor League. Listed below are two links for you to join both leagues.

If you are new to this, a pick em’ league is when you select who you think is going to win for each football game for that specific week. For example, WEEK 1 everyone will be choosing 1 winner from 16 games. Each game is just one pick.

A survivor league is a little different. Here you will be choosing one game each week that you feel the most confident in. For example, looking at the Week 1 matchups, I would probably select Kansas City at home against Buffalo (Probably will be eliminated in the first week). This league could be extremely short for some of you. If you select the losing team in a game, then you will be eliminated from the pool for the rest of the season. The remaining players that have selected the correct winner will then move on to the next week. Updated: You can only select a team once. For example, If you select New England Week 1 then you will not be able to select them for the rest of the season.

Each week, the pools will close one hour before the first game of the week. For the pick em’ league, you may be able to get away with missing out on one week of picks depending on how accurate you have been with your selections. If you are late to pick for the survivor league then your season is over.

To get some sort of an idea of what some people are thinking with their picks, I will be contacting all of our fantasy football writers from Razzball ahead of time and asking them their picks each week as well as their ONE survivor pick for that week. Their picks will be posted for all of you to see and ridicule.

Below are the links to the leagues. These leagues are through CBS Fantasy. I recommend if you do not have a CBS Fantasy Account already, to create one before clicking on the links to join.  Fortunately, the prize has been changed from a fudgsicle to The Beer Craft Book — A guide to drinking the best beer you’ve ever tasted–by making it yourself! It’s the best book out there for making one-gallon batches of craft beer, and breaks down 10 basic styles including advice and interviews from the top craft brewers in the country. For more you can check out beercraftbook.com or follow the authors @beercraftbook.

So we’ll have a book for each league winner and maybe some Razzball swag too. We’ll see.

Good luck to everyone! The password for both leagues is: 44razzball44   (all lowercase)

Pick em’ League

Survivor League

  1. wws says:

    I have been in survivors leagues were once you pick a team you cannot use them the rest of the season. So If I pick NE over Miami week 1 I cannot use NE the rest of the season. I don’t think this rule applies base on reading the rules, but I just want to make sure. Thank you!

  2. Trevor

    Trevor Gallo says:

    @wws: You are right. I forgot to include this part into the survivor league category. Updating it now.

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